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Best Casting Convo

8thAug 4, 2011 by Emmaleigh
by Emmaleigh 1 min ago
if u can be ruthless, why cant u just be ruth?
by BOBROCKS333 0 min ago
some people can just be ruth, but that's their parents choice
by Emmaleigh 0 min ago
i was just thinking that as u wrote the word ruthless. Like
useless - useful - use
Sefless - Seflish - Self
No ruth, ruthful, ruthish


Sent by lemonface,Aug 4, 2011
looooool loves our castings
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Aug 4, 2011
Sent by rdesch1,Aug 4, 2011
Sent by turney1805,Aug 4, 2011
Sent by coreypanda,Aug 4, 2011
Sent by kimmal8,Aug 4, 2011
LOL ikr :P
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Aug 5, 2011
LMAO love bob and emily
Sent by titan24maniac,Aug 5, 2011
idgi :X
Sent by _Aria,Aug 5, 2011
Oh too cute <3
Sent by teamjacz,Aug 5, 2011
Best castings ever!
Sent by drolsen91,Aug 5, 2011
i was sure ruthful was a word so i just cheekily looked it up and apparently ruth and ruthful do exist
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 5, 2011
omg ur right
ruth·ful   [rooth-fuhl] 
compassionate or sorrowful.
causing or apt to cause sorrow or pity.
feeling remorse or self-reproach.
Sent by Emmaleigh,Aug 5, 2011

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