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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Brandon

The_Domany 43.8%
Aquamarine 56.2%

Ranking Peak: 32nd

Merge Streaks:
Tribe Cicily- 29
Twerkin' It- 23

High Scores:
Endurance- 2331
Wheel of Fortune - 107,200
Words- 1945
Numbers- 1660
Maze- 659
Match 3- 45500
Guitar- 2145
Deal or No Deal- 2,000,000
Starflakes- 282

by Patrick7893 17 hours 14 min ago
The_Domany is a fucking boss not gonna lie, he just owned me big time,

2010 Tengaged Cockiest Player
2010 Tengaged Villain of the Year

My impression of you is you were always this little punk shit disturber, but I promise you I meant it in a good way. I always thought you were this insanely intelligent guy who is too wise for his own good. You seem genuine, stubborn and curt, but somembody who you will always know what you're going to get. You aren't fake with people and you also aren't a total asshole. In fact, I get this impression that you are insanely loyal to anyone who gives you respect and gets to know the real you and also just an all around good friend. I got this impression that you are pretty picky, maybe a tiny bit arrogant, do not have patience for things that annoy you, but also incredibly generous, loyal, intelligent, supportive and maybe a little badass.
[Written By: Dynasty]

10. The_Domany
With the body of an adonis, the charm, the brains and the t$ who couldn't be in love with The Domany? This guy pulls all the milfs, including trishytrash and Jenny_c.
[Written By: FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT]

The_Domany - Well if it isn't the sweetest guy one tengaged ;) I love you, you know how to steal my heart but you cheesy but yet sweet lines. :] <3
[Written By: Mysteriousness]

domany-Well.. your certainly a force to be reckoned with. Not may people like the domany roam tengaged.. which really makes you a unique guy. If it werent for trishy id probably still hate you.. but we're cool now. ANd no i wont join stars 105 or 110 or 112 or 120 with you as your final 2 even if people dont expect us to be working together LMFAO
[Written By: Jordanlloydfan]

The_Domany- You're just one of those figures on tengaged that you cant miss on here.. in a good way :P. I see someone who is very outspoken, and doesnt bullshit. I <33 real people, so I automatically like you. You seem to take up for your friends, which is great. Hope to talk to you sometime in my tengaged career!
[Written By: EmmaLynn]

The_Domany: I like how fearless you are, you speak nothing but the truth and don't care what others say because you speak your mind all the time. You sir, have guts. Tengaged may not favor you because of them but I do
[Written By: Yoki]

DOMANY- wowzers. personally i think your one of coolest most down to earth people on tengaged. your blogs make me literally LOL. please never leave tengaged, you said you were going to and i was sad because i would actually miss you =[ the way you are to ashley and trish show that you are a really good and loyal friend and thats what makes me like you. and you would let me go on and on about my tengaged love to you on skype :P plz dont get blown up at your job! or get 6 arms! oh, awkward, can we be friends again on tengaged?
[Written By: brookie_cookie]

The_Domany - Well, you keep it real... At least as real as your own mind conveys haha. You don't really care who you piss off, and half the time I'm not sure if you're really upset or if you're just flamebaiting but either way, I have a bunch of respect for you because 1. A lot of my friends like you and 2. From one guy who's terrified to face public polls in Stars, I know how hard it can be to avoid the block in an effort to try and get to the finals, and you do a kickass job at that almost every time.
[Written By: Minsikid]


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