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Happy Birthday

11thDec 7, 2011 by Emmaleigh
Happy Birthday mantaray7
You are so friggin cute :)
Why did the birthday cake go to the doctor?
Because it was feeling crumby!
What did one candle say to the other?
Don't birthdays burn you up?


happy birthday
Sent by MISSimogen,Dec 7, 2011
Those jokes are so tragic.
But HB hon.
Sent by Loowis,Dec 7, 2011
Sent by MichaelFisher,Dec 7, 2011
awww Thomas
Happy birthday
Sent by LiteCitrus,Dec 7, 2011
Ha ha ha. Happy birthday
Sent by sokerdude7,Dec 7, 2011
lol terrible jokes Em

but happy birthdayyy Thomas :)  mantaray7
Sent by BlueStar,Dec 7, 2011
mantaray7, happy birthday
Sent by rdude_1,Dec 7, 2011
Awww twin :) ily < 3
Sent by mantaray7,Dec 7, 2011
Happy birthday
Sent by Chemicalali,Dec 8, 2011

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