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hey i heard you were a wil od one Jul 12, 2012
can someone be miy friends right now??!?!
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So call me maybe May 16, 2012
imageThis is kind of amazing
and btw this is the best song to jam out to at a bar in case you were wondering...
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Similar Users Feb 29, 2012
Below is a list of users that I feel have similar personalities to one another or that I sometimes get mixed up. Some of you, I don't know so well but it just appears that way to me!

- qwert2 & tofutime
- jordanlloydfan & vatcheabs
- Chicaaaa & teddybear
- mellojello & snowflake3
- owee13 & @_maffew
- ohhayy & wumblebee
- mahogany & lakisha
- disneygeek & hershey
- truth & trust
- crab & crush used to, but not anymore
- pink03angel & meowcat
- chhsfreshman2009 & farst
- jarst & jarb1234
- sweet_susan & sweetblossomrose1
- vh1clown & vh1luvr15
There are more but I can't think right now, if I remember I will add them. Any pair of people on tengaged that remind you of one another?
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Dearest Tengaged, Feb 26, 2012
I feel like its only right that you should know that I am in love with chemicalali
have a wonderful night and don't forget to drink
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I think I inspired a new term! Feb 24, 2012
So everyone knows what "kpelling" is and it is a universally used term on this site. It originated from the user kpelletier09 from when she ate and drank everything on her first survivor tribe.
And now I see we have a new one, it's called pulling a suzie!
(I've seen it in a bunch of blogs)
Are there any other username inspired phrases on here that are pretty universal?
Edit: For those of you who do not know what a "suzie" is, it's when you call someone on skype in the middle of their challenge!
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Suzie438, real classy Feb 20, 2012
[10:57:20 PM] suzie438: y did u take me in
[10:57:20 PM] suzie438: huh answer me
[10:57:22 PM] suzie438: e
[10:57:23 PM | Edited 10:57:29 PM] suzie438: m
[10:57:29 PM] suzie438: i
[10:57:32 PM] suzie438: l
[10:57:32 PM] suzie438: y
[10:58:23 PM] *** Missed call from suzie438. ***
thanks for ruining my perfect in guitar so you could stay in the duel
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