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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


16thNov 9, 2011 by Emmaleigh
I do not mean to be a blog whore today but I read this article earlier and thought it was so interesting. Being that tengaged is a hetero and homosexual friendly place, I thought you all may find it interesting as well.
And what are your thoughts on this?


well hi
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Nov 9, 2011
2 blogs isnt a whore.

Shut up
Sent by RiDsTeR,Nov 9, 2011
i read about that.
What a turd.
Sent by Emyr,Nov 9, 2011
Page doesn't work for me, plus it's the New York Post which essentially amounts to gossip news.
Sent by tbrown86,Nov 9, 2011
i think that guy is using his stroke to come out of the closet
Sent by cuddle,Nov 9, 2011
Bull Shit. He was always gay.
Sent by BioDork,Nov 9, 2011
wtf? wow, I actually think he was gay from the get go! because I dont think you can turn gay over night :s. Maybe he was bi.
Sent by Crab,Nov 9, 2011
Oh, maybe... or did he want his 15 minutes of fame? It's so strange
and tbrown, ny post reports legit news, just in layman/dumbass terms haha.
and crab.. who knows, a stroke really affects the brain!
Sent by Emmaleigh,Nov 9, 2011
Bizarre for sure - I definitely didn't think that could happen!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Nov 9, 2011
maybe he was closeted and he realized life was short I guess :S. Idk maybe a stroke has affects on someones personality that no one fully comprehends
Sent by mantaray7,Nov 9, 2011
i think that guy is using his stroke to come out of the closet

i think that guy is using his stroke to come out of the closet

i think that guy is using his stroke to come out of the closet

LOL definitely...
Sent by Abrogate,Nov 10, 2011
Sent by Chemicalali,Nov 10, 2011
thats weird, so maybe you can change your sexuality :P
Sent by Akora,Nov 10, 2011
Strokes do mess with the brain, that is true, but it is not possible for it to change sexual attraction. He is saying he went from a rugby player to a hairstylist. Maybe it could of changed his interests, as in he likes more feminine things, but it doesn't mean he is gay. So in my opinion, he always was gay, or is just a lil deluded from his stroke lol, and isn't really gay.
Sent by rdude_1,Nov 10, 2011
It's not impossible ~ I mean nobody actually knows if being homosexual has a direct link with the brain or anything biological. I've always said I think it's a mixture of biology & environment.

I think everyone is born with the capability of being gay and it's someones environment and nuturing during a certain time in human development which decides whether someone is or not.
Sent by Loowis,Nov 10, 2011
Sent by Popeye,Dec 6, 2011

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