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Dont you just hate it

3rdJul 21, 2011 by Emmaleigh
When someone is begging you to pov them because they need T$ for TV star when they are up against a newb who needs T$ for green.
Helped 3 newbs in 2 days yet im being treated like the "bad guy"
I find when people get angry at you for their eviction, they need to take accountability. Why did they not make allies and get votes to be safe and why were they nominated, why did they not get pov, why did they not get hoh etc... just because I used veto on someone, does not give you the right to be mad at me.
[12:26:24 AM] Koolness234: if you cant use veto on me can you jsut not use it
[12:27:52 AM] e m i l y: shitty situation
[12:27:55 AM] e m i l y: ilovesleep was my green person
[12:28:02 AM] e m i l y: and hes a newb
[12:28:09 AM] e m i l y: and im all for helping newbs
[12:28:14 AM] e m i l y: so i wanna use it on him
[12:28:16 AM] Koolness234: i need t for tv stat
[12:28:24 AM] Koolness234: well if you use it im 100 percent gone
[12:29:18 AM] e m i l y: i know its shitty
[12:29:26 AM] e m i l y: hes light green
[12:29:49 AM] Koolness234: light green was a nice color
[12:29:59 AM] e m i l y: and its the furthest hes ever gotten and its emmaleighs new mission to make newbs go far
(ps you were prob gone regardless if I used pov on ilovesleep or not so you can't really be mad)


ily :)
Sent by DiNoM,Jul 21, 2011
*laughs at kools 6th*
Sent by ILoveSleep,Jul 21, 2011
I may have to reference u to the blog where I called u a fake bitch ;O
Sent by Abrogate,Jul 21, 2011
gurl don't worry. they just jealous!
Sent by rdesch1,Jul 21, 2011
Sent by amf7410,Jul 21, 2011
ily :] <3

You are SO nice
Sent by 5651Omar,Jul 21, 2011
:( youre so nice <3
Sent by Jennifer101,Jul 22, 2011
Sent by rock_on88,Jul 22, 2011
Aw it's just the Ahava in you to help :')
Sent by andychuck08,Jul 22, 2011
Hates it
Sent by KendraHall,Jul 22, 2011
And good work in helping noobs, way to go Emily! xD
Sent by rock_on88,Jul 22, 2011
Mind i point out your personality
flaws i dont think i will cause im not a bitch cant say the same for you hun
Sent by koolness234,Jul 22, 2011
^^ Didn't point out your personality flaws... but you did come across whiney and annoying.
Sent by Emmaleigh,Jul 22, 2011
Koolness just proved he isn't really a friend.

You were helping out noobs, which is kind of you. It is tough for noobs level up with all of these premades. The light green you helped out needed it much more than Koolness did, so that is really selfish of him.

It is so nice of you Emily that you are actually giving the non-high levels a chance. I wish more people were like you lol :/
Sent by rdude_1,Jul 22, 2011
Sent by Akomes,Jul 22, 2011
Emmaleigh I may have came off as whiny but only after you came off as a raging bitch trying to make me feel bad for not evicting my best friend
and your response was
if i may quote
its not like she would have known
Sent by koolness234,Jul 22, 2011
+15 Ahava Missions FTW
Sent by WillyEx,Jul 22, 2011
IloveSleep is a good ally :D
I'm not sure if I was on this account or DuckGuy, but he pov'd me when I needed it and I was able to repay him later.
Hope he goes far c:
Sent by Quackerz,Jul 22, 2011
Don't come at Emily plzplzplzplz
Sent by Clone,Jul 22, 2011
[12:29:59 AM] e m i l y: and its the furthest hes ever gotten and its emmaleighs new mission to make newbs go far

LOL loves the new mission =]
Sent by Piddu,Jul 22, 2011
i was a noob once
and i didnt have anyone help me on anything
so yeah, you really should stick with friends and let them get far on their own....we were all there and got to where we are now without other people....
telling them how to play is alot different, you wanna help them, give them some pointers, dont give the game to them otherwise they wont learn how to play on their own....
Sent by JustMe,Jul 22, 2011
Nice Emily <3
Sent by trishytrash,Jul 22, 2011
emily <3333
Sent by _Aria,Jul 22, 2011
Pov me plz.. I need da karma
Sent by dannyjr0587,Jul 22, 2011
Sue, I don't think there was premades as much as there is now, back then. So of course it was easy for us to be newbs.
Sent by WillyEx,Jul 22, 2011
Sue, I think thats the point. It is so hard to do well now with fast games and get a grip on the site. It was so much easier when we started. Also koolnesses plea made my decision solitified, my whining and saying he needs ts. Ilovesleep was in my clique and I had his back and was aligned with him. I like koolness, we had each others backs but we werent in an alliance.  I tried to get into koolnesses clique and if i was things may have been different. I even asked ppl in my castings if they wanted to join clique rookies and ilovesleep did (hes in my castings), which made me have even more allegiance to him. 
With newbs always getting evicted in games, what makes them stick around? Frustration leads to no new members. At least if you were an old newb and interested and were active, you'd stick around in a game and speak to people to learn more about the game & site.  It is so much harder now than it was before. I encourage everyone to work with newbs.
Sent by Emmaleigh,Jul 22, 2011
shut da fuk up koolness you massive tranny
Sent by blogs,Jul 22, 2011
You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by NorthCarolinaDogwood,Jul 22, 2011
Love you <3
Sent by Florina,Jul 22, 2011
Awww that is really generous of you :) Ily <3
Sent by Zurks,Jul 22, 2011
and this is why you win stars haha, very nice of you:)
Sent by Peetah32,Jul 22, 2011
Glad to see that some of Ahava and KidRage stuck around cuz we both came out of RTB wanting to truly help the new players progress...

Never feel bad for what we are doing Emily
Sent by NexusCain,Jul 22, 2011
emmaleigh you failed to answer my question is one of your knew qualities backstabbing friends if they dont find out about it cause that is what you asked me to do
Sent by koolness234,Jul 22, 2011
this is rly rly rly rly kind. :3
Sent by superkevin79,Jul 22, 2011
Sent by faygo,Jul 22, 2011
lol its funny cuz coolness was light green for 8 years
Sent by randomkid22,Jul 22, 2011
radnomkid you remember when i quit while light green haha i do
Sent by koolness234,Jul 22, 2011
plus u didnt want me in ur clique lol
[12:33:36 AM] Koolness234: lol
[12:33:37 AM] e m i l y: i asked if u would evict nocolette so i could be with u and abro
[12:33:41 AM] Koolness234: did i say that
[12:33:42 AM] Koolness234: i said
[12:33:45 AM] Koolness234: i dont want to evict nicolette
[12:33:59 AM] e m i l y: will u evict nicolette lol
[7/21/2011 11:17:27 PM] Koolness234: lol
[7/21/2011 11:17:29 PM] Koolness234: i cant im srry
[12:33:59 AM] e m i l y: u said I CANT lol
[12:34:06 AM] Koolness234: that means
[12:34:10 AM] Koolness234: i dont want you in my clique
[12:34:14 AM] Koolness234: me not evicting my friends
[12:34:19 AM] Koolness234: turns into a personal thing
[12:34:23 AM] Koolness234: thats horrible logic
[12:34:27 AM] e m i l y: i guess but she wouldnt have known
Sent by koolness234,Jul 22, 2011
youre a good person!!!
Sent by MarkiePoo,Jul 22, 2011
Oh, dont listen to stupid higher levels that are jealous or your rank and that youre not helping them. They all hate noobs. I should know, i am one. But i quite agree with everything youve said, and the people who are mad that ive seen responses from i think are ridiculous. You are right when they say they just need someone to blame, i do it sometimes too. When im higher (or if at this point) im gonna do the same thing if they deserve it. Im not saying i want you to necessaarily help me, but i do really think youre doing the right thing. It is way too hard to do it now in my opinion (not just for me, but for others) and its not really their fault a lot of the time.
Sent by Star_Dazzle,Jul 22, 2011
your such a nice person! i love how you always want to help noobs
Sent by Akora,Jul 22, 2011
i was the one that wanted green :)
Sent by Bballdoug,Jul 27, 2011
Sent by rdude_1,Sep 2, 2011
God I still remember this despite it being a year ago...

Emmaleigh you were so nice and I miss you :(
Sent by ILoveSleep,Dec 8, 2012
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 28, 2018
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 28, 2018
shut da fuk up koolness you massive tranny
Sent by blogs,Jul 22, 2011
Sent by Hash,Jun 28, 2018
wow really koolness234 you karma hungry hoe
Sent by Akora,Jun 28, 2018

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