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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

This is amazing

12thNov 4, 2011 by Emmaleigh

and paves the way to the future fat asses of America :)


Awwwww <33

Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Nov 4, 2011
2+2=5 XD
Sent by Mtowwndarknight,Nov 4, 2011
i feel like i would do the same xD
Sent by violetcia,Nov 4, 2011
awwwww hahaha
Sent by titan24maniac,Nov 4, 2011
Sent by Moonfelar,Nov 4, 2011
Lol I love this XD
Hi twin :)
Sent by mantaray7,Nov 4, 2011
Sent by JUM40BUM40,Nov 4, 2011
I love the older bro at the end, he is so mature. There is the longer version of those 2 brothers on youtube also
Sent by Emmaleigh,Nov 4, 2011

LMAO haha. And Emmaleigh- you are a skinny bitch :P
Sent by rdude_1,Nov 4, 2011
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL  u sneaky mom!!

Sent by dools,Nov 4, 2011
00:57 sounds just like you!!
Sent by etaco75,Nov 4, 2011
Sent by MickJagger,Nov 4, 2011
etaco... god forbid!
Sent by Emmaleigh,Nov 4, 2011
"yo Jim, you were SO close"
Sent by Indie,Nov 4, 2011
OMG LOL the last one is the BEST!!! i love those kids
the fat girl crying at the table is sooo funny lmao

theres nothing like a first kiss
Sent by Abrogate,Nov 4, 2011
Sent by Brad13535,Nov 4, 2011

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