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3rdJul 14, 2011 by Emmaleigh
So bb5lover and tigger are nominated in stars... BOTH are against me, however tigger is spamming and I personally don't like that tactic. So do me a favor and...

Make your own decision if he spams you!
I know no one wants to click links, but I can guarantee this is a legit link to prove he is spamming (but click only if you want to).


=] TY<3
Sent by RiDsTeR,Jul 14, 2011

Sent by Viola,Jul 14, 2011
Sent by brandoluscious,Jul 14, 2011
You're the Emily Elizabeth to my clifford
Sent by andychuck08,Jul 14, 2011
She never spammed me.  I saved her anyways 'cause she's a good friend. :(
Sent by Insanity,Jul 14, 2011
spamming is bull, anything achieved in stars with spamming is not earned
Sent by danny,Jul 14, 2011
work it em :)
Sent by Sash,Jul 14, 2011
Owned tigger, owned!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jul 14, 2011
Insanity, if SHE was such a good friend, you would know it is a boy.
Sent by Emmaleigh,Jul 14, 2011
Sent by JUM40BUM40,Jul 14, 2011
Sent by Mexus,Jul 14, 2011
You're allowed to spam your stars blog btw :\
Sent by Antwane,Jul 14, 2011
You're allowed to spam too :/
But it is a little gross especially when he claims BB5 is his best friend
Sent by Emmaleigh,Jul 14, 2011
he said "any save in stars is appreciated"
thats not really spamming your blog
Sent by Mexus,Jul 14, 2011
And on top of "spamming his stars blog"
hes spamming it to noobs who will probz do anything he wants its just as bad as spamming the poll link
Sent by RiDsTeR,Jul 14, 2011
marry me
Sent by SagarGenesis,Jul 14, 2011
He spammed bb5 out in stars 127 as well
Sent by dools,Jul 14, 2011
I wish I read this before voting haha.
Sent by RockThisClub,Jul 14, 2011
someone spammed me to save you emmaleigh
i'm positive it's not your fault/ you didn't ask them to, just a worried friend
Sent by snowflake3,Jul 14, 2011
I am not spamming Emmaleigh so please step off your high horse =)
Sent by Tigger,Jul 15, 2011
tigger.. I have a screenshot of u spamming the first time u were nommed too..
Sent by tinydancer,Jul 15, 2011

Please vote for nhulse19 in this poll! :)
Sent by nhulse19,Jul 15, 2011
i ttyn'd that bitch
Sent by _Aria,Jul 15, 2011
Sent by Zurks,Jul 15, 2011

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