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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is [4/12/13 10:07:18 PM] ~Zurks~: p.s. sarah if you had a prostate it would be beautiful :*

I will forever and always be a meanie. <3

People that matter to me on this site:
Obscurity/Sagar...Stay. Don't get permed. You're still my favorite. I love beating you in survivors though.
tbrown187...He's gone for now. He needs to come back to Tengaged and tell you all to jump off cliffs and stay in the kitchen. *sigh* :(
Heatherbear...She's my T-bodyguard. She'll throw a latte in anyone's face for me. <3
Streeter... Yeah, he smells, but I still like him.
Zurks...i love that we can go forever without talking and pick right up from where we left off. <3
Cheznahuf... Oh god. I love this guy.
Shane... I'll always be one of your number 1 fans.
Insanity...If there is anyone I'd go to a pumpkin farm with, it would be Insanity. <3
Sokerdude7... If you have a question about Dicks, he's the guy to go to!
earthb0undm1sfit... Aaron <3 I'm in love with org's because of you. Well, your org's. :)
torchsaysflameon23... One of my oldest and best friends on here.
Questionable... He's like the little baby Tengaged brother that I never had. Too bad he's like 60 irl.
Terrence/Bltoaster/LittlePianist... You've made me laugh so many times. :)
Blogs... Ben!! You really are one of my favorite people on here. You're hilarious but a true little gentleman. You still need to sing the next time I'm on call with you. :)
Broncman789... you, my friend, are way too sweet to be on this site.
Survivor8... I love nominating you in Stars. And then winning. :*
TolisKalkas... You'll always be my Christian Grey :)
LiteCitrus/Cody... I know we started talking back on the Yoki account, but you're truly one of my favorite people on here. <3
DCSooner... for hitting da heisman on dem hoes.
TheGoodMan... Idk when we started being good friends but you're one of my favorite little black girl/maury watcher wannabes on this site. ILY!
BlueStar... I'm SO happy that I didn't end up leaving this site. We have a lot of things in common even though you're so far away! You're my favorite new friend and my favorite epic. ILY! :)
Mahagony... iz da best black bitch on da site!
_Aria... She's like my baby little raccoon sistah on dis site! Loves her! <3

There are way too many to include all on here. <3

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Noobs <3

Ok, see ya later, Tengaged! :)

Check my blog: How I miss that site <3

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