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Random.org Stars: Week 2

1 rodrigueseve, Jun 13, 2017

With 64.3% of the votes, AlanDuncan is the first evicted. ashszoke stays alive with only 35.7% of the votes.
Random.org says: Patrick319 Vs rosemulet, vote to evict
16th- #AlanDuncan


random.org bb 2 episode 5

4 Mitchkid64, Dec 18, 2015

(pic) (memory wall)
by a vote of 3-1 jguill you have been evicted from the big brother house
HOH: matt64
initial noms: AlanDuncan MrPokeguy9
POV: EliOrtiz1234
final noms: #AlanDuncan #MrPokeguy9
12- semajdude
11- falconbait26
10- brandt69
9- #jguill
please vote to evict either
#AlanDuncan or #MrPokeguy9


Tengaged Birthday Ladder

46 AlanDuncan, Aug 2, 2015

I need health so....
Yeah it's also nice to plus as well.
Latisha0987 11th Sep '82
Vanili 8th Nov '86
tonyalbright 13th Jan '90
mattholder 14th Mar '91
Thumper91 22nd Oct '91
Boots22 2nd Oct '93
Carlisle 16th May '94
TheSexiestDude990 10th Sep '94
Nikkayy 2nd Jan '95
RoseMaria 8th Feb '95
PSULucky 22nd Jun '95
Darrel42 16th Sep '95
DiamondsArentForever 26th Mar '96
Admir 9th Apr '96
acyuta 28th Apr '96
disneygeek 1st Nov '96
Shonaynay 8th Nov '96
Toxicity 15th Feb '97
Coral 25th Jul '97
christossss 14th Sep '97
jethro 19th Apr '98
baza76 3rd Aug '98
QueenLuna 7th Oct '98
#AlanDuncan 12th Oct '98
ryanr36 18th Mar '99
SurvivoroftheTocans 30th June '99
GoodAllan 29th Sep '99
rawr121 20th Sep '00
koolcoop 29th Dec '01


PYN for a rating from the Millz

59 Funnehliner, Aug 24, 2014

Starring jenzie Lucinda FrOnTiErPsYcHiAtRiSt and myself, sometimes unkown
#AlanDuncan -
[22:09:50] Cesco: love u alan but i hope u dont merge over alexa and bamold bc ur worst than jenz at challenges
[22:09:52] jenz: he shud bring more PEZAZZ. it's kind of like a salad w/o dressing but i'm sure he is nice
[22:10:04] dav: he's so irrelevant even his own mother couldnt pick him out of a police lineup
[22:10:07] Funneh aka Alex: Voted me off in survivor over someone who didnt play #sheep
#Delete2544 -
[22:10:39] Cesco: bitch beat me in casting #nahson
[22:10:40] dav: never heard of the fella
[22:10:52] Funneh aka Alex: knows too many avis on this site tbh
[22:10:52] jenz: i only recognize him from the hearts plastered on his titties
#Simplyobsessed -
[22:11:27] Cesco: i confuse u with animorphlover
[22:11:31] dav: i think i usually agree with his opinions in blogs
[22:11:37] Funneh aka Alex: Youre sometimes racist and ignorant and dont even realize it :/
#DumbGinger -
[22:12:15] Cesco: lol who
[22:12:22] jenz: thanks for all the drunk mails are u even human?
[22:12:28] dav: he doesn't take shit too seriously so i like him
[22:12:35] Funneh aka Alex: I love his sick jokes tbh LMAO
[22:12:48] unkownnator: he made black jokes about dav_numbers
#LeXXXy -
[22:15:36] dav: he reminds me of louis spence
[22:15:47] Cesco: u became rlly nice i like u
[22:15:50] unkownnator: disgusting, trashy, repulsive, and sounds like a dog whistle.
[22:16:09] Funneh aka Alex: He knows what I think of him rofl, but he's lazy when it comes to german
#PotatoSalad -
[22:16:31] dav: he looks like he has a high top fade
[22:16:43] Cesco: u added me on kik and never replied to me when i said hi. r u ok?
[22:16:46] unkownnator: go to bed tanner its past ur bed time =\
[22:17:15] Funneh aka Alex: You know it, Tanner :)
[22:17:21] jenz: i picture salad being the one catching wifi in the local daycare to blog his new haircut on tengaged
#lassidoggy -
[22:17:49] unkownnator: who
[22:17:58] Funneh aka Alex: He doesn't like me for no reason tbh
[22:18:02] Cesco: idrk u
[22:18:13] jenz: lmfao this reptile looking mutant can kiss my cellulite free ass bitch BYE! (wave)
[22:18:23] dav: never heard of them
[22:18:25] unkownnator: he does not plus spam according to his bio so u don't get an opinion
#Zuelke -
[22:18:52] Funneh aka Alex: No idea what to say about you tbh
[22:18:53] Cesco: lol who.....
[22:18:59] dav: cool name
[22:19:08] jenz: i like him but he just scares me. idk just gives me the chills like sum1 walked over my grave
[22:19:21] unkownnator: his avi looks like a grandma
#LittleMix -
[22:19:51] Cesco: I heard ur dating..


My PYN from my top blog

14 Swaggy, May 24, 2014

aaronstevens4444 - FIH for life :) You are 1 of my besties and so glad I met you :) thanks for being 1 of my good friends even though we don't talk all that much lol. We need to start.
Instagram - I freaking love you Matt. You are 1 of my besties :) So glad your with us in FIH and love talking to you :)
jessloveee - I love you the most :) You're family to me. I love our calls and chats and everything about you. You always make me laugh :) You are the best big sis everrrrrrrrrrr!
#AlanDuncan - Don't really know you, lets change that :)
PotatoSalad - Tannerrrrrrr! I love you :) So glad you're a new member of our crew :) We need to talk more tho :)
#Jonny_Algeo - I don't really know you but we can change that :)
#Cornelia -  I don't really know you but we can change that :p nice avi tho.
DanielleDonato - My frookies goddess :) I love playing frookies with you. We need to play again bby :*
Lucinda - Cesc I freaking love you bro! You are 1 of my besties for sure :) Keep rolling those shops bb :)
ImGonnaWin - Kay I love you babe :) you always make my day :D thanks for making me who I am and making me someone special :*
#Chloeox - You seem like such a sweetie :) We need to talk more :)
cfff - Brian, you are awesome. I am so sorry I target you in games we need to align and change things :) Lets be bffs :D
BengalBoy - Drew,  I love your blogs, they always make me laugh and you are like someone I idolize on tengaged :D
SomebodyAwesome - Sim, i'm sorry I targetted you in the last game. I hope we can patch our friendship. Add me, maybe? I love you still :p
likevines20 - I remember you as a noob :p We made a pretty good team in the past. I don't think we have played in a long time. We need to change that :D
Tommeh208 - We had our ups and downs from survivor to frookies :p Hope we can be friends and stuff :) mail me and lets fix this :D
#Tigger -  Hey tigs :) Don't really know you but we should change that :)
STOKES2009 -  Teresa, I love you so much! I know you got so many haters on this site and I don't even know why. You are sweet and I love calling you :D
Joshlyn34 - You always victimize me in town of salem :( Still love you my canadian bro :D
MagicDuck - Ryan :) so glad we met up in survivor and had a great time in games. I loved helping you in your charity :) your amazing :D
#brosky17 - don't really know you but lets change that :)
sprtsgy1989 - Love you sean :) Thanks for my hat lollllll, love when you send me those crazy youtube videos :p
ASupreme - Dan thanks for inviting me to my 1st call with stokes and them :) I made some real cool friends. You are my bestie and we will always be around to talk to..


I'm Black! PYN!

49 Lynette, May 3, 2014

Okay, no, not literally. I have just bought Black LEVEL. It only took me just over 2 and a half years but I got here in the end!
Just a few people I'd like to thank for helping me get here!:
My PimpDaddy #AlanDuncan
#Vixanu (..not)
Sorry if I missed anyone! But it's been fun gaged! Hopefully it doesn't take me another 3 years to get TV Star... Time is ticking, and don't worry, I'm still waiting on that gift Marcel...
So yeah, I suppose I'll do a PYN for an honest opinion! It will be VERY honest. Just a disclaimer.
SurvivorFan37 ~ You're a really nice guy but we don't really talk that much! Maybe in the future we could talk and join games more because I would like that!
AlanDuncan ~ I love talking to you about stuff because we can talk about Scottish stuff like exams and that! You're like a cute lil reprieve from all these obnoxious ass Americans and I love you :*
Shonaynay ~ You're a qtpie! I love playing frookies with you and you're really cute to talk to! But you need to tell Ryan to get his ass in gear and stop calling me Clara, ty!
danio ~ We don't really talk or play much but you seem like a really nice guy !
JudiCamille ~ You're like a massive BITCH. Just kidding, I didn't like you at first but recently you've started growing on me cause we've been talking more and I actually really like you!
PizPaz ~ You're a nice guy except when you screwed me over in Platinum Big Brother! I loved playing with you!
Maxi1234 ~ I consider you as my best friend on tengaged, you know a lot of my secrets and you're someone that I admire! Gl in stars baby and I'm sure you'll work it !
Delete2544 ~ Again, you're someone I don't really talk much too but seeing you on the blogs page you seem like a really cute person, I'm sure I've played a few games with you though, we should talk more!
Carlisle ~ I see you a lot on the blogs page and you seem like a nice guy who isn't fake which is hard to find on this site, I feel like we should talk and play some games together!
alireza1373 ~ Bitch don't you DARE call me out on my OWN blog or I'mma fuck you up, GOT IT!?
DumbGinger ~ We haven't really talked much!
ShadowBaller000 ~ Awwww Shadow I absolutely love ya! It was you and Scott that got me onto this site and you have both had my back a lot and gifted me a lot too :P You're a cutie and I will always thank yall for getting me on this site!
ImGonnaWin ~ You're a sweetheart and I good ally in..



16 alanb1, Jan 12, 2014

Cast: (season 6)
#alanduncan ~ Kathy hills
#flamingjoe ~ Jen Johnson
#meduncan ~ Sarah hrejsa
#mariahann ~ janelle pierzina
#sam102 ~ Hayden moss
#davelooney ~ joe Arvin
#coffeybean94 ~ Rachel Reilly
kaylabby ~ Jeff Schroeder
#nerdbird44 ~ Jodi Rollins
lacrosseallstar ~ Emmett blois
smi9127 ~ frank eudy
typhlosion37 ~ mccrae Olsen
leli14 ~ nick uhas
temeky ~ keesha smith
#oxalyssaxo ~ Danielle murphree
sahmosean ~ jerry macdonald
nick33 ~ Enzo palumbo
whitneystar119 ~ Monet stunson
#hints ~ Britney Haynes
winner132 ~ Elissa slater
Previous winners coming back for all stars
jaked ~ aaryn gries
bigjoefrimodt ~ dan gheesling
hannah_mckay ~ jun song
kaylabby ~ Jordan Lloyd
thumper91 ~ Britney Haynes
And now: coffeybean94 ~ Rachel Reilly
Winners of the first 12 seasons will be brought back to all stars edition! The winner of a season cannot apply for anymore until season 13 where they will automatically be brought back as their original character for all stars. Tht also means any future contestants cannot play as ppl tht have already won.
teamjacz ~ Dominic briones
gilby ~ renny martyn
hints ~ Daniele donato
oxalyssaxo~ Jessie kowalski
flamingjoe ~ Jen Johnson
sam102 ~ David lane
temponeptune ~ Jodi Rollins
mariahann ~ cassi colvin
hugatree343 ~ Monet stunson
ghrocky100 ~ Howard overby
_adidas_ ~ Kevin campbell
iamtrey ~ James Rhine
nattie ~ janelle pierzina
bryjow123 ~ will Kirby


I Got 4th In Stars About 5 Months Ago (PYN)

50 Donutdude556, Jan 10, 2014

And I'm pretty sure nobody knows who I am.
How well would I do if I decided to play again? Predict a placing for me and I'll predict for you?
#AlanDuncan -11th
#BBCANADA -15th because of haters
#Maxi1234 -You're really a wild card, sometimes you do really well and others you don't. I'll say 6th
#Carlisle -2nd
#Cutieamy -13th
#Thumper91 -1st
#Somebodyawesome -9th
Rhysarnie14 -9th
Thesexiestdude990 -1st because your 2nd win is overdue
Cornelia -3rd
Wumblebee -11th
Nattie -14th
Hints 4th
Iamtrey -10th
Striky -6th
Magicduck -4th
Sam102 -12th
Obscurity -8th
Gaiaphage -7th
Lachie227 -3rd
Xryn0618 -12th
Kyliejay -8th
Mtman -16th because you're a victim
Massgustavo95 -13th
Typhlosion37 -12th
smi9127 -8th
Bowkane -6th
Andalarew_2231 -14th because you're a victim
Davelooney -11th
Mileytwerk -7th
Jgoodies -4th
Absol -6th
Lakewood -9th
Sexgoddx -1st
Cutiecake -13th
Kizzi -5th
Anas -6th because not as many people know you anymore

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