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44 Irelia, Feb 4, 2018

and I will search for your name in Neg Finn 9.2 (members: me, #hints, #violets, #alireza1373, #admir, #fighterman, #allieboballie, #baza76, #oliviaxoxo, #smoothstalker12, #bengalboy, #jadennator1, #jdog, #gigi10, #smuguy2012, #tofutime, #gardenia, #trust, #icebeast, #mikec51) and tell you if you have ever been mentioned, and if so, what was said :)
(but not who said it hehe x)
#bengalboy; you're an idiot
eliserose; 'eliserose annoying as hell'
'eliserose a dumb bitch' - 22nd January 2018
halloween; 'Halloween has sponsored Casillas with arrows' - 19th January 2018
'not all slyterins are bad?
have fun in a house with roshy and Halloween tho' - 10th January 2018
levonini; 'I dont like tito and levonini' -3rd January 2018
seaking;  no logs! which is good i think because some of the things that have been said about others are not very friendly hehe
maturo; 'I think maturo paid him to gift people but I’m pretty sure it was notnickys T' - 4th January 2018
'No like I was young and he bullied me so I said I was gonna kill myself and logged off for a few days and people thought I died
Like old school maturo basically' - 8th January 2018
[18/01/2018 02:16:59] PERSON 1: what is asperger
[18/01/2018 02:17:09] PERSON 2: its a form of autism
[18/01/2018 02:17:18] PERSON 3: when they're smart but socially not all there
[18/01/2018 02:17:29] PERSON 3: like mathboy, maturo, wwemrpeeps etc
[18/01/2018 02:17:39] PERSON 2: does maturo have it?
[18/01/2018 02:17:54] PERSON 3: yea he went to a special school
stary; no logs! which is good i think because some of the things that have been said about others are not very friendly hehe
#oliviaxoxo; you're an idiot
paul028; only Paul related text is about Logan and Jake LMAO
goodkaren; no logs! which is good i think because some of the things that have been said about others are not very friendly hehe
calebdaboss; '[23:07:26] PERSON 1: Omg
Feb 4, 2018 by NikoTime
7 votes, -61 points
Why don’t you so you can be with your parents
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Feb 4, 2018
[23:07:36] PERSON 2: LMFAO OH MY GOD
[23:07:45] PERSON 3: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO' - February 4th 2018
Id be scared of caleb
He’d squash me' - 3 January 2018
'story time
Aug 27, 2017 by CalebDaBoss
i could be a daddy the oldest a child of mine could be is 6 considering when i hit puberty and i almost had a kid once but there was a miscarriage :( so i hope i can successfully have a child some day
Points: 7, Earned: 0.5 T$
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sure ya did sport ruffles your hair
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 27, 2017
bengalboy it's true
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Aug 27, 2017
calebdaboss of course it is buddy tickles your chin
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 27, 2017
bengalboy it is true i..



63 Arris, Dec 19, 2017

and I'll guess ur sexual preference
#hints - gay
#helloitsme - bisexual
#blogs - gay
#sihz - gat GAYYY
#jadennator1 - straight
#Darbe - gay
#AdamLovesEverything - gay
#Vlad21 - gay
#GoodKaren - lesbian
Question - gay
Stary - bisexual
SeaKing - gay
Lifeiscool - straight
melindaMrskk - gay
JetsRock12 - bisexual
fighterman - straight---iish
Willie_ - gay
2388 - gay
Anas - gay
MrBird - gay ofc
Paige5459 - straight
TJ2807 - straight
Memphis_Grizzlies - gay
Roshy - GAY af
Electric - gay
mathboy9 - gay
WannaBeeFriends - g to the a to the y
HaliFord - gay
Obstreperous - bisexual
glen5544 - asexual
MisterPredaa - homosexual
Emmett4 - straight
born2pizza - straight
icebeast - gay af
thumper91 - straight ;)
greenranger8 - gay
path - bisexual
baileyboy1 - bisexual
NotAfraid - straight


Lets do a pyn

38 Kaylabby, Dec 3, 2017

Comment below, I will tell you if i like/hate/not fond you. And a brief description of why. Im not holding back my feelings, its time for people to know how I truly feel.
Update: dont be a butthurt bitch i dont wanna hear your bitchin
#Hints : Erm, i kinda like you but also kinda not fond. I wanna like you but some of your friends give you a bad reputation! Just being honest
#Bengalboy : i like you! Daddy pup always someone i can talk to!
#Goodkaren : Erm i kinda like you, but also not fond. Some things you do bother me. But you do you.
#paige5459 : I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT STAND YOU. You are such a little snoody bitch. S/o to your multi lexi its a funny that you and your “sister” log out at the exact same time, and have identical blogs. Gender faker. If you ever join stars i will be coming for you.
#wade03 : not fond. Very very two faced, one day you beg me to love you and see your cock pics and then next day you try to expose me. Get it together bro.
#melindamrskk : i kinda like you, but kinda not fond. Sometimes you rub me the wrong fucking way bro.
#levvy : who?
peace123 : not fond, your personality bothers me.
calebdaboss : not fond, too crazy.
padfoot : i kinda like you but kinda not fond, sometimes you are super sweet other times very self centered, depending who’s around.
s73100 : i kinda like you, we havent talked much recently sooo idk how to feel
lifeiscool : who?
seaking : i kinda like you but kinda not fond you are fine alone but with people you kinda are a little stuck up.
Alanb1 : i kinda like you, kinda not fond, two words MAN STEALER
2beastly : kinda not fond, depending who your around your personality changes.
J0hnnyb0i : I adore you! My bf
yoshicoolman : i hate you. You know why.
baileyboy1 : i kinda like you, kinda not fond, I prefer talking to outside of tengaged in social media we get along better
Wildboy12 : loveee my Swedish fish! Fruit cake hag ily
Mrpokeguy9 : who?
robbster1313 : i like you, but you ignore me so cool beans i guess
Loopspeare : who?
Marietori : kinda not fond/kinda hate. You’ve changed so much over the years, and definitely only care about your immediate friend group. I try to like you but, i cant stand self centered hoe vibes
ParvatiS : neutral. Im trying to give you the benefit of a doubt that you are nice and stuff but personality vibes say other wise
Question : i hate you, you know why.
Realityobsessed : i love you! You are my baby
Hwest14 : kinda not fond. You always give me a stuck up vibe
Titoburitto : i like you. Idk why but i do! My lil tits
Funnehliner : i love you! You are perfecto😭
Mickiejames22 :..


Random.org TGBB18 (19)

22 disneygeek, May 19, 2017

Eviction Order:
4th- #hints
5th- #NotNicky333
6th- #Nattie
7th- #pizzawithcookirs
8th- #AmandaBynes
9th- #Sarah48
10th- #ImGonnaWin
11th- #aj1111
12th- #ak73
13th- #Stupendous
14th- #KrisStory
15th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
16th- #rawr121
17th- #Hisoka
18th- #Javio
19th- #MickyBoomy9
20th- #Boots22
21st- #NicoleF
22nd- #konohavillage1
23rd- #Lalisa
By a vote of 5-1, #hints you have been evicted from the TGBB house.
Part 1 HoH Winner- LunaPark
Part 2 HoH Winner- Brandt69
Final HoH- Brandt69
Final Noms- Violets & LunaPark
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees can vote).
Ask to be tagged:


[ Brantsteele Survivor ] Borneo [ Season II ]..

8 Telographic, Feb 18, 2017

Pagong [8/8] -
- Swadles
- Mitsuki
- hpopo101
- Wolven6974
- Matedog1209
- aj1111
- hsb123
- coolKat
Tagi [8/8] -
- melindaMrskk
- hints
- NewNightmare7
- xxxaria123xxx
- cococolin122
- DevinB
- DuncanSurferBoy
- TheACF12
Queen of the Season - #hints (Literally destroyed a final 3 who had been close since the beginning, always was on the bottom, and won like 4 immunities. Such a queen winner. Also considered hero of the season)
King of the Season - #NewNightmare7 (Not kidding I literally went from most disliked to my literally favorite player, had a strong a alliance until the end but then literally slayed them all. Is also villian of the season.)
Least liked Female - #xxxaria123xxx (Made final 5 with just relying  on her alliance, it was so nice to see her blindsided in the end omg. I disagree with the viewer's fan favorite choice which was you but whatever lmao)
Least liked Male - #Matedog1209 (No offence but karma was a bitch to you. First vote you flipped at the re-vote when there was a obvious majority. That was your one chance to take them out. Then you guys went on a losing streak and you were taken out by them.)
Most robbed - #Mitsuki (She was literally isolated from her tribe and still fought to the end and made the merge. Than once again she was isolated by the Pagong majority and was eliminated just before jury. )
Best moves - #xxxaria123xxx 's blinside at the final 5, #DuncanSurferBoy 's unexpected 8-1 vote off at the merge when he was in a good position.
Dumbest Moves - #Matedog1209 flipping in the first eviction which led to his eviction by the majority following , #NewNightmare7 bringing #hints to the finale (who was likely to win) over #hsb123 who he had a better shot againist)
All-star Worthy -



12 Ashleybabyx3, Nov 5, 2016

You and the runner up violets will recevie your gifts next week.
Thanks for playing everyone.
http://i.imgur.com/17C54u9.png[/img ]
1. #Hints
2. #Violets
3. hobo232
4. emilythorne
5. Masonx
6. ari_
7. plastic
8. whorissa
9. crissy15
10. kelly0412
11. katarinaducouteau
12. eliortiz1234
13. brandt69
and thanks to some lovely judges xxx minie jenzie Icebeast and every1 else who helped as a guest judge!
Hints portfolio : http://prntscr.com/d3hsjm


Descendants of The Guardians Season 4..

12 Aydanmac01, Aug 13, 2016

==Current Cast==
#Hints - (Tisha Mai - Water Female)
(Ivy Lange - Poison Female)
#tkoj555 - (Wendy Mayweather - Shadow Female)
#Macda27 - (Mac Anderson - Nature Male)
(Kate Anderson - Nature Female)
#Fell6 (Jenni Valentine - Energy Female)
(Violet Summer - Magic Female)
#ForYouSelena - (Sabrina Del Rosa - Holy Female)
#Coolkat - (Chandler Park - Poison Female)
#IceIceBaby - (Crimson Wilson - Fire Female)
#RyanAndrews - (Samuel Weeks - Air Male)
#_Ivyyy_445 - (Bailey Jaxxon - Human)
#Topazisqueen - (Brittany Rose - Poison Female)
#JourdanBabyXoXo - (Adore Laison - Fire Female)
#KaseyHope101 - ("Ruthie" Margaritiana - Human)
#Icarus_Mark - (Arlene Giles - Shadow Female)
(Carlisle Giles - Energy Male)
#Rawr121 - (Anthony Kuryente - Magic Male)
#KatarinaDuCouteau - (Esdeath R.L. Quinn - Water Female)
#QueenMichelle - (Alexis Ahore - Shadow Female)
#Katherinee_ - (Katherine Montgomery - Shadow Female)
#Turkeylover - (Angel Devon - Holy Female)
#Aerodynamics - (Evan Decker - Human)
#Kelly2722 - (Tori Michaels - Shadow Female)
With Season 3 coming to a close, applications for Season 4 are now open and people may apply. Please fill out the applications below to submit a character for the blog series. (PEOPLE WITH 1 CHARACTER ALREADY MAY CREATE A SECOND CHARACTER IF THEY WISH) Applications will continue to be open even after the blog finishes within its 24 hours until I insert the cutoff line.
For those of you who have no idea what the blog series is about, it’s somewhat loosely based off Vampire Diaries/Teen Wolf but with such a different plot and many more characters. If focusses on the lives of people living in the small town of New Haven as they cope and struggle with their discoveries of the ability to control earthly elements. Threats and dangers loom around every corner for each person with the constant reminder that no one is safe.
Green = Nature (Manipulate Plants, Camo and talk to animals)
Yellow = Energy (Control Electricity and Immobilize others)
Purple = Magic (Teleport, Create Voidwalker and spells)
Red = Fire (Control Fire, Become strong with Anger)
Blue = Water (Freeze People, Control Water and Breathe underwater)
Cyan = Air (Control Wind, Wings to fly)
Black = Shadow (Invisibility, Create Nightmares, and Create Demons)
White = Holy (Heal others, Telepathy and Force Field)
Pink = Poison (Poison Others and Precognition)
Application: (Post in comment section)
Character Name:(First and Last)
Character Age: (18 or up)
Human or Descendant:
3 Character Traits:
Character Bio:
People Who May be..


Guess the song for a gift results

1 Olaf_, Dec 5, 2015

and your winner is:
Final scores:
Hints: 33pts
OhNatalie: 20pts
Lexibear: 9pts
LoopyCoco1: 8pts
Music: 6pts
brosky17: 6pts
Gloss13: 6pts
Laughingoutloud: 3pts
Mahalpin11:3 pts
HaydenNicole: 2pts
marekactor: 1pt
TotalDramaLover1234: 1pt
AmandaBynes: 1pt
ohheydudeski: 1pt
LoopyCoco1: 1pt
Ilikebugs: 1pt
#Hints, when you see something in shops that you want and im online message me and I will gift it to you. I should have $1000ts in about 2 weeks, I currently have 800.
Thanks for playing everyone! I will be doing this in the future as well



5 Cornelia, Feb 3, 2014

These are for all who commented for an opinion on my previous blog, http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Cornelia/5149992/yay-gold
#hints - Nice lovely gal and I enjoy driving you to your Weight Watchers meetings :)))
LacrosseAllStar - I think we talked briefly during a Roblox game and you said that everyone hated you for some reason, but never spoken you other than that time we should talk!
tyboy618 - Someone I have never really spoken to but would love to get to know!
Crissy15 - You are so sweet and well liked and I can see why!
_Aria - Became good friends with you since I joined TRH and you are genuine person
Vans - One of the first few people I became really good friends with when I joined the site so you know what I think about you, but when you are not constantly blogging (Oh what you are blacklisted for 2 weeks LOL!) you say it how it really is which I like
Nattie - If my opinion is not valid I guess an opinion on you is not needed? : - D jokes. Some say big tits and no personality but I beg to differ and you are my closest friend on here so I don't need to say much except #DoubleTrouble
Brookie0126 - You are a really good friend and I love our random chats about the differences about where we live etc also you are my Castings buddy and you always keep it real!
CutieAmy - *Runs fingers through my thick luscious Honey Blonde hair which you have yet to lay your fingers upon yet* I talk to you I think like everyday if not most days and another one of my close friends on here :)
SexGoddx - Loved getting to know you better since TRH and you are funny, you have gifted me before which you never had to do which was really nice and unexpected so thank you. Also you are someone who will always help me out if I ask for it! Support #6126 #MalibuBarbzDelish
africanwoman - One of my closest friends on here so again ya know my opinion on you! I don't speak to you that much anymore as I know you are busy but when you do eventually log in it's like we only spoke 5 minutes ago LMAO
BoyToy4Cato - Lanceee! You are such a nice person, I know we both spam a lot so we always help each other out with plussing etc we don't speak as much as I would like but you are a good friend!
Chips47 - Only just got to know you during Ria's Skype game but before from what I knew you were someone who always plussed spam and helped people out with favours and from when I got to know you, you are a really decent person and I hope we can talk more and hopefully you didn't take the game too personally and if you did I'm sorry
Icing - orite bab? Taught you how to speak some English slang which I know you have grown to love! Amazing designer and good friend and someone that I can have a laugh around and loved getting to know. With all these compliments don't..


Post your username

16 Zbase4, Oct 27, 2013

and I'll rank them from best to worst kk.
I'll give a reason why I think so too.
I'll also suggest another username you could've used to make it better in my opinion.
#hints Simple, but interesting. I like it. I don't think you need to change it, just capitalize the H or something I guess.
dmann Dylan the man I like it and I think dman was taken so it is all good here.
nsurvivor I kind of think Number 1 Survivor when I see this name, although the N can mean almost anything. I like this name, you don't really need to change it.
JGoodies I like it, especially since Jonathan or something like that is your name... It is just nice to say for me idk @Jaygoodeeez
HipposUnite I don't really like Hippos, but your username is alright. Would've been better for me if you'd made it something like @DogsUnite or something....
#nbkiller I never really liked the word killer in your name, tbh. I think your name is Nick and you put your initials and then Killer afterwards or something like that? I guess it is alright, better than @nb1killer9000 or something like that. @Nickkiller would've been better for me though.
Maxi1234 It is a good username, but the numbers should go fuck themselves.  @Maximumgenderfaker alert though!
Swaggy It is alright. Swagger would've been better though. lol nvm your username is good.
Thumper91 I think 1991 is your birth year or something so the 91 makes sense, but I feel as if they are unnecessary since @Thumper hasn't been used and that would be simpler. The numbers hurt you a bit in my opinion, but they aren't too hard to remember so I guess they are ok, you could do worse.
CutieAmy I don't really like it, but at least it isn't terrible..... @BeautifulAmy would've been better for me, or you know you could just make a nongenderfaker name that doesn't really mean anything like Gummybear or something idk
Happy202 I like how it has Happy so we should think you're happy! Create a multi named @Sad202 whenever you feel sad!
Meyaar Never made any sort or sense to me. Wtf is a Meyaar? @Yasir would've been way, way better, especially because there aren't that many people named Yasir on here and at least it is your name. WTF IS A MEYAAR????????
Chips47 What does the 47 mean? @Chipsbirthyear would've been better, at least that number would've made sense.
Typhlosion37 Horrible. @Typhlosion @Typhlosion @Typhlosion
Delete2544 Horrible, maybe I just don't know the reference but it is disgusting. @Deleteguy would be way better.


Why do people judge me?

6 haiiderr, Aug 19, 2013

I AM a nice person. I may be annoying on the blogs page, but I am a nice sweet little boy if you're my friend and get to know me! I may be a 'troll' on the blogs page, but I really am a real guy with a nice personality.
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