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4thDec 17, 2017 by sihz
i'll tell u how far i'd keep u safe in a Stars game until i lock you in for nomination.

im not joining anytime soon so idc if ppl trust me after this or not lol.

#bengalboy noms for 10th, i know i can trust u but gamewise (actually popularity wise lol) i cant let u go unnommed much further than that

#goodkaren noms for 5th-6th probs, i feel like youd be loyal 100% however at that point i might be closer to other people than i am with you to keep me safe for 4th

#kaylabby probs wouldnt nom you at all, cancers are super emotional and i know youd stick with me to the end and we both would have a fair shot i feel.

#baileyboy1 id probs put u up for 16th, no lie lol. we played survivor together but i couldnt really tell if u were ever honest with us really. Youd flip on us fast i feel

#Hisoka noms for 8th, you could be a really close ally but you arent dumb either and for that reason i'd have to cut you, soz LOL.

#eric_136 noms for 16th idk u at all, sorry mate

#deshonbannedisback personally i would take you really far, but i feel that you could be an easy target for most of the cast and on that case i cant really go against everyone. probs early noms for 13th

#memphis_grizzlies i think if you trust me enough, id bring you to finals. depends on what cards we'd have to deal with in the game otherwise id give you 11th and keep u for safe votes early on.

#m7md26 noms for 9th, u seem nice and we would work together well but i feel youd be more loyal to other people than me and for that u can go honey, u can go!

#darbe i could see us working together well and popularity wise id like to believe we're pretty much on par so i would bring u to finals.

#NotAfraid i cant nom u <3 even if that means me losing, though i might actually put u up for 4th against someone unpopular in case i go unnommed so that way i can at least plead my case xx

#eliserose i think id nom u for 7th, wed work very well and i think i could use u as a shield since youre more threatening than me popularity wise so the target would stay off my back but i wouldnt be able to beat u at the end.

#roshy finals bby i believe it would be mutual trust, and though youre more popular than me id be fine with losing to you.

#mastropola noms for 7th we could be pretty tight but you arent dumb either and youd probably try to make more connections than me since i feel we both play similar games and for that i'd have to cut you.

#willie_ finals <3 i dont think id be able to gun for you and id like to believe u wouldnt either x otherwise watch yo back. being serious tho, i would bring u to finals.

#patrick319 id cut you for 5th-6th if not before that. we play similar games but i cant be that ruthless, however if i went down before u did, id drag ur wig through the mud next dc. or maybe kill u as soon as the game starts :) depends on my mood :)

icebeast i cant be the second coming of patrick so youd be sitting in finals with me :) but i'd use a bunch of multies in finals cuz u cant be that selfish for another win!

banjoooo most likely finals, i dont really see a reason to cut you at any point unless id sense youre closer to other people and would choose them over me

admir wouldnt nom you at all, i think i can trust u 100% cuz youd ride my coattails like u did in hg 3 years ago x jokes aside, i think we play an under the radar game and ppl dont expect us to be that strategic. though youd probs beat me at the end LOL

Allison sorry to break it to ya LOL but id probs nom u for like 14th. You would survive but i cant let u gain momentum from a very early stage in the game, id still work with ya but i see u as a huge threat on every aspect and if i had to renom you i probably would again. Love ya still <3

Arris i think us alligning would bring us trouble, idk why LOL maybe because i feel youre more outspoken in general than i am and for my personal a game, i have to be way more careful, not saying one strategy is better than the other but we would clash at times i feel. Youre someone id work with, but not THAT close. Considering ive known you for a while, i think id keep you safe until f8-f7

oliviaxoxo noms for 10th lolol sorry. but since youre too easy to get along with, so many people would work with you and 10th is a defining moment in stars and if youre not nommed there, youd have an easy way to the end leaving me no shot at winning

blujay112 youre in the lab and therefore i dont trust you, noms for 16th.

bowkane noms for 11th, youd be an easy target at the beginning but thats good for my game cuz thatd keep me safe but after that point i dont think i would need/trust u enough to keep u anymore.

absol noms for 10th probably, we have worked together but u have betrayed me. I dont think youre a threat, but i definitely cant trust you that much anymore

seaking noms for 6th, youre super loyal. However you might get greedy near the very end and do whatever u can to stay

rellizuraddixion noms for 5th perhaps, youd probs play under the radar like me. Not sure if wed get close enough to bring each other to finals, though popularity wise were on par i believe.

Anas i wouldnt nom you at all <3 idt wed gun for each other and we would stand a fair chance at the end

mikec51 id keep u safe until around 7th cuz just like that HG years ago, i thought we were close u still outsmarted me and shot me out so that proves u arent dumb either LOL

Paige5459 noms for 11th,  we would work together the first rounds but at f10 it gets tighter that idk how much more i can trust u moving forwards.

_teemo_ youd probs backstab me at like f5 lmao so probs id make a move at f6 bye bitch xx

hints i think wed work together until about f7 then people would consider u a flipper i feel and if i cant turn the table around for us to move forwards, id have to sacrifice you sister tisha...

thumper91 noms for 13th, i think u make connections rather quick and before u take more players away from working with me, i'll put u up but with someone unpopular cuz ik i can work with u.

brandt69 noms for 7th, we reach a point where popularity start to weigh more and i think youre kind of a popularity threat for your friends group, though personally id take you further

baza76 noms for 6th, volatile player i really dont know your strategy and that makes me nervous and thats why id keep u closer to me up to that point, i wouldnt know what youd do about me moving forwards.

justme noms for 14th LOL sorry :$ too much of a threat, however youd stay and would renom u coming closer to f8 so u dont get flavoured too much

survivor8 i actually would wanna work with u and take u to finals, however ik damn well youd flip on me LOL like we did each other in stars. Except u went up the 3 times i locked u in xx id put u up for 12th most likely cuz idt youd be a likely early nomset.

semajdude noms for 10th probably, we would work together first few rounds but not sure how much more i could trust u moving forwards, wed still talk but not super close i feel.

cindering idt id nom u at all, wed work together the entire time and i think we play similar games. i know damn well u cant win shit in finals so thats perf =]

noah_kondon noms for 15th probs, not threatening enough for 16th but idt ppl would have a problem nomming u tbh lolol sorry <3

mexus id take u to finals, however im not sure if our strategies and social games would move at the same pace for us both to make finals.

TotalDramaLover1234 noms for 4th MAYBE if i even nom u at all, i think wed get along well in stars.

roughnightbro not sure where we stand however if we repeated the same moves i think we have a good shot at making it further than we did that time, not quite sure how much youd trust me either. So i will say noms for 5th MAYBE.

useamint i think wed do pretty well, to the point ppl would pair us up. id probably lock u in at the very end in hopes it splits and we both dont go up together. Noms for 6th if i even nom u at all.


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I'll put u asleep within 10 seconds u little girl. Don't say stuff and not follow up on it. I'll be waiting
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me fag
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sihz go go go
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Peggy Sue
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updated banjoooo admir allison arris
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waiting for my 16th
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mikec and holy fuck is that nicole westbrook performing its thanksgiving live why have i never seen this i am ultimately GAGGED absol
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Paige :)
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I just know 8’d backstab you first xx
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Id still beat ya
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Me dad
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me !
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me *sips tea*
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