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When Andrea shot Daryl vote Feb 3, 2023
Thinking he was a walker in season 2... she was so mother for that.

She was woke that he needed a shower so she showered him in blood, mom.
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Saw Megan last night Feb 2, 2023
It was a Child's Play ripoff, the concept was great and elevated but it was poorly executed with an underdeveloped ending and much less shock value all throughout the film for a horror movie.

The things marketing does nowdays, its a solid 6/10.
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Cant forgive Feb 2, 2023
TWD for killing Jacqui in season 1 finale @ the CDC explosion

By far one the characters with the most unshown potential, her, Jessie and Lizzie. Three crimes i cant ever get over.
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No like Feb 1, 2023
imageIm having spasms over how gorgeous Anetra is out of drag, it doesnt feel fair?
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Have you thought Jan 31, 2023
About your funeral photo? Or your funeral outfit?

Those 2 will be the most seen when you finally pass to the other side. Like if you die right now, your picture is somewhere in your gallery and the clothes are in your closet this very moment

Thats kinda crazy?
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My biggest curse in life Jan 31, 2023
imageIs sharing the same birth date as 2beastly

Something shifted in the universe on june 24th, 1992
Him and i were born to balance out the good and the evil. And we will always be united by that day, very tragic i know
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