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Nor really feeling RPDR UK3 Oct 11, 2021
Charity Kase, Choriza May, Kitty and River Medway are the only standouts so far

Ella Vaday is giving me Jackie Cox teas, "hot" out of drag and average drag queen.
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Bom dia gente 馃憢 Oct 11, 2021
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I may live under a rock Oct 10, 2021
but im so glad i dont live near most of these website's psychos. I can walk around my city freely without the fear of being stalked or anything.

I would indeed replace some of my rl people for some of my friends here though
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Hoso Terra Toma. Oct 10, 2021
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Did you guys know Oct 10, 2021
You can still get covid if youre vaccinated right?
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Who wants to meet me Oct 9, 2021
In Cappadocia?
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