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The sihz's blog

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I didnt die this week Aug 11, 2022
still figuring if thats good or not
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is my avatar giving glamour? Aug 3, 2022
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Hello Tengy Jul 30, 2022
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How trustworthy are bets nowadays? Jul 18, 2022
i dont wanna waste my money on the few to no charities!
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Hello all Jul 10, 2022
this is my "whats new tg" blog after logging off for 4+ months and pretending i didnt check this website every minute and every hour of every day while i was offline. But guess what Mimi? I did.

I have missed some of you (very few), I just needed a detox.. HOW'S EVERYONE THOUGH?

And a huge shoutout to my man connorthomson for spamming my inbox counting the days i was gone for. I truly am meant to marry him
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No title Feb 26, 2022
Coming from your racist ass go eat some plain marshmallows because if you toast them their not white enough
Sent by kingjames13,Feb 26, 2022
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