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As embarrassing as it is

Oct 21, 2023 by sihz
to be voted out first twice in a row like Francesca Hogi, do you guys genuinely believe shes an AWFUL player?

I feel like in Caramoan, they set it up for her by casting her and Phillip together again so i want to believe she isnt as bad as her stats say. First time okay whatever, second time? They likely did it for the meme.

im not saying shes a master strategist either, lets not get crazy but come on


She is a threat that鈥檚 why Boston rob took her out
Sent by Emmett4,Oct 21, 2023
shes very intelligent and eloquent yes, but we havent really seen much from her to really tell she would have it in the bag in a season. I would love to see her again though bc she has a lot of potential emmett4
Sent by sihz,Oct 21, 2023
Honestly them putting her on a tribe with Phillip was 100% a setup the second time
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Oct 21, 2023
Its like knowing day1 the cast sucks so bad so did she really lose? Sh3 won
Sent by Admir,Oct 21, 2023

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