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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Phaedra (The Traitors)

Feb 2, 2024 by sihz
Is one of my fav reality tv personalities of all time and i havent even watched her on RH.

She was quiet and acting confused yet had every little piece of Dan's bitch ass in his place. ATE DOWN.
And Peter's trap hello???? Parvati needs to step it up, i still love to watch her.

Fuck this last episode was tv gold from start to finish, tho idc for the challenges lmfaoo the show keeps getting better and better



i hated her on real housewives but she is mother on traitors
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 2, 2024
mother on RH and Traitors
Sent by tharealmike,Feb 2, 2024
ideally peter declines, gets parv out anyway, and phaedra recruits Trishelle.
alternatively peter accepts, still flings parv, and then they KILL Trishelle.
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Feb 2, 2024
oh you going learn tonight babe
Sent by Royaltyy,Feb 2, 2024
amo a la phaedraaaaa es lo maximo
en que parte lo viste?? tienes algun link??
Sent by iCristian,Feb 2, 2024
I truly think Peter is going to accept tgdeuxmoi which i think is his best option if he wants to win, otherwise he has nearly 24 hrs to fling Parvati before she does it.

If he accepts, he and Parvati will go at it still flinging Parvati and his target would be so minimal gaining the already existing trust within the faithfuls and the current fellow traitor Phaedra, given she and Parvati already had their moment.
Sent by sihz,Feb 2, 2024
That was soooooo sickening 馃槶 royaltyy

Tengo un link en ingles si te sirve, te hablo al mail icristian
Sent by sihz,Feb 2, 2024
icristian yo uso una app que se llama kodi
Sent by Royaltyy,Feb 2, 2024

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