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The Traitors S2 ep 01 - 03

Jan 14, 2024 by sihz
This ssn cast is stacked and while the first house banishment broke my heart, Peppermint did that to herself 馃挃 she cleared Trishelle tho

I personally cant care less for the challenges so i mostly skip that part.

I didnt know who Phaedra was but i love love LOVE her, she would not allow Parvati to do what she was about to do and thats mother behavior. Parvati on the other hand is so ruthless, she still got it. That cliffhanger tho.. until next week

In my honest opinion, Dan is most likely to be discovered first cuz he didnt learn from the first challenge and continues to play it safe.

Yeah this season so good so far, i love the twists.


Tbh I also think Parvati has a good chance as I feel like half of this cast has no idea who she is and the kind of game she played on Survivor.
Sent by Jasmina,Jan 14, 2024
Trishelle slayed peppermint
Sent by s73100,Jan 14, 2024

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