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0 CocoVanderbilt, May 16, 2021

Neda Kalantar EricCabello
Adel Elseri Kaylabby
Godfrey Mangwiza tbrown_47
Karen Singbeil 7unarEclipse
Chelsea Bird Kiara_xoxo
Kiefer Collison Diva_
HOH: Karen
Pre-veto nominees: Neda and Adel
Veto winner: Karen, did not use it
Final nominees: Neda and Adel
Evicted: Adel 2-1
18- Cassandra Shahinfar Padfoot
17/16- Brittnee Blair J4ckWilko
17/16- Demetres Giannitsos Tester
15- Tim Dormer yus222
14- Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao Girllover101
13- Sheldon Jean Foxy_Piplup
12- Topaz Brady iiCreazyGX
11- Victoria Woghiren Yeonjun
10- Adam Pike quackattack817
9- Kaela Grant tokio
8- Emmett Blois candy_land
7- Johnny Mulder ColinCoco
6- Adel Elseri #Kaylabby


pyn for 1 thing

41 Arris, Dec 18, 2017

that I like or dislike about you
choose one
#kaylabby - I dislike the fact that you choose games over friends.
#Path - I like that you announced your retirement from games about 500 times in blogs.
JetsRock12 - I like that you're chill af.
iTy990 - I honestly dislike everything about you.
oliviaxoxo - I dislike that you smell jk i'll say what I like, and that is ur witty sense ofo humor
Thirteen - I like that you do you , and just don't give a fuck about what others think.
m7md26 - I dislike how creepy you get sometimes.
Question - I like that you killed that flop #MrBird in a fight.
GoodKaren - I like how sweet you always are, and you're obsession with cats is adorable.
bowkane - I like that you're good at comps.
tennisplayer963 - I like how loyal you are.
Paige5459 - I dislike hmm... lmao i don't know you enough to dislike anything tbh, I tried to think of something but all I've seen from you is that ur nice.
maturo - I dislike how dramatic you always are (jk it's entertaining).
2388 - I dislike how many arguments you get yourself into.
justme - I dislike how you sucked as a moderator jk xx I like how nice and positive you always are.
AdamLovesEverything - I dislike how your blogs are contradicting everything about your tg name.
tyler93 - you suck at snap streaks
mickiejames22 - your obsession with charlie what's his face
Roshy - you get crazy whenever someone disagrees with you on something
wannabeefriends - you rigged me out of ultimate stars :(
BengalBoy - you're one of the funniest tengagers ever
brandt69 - most  of your snaps are black screen with a 'streak' on it, it's boring
beccajo16 - the chat you created died :/
DrG2 - nothing... u did not just call me irrelevant
hints - i dislike ur red nose... shame on u !!
acyuta - I dislike the fact that you removed ur blog after my joke :(
k4r4k - I like you cuz you're one of the nicest ppl on tg, I wish we were closer tho.
Aquamarine - I dislike how u included that FloridaGeoria collab with Chainsmokers on ur list, but snubbed far superior The One, and Something Just Like This.
music - I dislike the fact that everytime we join a game together, we flop.
vanili - I like that ur queen of niceness.
Darbe - I dislike how gay u r.



45 marrrss, Oct 16, 2017

and I'll give u an opinion
#Kaylabby idrk you because we've never talked, but i feel like you feel the need to assert your relationship with #markb101 to me and we're just friends tbh
#immaxyman idrk you either because we've never talked but i see ya round
#Sebbers you're pretty cool but we should talk more bc i dont know you all too well and i;d like to
#broncman789 we haven't talked personally but ik your favorite color is blue, and thats a chill color so.
#bengalboy ehhh you're cool af and i enjoy gettin' to know you, and you've listened to me complain about life a lot lately, and that's super sweet tbh. if ya ever get into personal training hmu
#CarsonL the true winner of stars 465 tbh. you're a cool lil twerp and i'm glad u finally gave into me begging to be your friend tbh
#Wade03 idrk you because you joined while i was on a 3~ yr hiatus, but feel free to hmu
#GoodKaren idk you personally but you seem like the sweetest person tbh. and your lil cat gif is iconic
#XxLoveWakizaxX we haven't really talked but you honestly seem cool af so we should chat sometime tbh
TaraG you seem really nice, but I feel like you got a lil hostile in that frookies we were in, and i mean its just a game and I had a separate alliance :/
SourDiesel LOL ok
AllieBoBallie i've obv seen you around bc you're an old tengageder, but we've never talked probably bc i'm in a much lower social circle tbh
Thumper91 you seem really sweet, and we added each other on snapchat, but i forgot to snap u right away and now i feel like it's weird because it's been so long? idk im awkward.
NoChildSupport We haven't talked a whole bunch, but you seem pretty cool from our previous interactions :)
Brandt69 we haven't actually talked either but i see you blog all the time & your friendship with kaylabby is cute tbh
maturo we haven't talked but i see you blog all the time hmu if you want
Allison i LOVE you! You're such a ray of sunshine i love speaking to you xo <3
GrrrImABear hi :) I wish we talked more honestly, because we have our streak, and we've talked a bit and you seem really nice and cool so I'd honestly love to get to know you more, but i'm a horrible conversationalist tbh =[ you also have an adorable kitty <3
LittleBrother123 hi jeffy/bestie <3 you're a really cool and sweet guy, and i really enjoy our friendship and our chats on snapchat :) you're really funny and genuinely make me laugh so much.
Blahblahblahblah hi :) yeah we don't really know each other, but i've seen you around and I know you're friends w/ jeff so you must be pretty cool =]
jackyboy idk you personally but ik we have mutual friends so hmu. i'll get around to watching u on TBB eventually.
Alvino you've always been a ray of sunshine to me, you're sweet and..


🖤Pyn Compliment🖤

49 ashszoke, May 14, 2017

i'm bored and lowkey in a petty mood so i need to do something to brighten that up
(even if idk you or you don't think i like you feel free to comment, because ik there's good in everyone)
(yes i use the word sweetheart a lot, but that's not fake because literally if you go on call with me a lot you'll realize i love like everyone and call everyone a sweetheart)
#kaylabby i've never talked to you but i've seen you on tea brother, you seem like a cool person and i heard you were a good person
#nikitasha i've never spoken to you but i looked at your profile and you seem like a really sweet person, and i really like the "Everyone be kind and spread love❤️"
#deshonBANNEDISBACK i played vmr with you and you're such a really nice and iconic person, and you're always like super loyal to your allies and a super good game player
#absol omg icon, in trinity we were the only ones to show up for tribal and while i was on mute most of the time, you were able to keep the tribal entertaining and i probably wouldn't have been able to
#iybf you have this really outgoing personality and people always add you to chats and you seem to be friends with nearly everyone and unlike some tgers you seem to actually have fun outside of tg
#bigbrotherdonny you're such a sweetheart and i'm always happy to talk to you, we really need to talk more tbh because you're such a good person to talk to
#fighterman i feel like i've heard of you or spoken to you before but i can't remember at the moment, but i checked your games and god damn you are so good at them i wish i was that good
#acosta1539 OMG total sweetheart, i remember speaking to you in games a while ago and you were literally like the nicest person ever and i always hear good about you, we need to talk more
#s73100 ICON, i actually heard your voice for the first time tonight which was cool to me, i literally agree with almost everything you say, you have really good opinions and we really should talk more
#swadles one of my literal best friends, you were literally like my first ever f2 and close friend on this website and you're such a good person to talk to whether it's advice or general conversations
#deeannamorgan mom, i think you think i dislike you, but i actually don't, you're such a sweetheart and you seem to be liked by so many people and you played a fantastic winner game in sanctuary
#raonic i play so many games with you and you're really a great game player, we don't really talk a lot but from what i've seen you're a sweet person and a lot of people seem to like you and you never really seem to get into fights which is really good
#renny10 literally my best friend on here, you definitely know more about me and understand me more than anyone on here, you're seriously the nicest person ever and you literally get along with everyone (except like one or two people) and when there's fights you usually try to make peace and not get involved
#eliortiz1234 king, you're so nice and this..



10 lexibear, Mar 5, 2016

And i will say who my fave and least fave person is on your front page
Fave- kaylabby
Least- saftronbtr999
Fave- instagram
Least- jarjar2005
Fave- damo1990
Least - queenmichelle
Fave- #kaylabby
Least - hugatree343
Fave - guigi even tho shes a hoe
Least - bigbrotherdonny
Fave- blitzsims
Least- minie
Fave- brandt69
Least - maturo


Today was a success!

1 Delete2544, Mar 3, 2015

I gained hatred from thejoe, realityobsessed and #kaylabby (is she still banned idk)!!
loves drama lmao
goodnight tengaged! :)



0 TallaRejaei, Feb 22, 2015

finally #kaylabby finally got banned


fuck you guys for hurting her

0 Danny12, Jul 16, 2014

#kaylabby you dont want to die, you just want the pain to end. dont let this website affect you so much


Happy valentines day

3 alanb1, Feb 14, 2014

You guys deserve the love and recognition! You guys listen and care for me and many others. Without knowing you guys, I'd feel empty inside and I wouldn't know who to share my love with ♥ we could do nothing all day and it'll make my day c: I sincerely love all of you so much! God bless you and thank you for being there for me!
I can't think of any more ppl rofl bai


I'm Legitimately Thinking

14 Delete2544, Feb 6, 2014

of buying 2000-3000t$ so I can get a shop LMAO should I do it? :P
If this blogs gets 1000 points or makes it into the top 2 blogs, I WILL DO  IT LMAO
People I would probably gift if I got it:
and more!



0 Girllover101, Feb 5, 2014

#Kaylabby is PREGO AGAIN!
[2/5/14 11:23:56 PM] Justin :): :P
[2/5/14 11:23:58 PM] Justin :):  I dunno
[2/5/14 11:24:04 PM] Justin :): and tg is glitching like babys
[2/5/14 11:24:11 PM] ♥Haylee♥: lmfao!
[2/5/14 11:25:55 PM] Justin :): lol
[2/5/14 11:26:41 PM] ♥Haylee♥: I'm having a baby!
[2/5/14 11:27:14 PM] Justin :): LOL
[2/5/14 11:27:32 PM] Justin :): weren't you suppost to have one like, 3 months ago |-(
[2/5/14 11:28:06 PM] ♥Haylee♥: I did but, it was ugly so I throw it out the window!
[2/5/14 11:28:14 PM] Justin :): same.



4 Delete2544, Feb 4, 2014

Hey tengaged! I recently bought brown level, and now I'm almost able to buy black if I win a frookies!
People I hope will help-
and hopefully a few members of TT!
PYN if you could help, and what times are god for you!



4 Delete2544, Feb 4, 2014

Hey tengaged! I recently bought brown level, and now I'm able to buy black if I win a crookies!
People I hope will help-
and hopefully a few members of TT!
PYN if you could help!


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