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  19. Hosting a Pokemon Battle Royale Mini
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6thDec 28, 2017 by koolness234
And I will tell you what it will take for you to win stars or if you have already win again


#morebeastthanyou Probs go unnommed or play well in a semi popular cast. I like you but you are old tengaged and nowadays those votes can be hard to rally

#Eliotwhi Honey be glad you won cause it aint happening again. I love playing with you though so we can forever lose the rest of our stars together and just troll cast so lmk when you join

#titoburitto I think you have a good chance to win if you play a decent game like going up once or twice and there is no major popularity threat. However, your trend of randomly attacking popular users could backfire

#Notafraid Press enroll

#ethan000 shirtless poll box pic

#JetsRock12 Keep making those finals and one day I promise you will lift the trophy up my friend

#Arris Scope the cast out and once several popular people have join in alternating weeks join less chance of a major pop threat. Then dont create a flavor or go up a shit ton and you win. Also dont vlog I saw your tvivor audition video and by saw I mean a dark screen cause you filmed it in the dark

#ParvatiS Play some more dont expect to win your next couple unless you go unominated but I feel like once you get your name out there more just play till you get the right cast

#Obstreperous Stop those troll blogs lmao

#finklestein123 press enroll

#Brayden_ Try to become more accessible to the younger gays. Remember 15 year old gay bois control 90% of the votes. So post some catchy pop tunes. Do one of those ranking shits. Also for the love of god stop going up in double digits.

#RoboZoe Dont go up for 16th and I think you legit have a genuine chance. Also I know how you like to joke with people for fun. I find it hilarious but half the site doesnt. So just stop doing that for two weeks prior join win and then go back to making fun of everyone it worked for me

#ghrocky100 Keep hosting orgs and join in about 6 months. You will win if there isnt a major popularity threat which these days there are not many left

#steel Considering most of the site still thirst uncontrollably for your body and casper skin complexion just play and do well like you did last time. Then make another empty promise that you will take your shirt off like you did last time and enjoy the win

#Lemjam6 Dont join with me we like to work together and then someone fucks you over whenever I play with you

garrievans97 Stop that persona that you want to have sex with anything remotely attractive that moves despite you only ever fingering your asshole once in the shower when you were 13. If you stop that act then you could have a chance because eliminate the facade you are a nice and likable person. Also singing vlog

amf7410 Dont join with olivia

FighterMan Idk if that rednose is real or you still have multis but you aint ever winning looking like a cheater. Trust me I made bank with stars wins during the multi era and never once had a rednose. But sadly if you ever showed more than your bottom chin I think you might win easily with a big percentage

levonini Honestly I dont think you ever will. You just love to troll too much

MarieTori It might be hard considering 90% the site is easily offended and  the younger kids dont get your dry sarcastic sense of humor. I think inside the game you would easily win it just depends on if you can go a week without insulting someone. I know it will be hard because when I go a week without doing it I almost burst into flames

Mickiejames22 If you are the gif poster I think you are lay off those gifs for a while then play a couple to see how the game works

AustinRules6969 Sorry for skipping you hun but that doesnt bode well if people dont notice you in stars jk. I think you are a nice person I rarely ever see you be mean to people so it just would take a mediocre cast and then you could play well or go up everytime and win

etienne post those shirtless pics ive seen of you before french daddy and all the twinks will be lining up for you to fuck them and to vote you while you fuck them

baileyboy1 You probs wont win the next two you play but after that you will win regardless of how you play

bengalboy still waiting on you to join twice more and join #emmaleigh #cornelia #maggie and I in the 3 back to back winners club just press enroll hun

yoshitomi honey press enroll wash rinse repeat for 4 wins

darbe you are a really nice person and popular so you have a high chance of winning again. However you need a cast full of people who cannot get their shit together as your strategy is too be fake to as many people as possible till you dont need them. If you have a cast that isnt split into two sides and talks a lot you would be doomed.

Admir I feel like you would do well in many polls a mid range popularity threat not an extreme one however if flavored you could run away with it. However, I feel in the game you rely way too much on your friends in games you play and without them you could land yourself in hot water fast. Even I love you to death but would nom you early

WpwSers196 People do not hate you but I do not see you getting much attention on the site so you need to just vlog a little and then have a mediocre cast and go up once or twice

tennisplayer963 Seeing your record you just need to keep making those finals and eventually the poll will be in your favor.

sparky4444 Well first you need the right color level until then be nice in games and nice to everyone you meet and then join and you will win after a while

stary Idk hard to gauge your popularity best bet is to go unommed or go up late single digits

mradamman12 You need to focus on your in game strat you arnt hated popularity wise but by playing with you. When you get to late game you need to think 3 rounds in advance also you need to work on your lying

Thelogic Join with a premade of your friends make sure you arnt on the bottom you should make finals and perhaps win because some of your friends are not popular

goodkaren The right cast I know I have said that a lot above but it is all it takes. So just keep playing and refine your strategy to me you seem like someone that would play both sides well just pick the right one when the times comes

yoshicoolman Despite our previous argument I still like you and think you are a nice kid. I think you are so hungry for a win it shows. Try to fly under the radar and then also try to work on popularity outside the house by getting into dif skype chats

emmett4 Me and @#ity990 have talked about this but all it takes is there not to be a major pop threat in the game. You are not a bad player and smart you know when to be loyal and when to flip. However, I feel ad because the only reason you lose is because of massive pop threats without one you win easy

thumper91 You need to not go up a bunch you go up once early single digits then you are fine. Also no premades you are a mid-range pop threat someone who can win but someone the public can turn on fast if you dont play wisely

dash if this were old tengaged you would win easily. I do not think you will win because you would need to put yourself out there and have a different persona to get votes. I know you wont do this because the site is not your life. Maybe a vlog for the thirsty gay votes

splozojames50 People like you so just go up once vs someone unpopular around 8th or 7th and you should win unless like a diva1 is in the cast

brxan at this point multis are your best bet honey

eliserose go unominated I feel like this would be easy for you if you join with a close friend who wont nom you and you get control early

hwest14 join with unpopular people like levonini

temponeptune I cannot give you any advice you do not already know. It is honestly a shame that you have not won before.

Spicoli Join with me and I can make sure you go unommed


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wow ok i need this
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the nose is fake but aw thanks
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fighterman then you will need an avi change
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its as fake as these TITS MONA LISA EL PICARD LE TISH
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fighterman posting like that wont help you
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oh i got skipped
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What do I need to do??
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Lmao yas
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me koolness234
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me plz
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lol dsh
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Thanks babe, maybe one day I鈥檒l pull it out
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Sure :D
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Me please
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Me, mail me when you do it pls
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ok me if u get this far koolness234
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