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Hello, my name is the invisible woMAN


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Tengaged Life: 07/10/08 - Present (9 years? Why? 🤔)
Blog Making: 27/10/08 - Present (LOL :P)
Red Noses: 25/10/09 - 17/11/09, 10/04/17 - 11/04/17

Hungry Henna and her TV Antennas
by Pok3rf4ce.

There once was a girl called Henna,
Who liked to lick TV antennas,
She used her tongue,
To get BBC One,
So she could watch a show about Vienna

CASTINGS: Got 17th on 15/11/2010
ROOKIES: Finally got 1st on 04/04/2011

As for STARS:
STARS 28 #8591 - 15th!!
STARS 33 #8884 - 2nd!! =O
STARS 45 #9966 - 12th :)
STARS 307 #124396 - FIRST PLACE!? Tengaged be crazy! O_O

And for SURVIVOR...1 merge! So proud. :')

Apparently, people want me to describe myself here!

Well, I think the best way to understand me is to get to know me! :)
Pop me a mail sometime. =]

Hi, I'm Yoshi. =]

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