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Mail me a Questionvote Nov 15, 2018
imageAnd I'll post the answer on this blog without context.
This could be fun or a disaster 馃ぃ
Points: 25 1 comments
It's fun being in the future! Nov 10, 2018
It's Sunday here. 馃ぃ
Almost 2am.
I wanted an early night but I just couldn't sleep.
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I'm in Singapore Nov 8, 2018
Whoop ^_^
Points: 15 3 comments
Is No Nut November Nov 5, 2018
In support of nut allergy sufferers?
Because that's very sweet. 馃槉
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Ariana Grande Project (awkward coincidence) Nov 4, 2018
Tl:dr I'm going to listen to and rank all Ariana Grande songs up to 2018. Not giving myself a deadline but if you want to be tagged, comment below.
I am not caught up on popular artists and hit singles. Ariana Grande is an artists who I've heard of but didn't pay much attention to.
Then I heard a music review for Bang Bang where Jessie J is the "good girl" and Ariana is the "bad girl", and that seemed off.
Then I heard about Side to Side and based on all the implications, I didn't listen to it.
Still haven't.
But then I heard Into You. And I genuinely think her vocal is incredible in it. She is really talented.
Plus I've heard other songs of hers in shops and in bars and they've been pretty good. But I've not sought out her songs.
So I've decided I'm going to do some research and listen to all her songs. This includes:
- Her released singles
- Singles she's featured on
- Songs from her albums
Not sure about remixes. Will see as I go.
Probably won't be done until next year. So if you wanna read that, please comment. And maybe suggest other artists worth a deep dive. XD

Side note: This is only awkward because I was thinking about doing this yesterday then bam - new single came out.
Points: 42 10 comments
Opinion on the Halloween Event 2018 Nov 3, 2018
This event was not the first attempt at a Halloween Event.
3 years ago, Johneh asked me to host a Halloween Event. I was so hyped! And thus #SpiritOfHalloween was born.
Anyone saying this #Halloween2018 event was a disaster did not experience that mess.
I was promised a budget of 1000T$. Then as time went on, the budget went lower and lower and lower.
200T$ as a total for prizes. So I came up with the idea to do little events, enter all the winners into a raffle for a large portion of that prize.
Then on the day, do a lil Trick or Treat type thing.
Treat = T$ or a gift
Trick = -T$ or a short ban
All random and just for silliness. It didn't need to be a huge event, but I wanted something that anyone and everyone could take part in.
Most of my ideas got shot down so it was pretty tough to stay motivated.
Then the moderation chaos happened.
Well actually, first Johneh suddenly cancelled the event, but JustMe and BrandonPinzu contacted me to say they wanted to keep the event going. So we were going to head more in the -trick- direction.
Then Tengaged_Moderation got shut down.
Which officially killed the event.
All in all, events are difficult. Especially with this crowd.
I want to congratulate Admin for keeping their cool and actually keeping the event going. We need things like this.
But I would say an Event Coordinator should be separate from the Moderation.
Admin can administrate it, but let someone else manage it, both jobs are too much for one person, Randomize.
Remember the Jubbzy days? There was a T_Mod team and a games coordinator. And that was with a smaller community and less chaos.
Honestly, I was sad I wasn't asked to help with the event, but I understand why. My life is a mess right now.
Points: 69 5 comments