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A Collection of Moany Rants

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I'm on sedatives XD Mar 26, 2019
So this is a great time to ask me questions:
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Drained (health stuff, tmi blog) Mar 23, 2019
I have been coughing up blood. It started on my birthday last year.
Since then, it's randomly happened at least a dozen times, twice this past week.
I have/had stomach ulcers and don't have a why yet. But everytime I'm really stressed, blood comes out.
My GP pretty much said, "Just don't be stressed."
Gosh I wish it was that easy.
From an endoscopy last October, they deduced it wasn't a bacterial infection but at that point, the ulcers were almost healed.
So I guess they came back with vengeance? 🤷🏽‍♀️
But that's why I've barely been on these past few weeks and why I didn't start my charity, sorry if people were waiting for me 😖
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With the Moderation Drama... Mar 5, 2019
Just gonna point out that I'm not and never was on the Moderation team, wasn't offered a spot on the team either.
Which is fine, I've been quoted saying I don't want the role.
No one should -want- that role, it's an awful role and on top of that, it's unpaid work.
At my current job, they've decided to lump me with more responsibility; I'm an "expert" or a point of contact for a particular section of the product.
How awesome, that's something expected of a level 3 tech!
Except I'm a level 1 tech. So they're lumping me with the work of a level 3 tech with the pay of a level 1.
Yeah it's bull-poop.
The amount of work you have to do as a moderator to be able to monitor everything, spot the unreported things and to look into the reported things to make a fair judgement is time consuming. It's time consuming and draining because no matter what decision you make - even if it's fair - you'll get hated.
However no matter what people say, we NEED some form of moderation. Whether it's Randomize putting in some form of an automated moderation system, or people doing the role themselves, we need something.
As long as the site is 13+, we need something.
And even though I don't want the role (and don't understand why anyone would want it), if I was offered, I'd say yes. But part-time.
I don't care if I'm hated, I barely matter here anyway. If it breaks a rule, it breaks a rule, and that's how I'd view it. 🤷🏽‍♀️
If possible, if it is a subjective issue or something which is not so clear cut, would try and give the accused a chance to defend themselves...but it is difficult...not had that perspective to see how that would go....
EDIT: I guess if we had like a pre-ban like Quarantine Area where someone who would get banned has 24 hours to log into their account and plead their case to Moderation before being officially banned, would be interesting.
That's my rant.
Tl:dr I don't wanna be a mod, it's a hard role, but would take the role if offered.
Don't think I ever will be offered though. 🤣
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If I do a random TV Star Charity... Mar 4, 2019
I would do it next week since I have the week off work...almost...but still....
It would be a Crookies.
Would anyone join? 😅
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I wrote a rant about Stars Mar 3, 2019
But tbh, not gonna post it.
Instead, here's a song I'm jamming out to:
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Hmm... Feb 24, 2019
Where is a good place to take a 3 day holiday? 🤔
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