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  20. Real Talk
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  36. Question
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  38. Anyone play Magic The Gathering?
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Excuse me but... Jan 21, 2019
This blog is actually tea.
Points: 68 4 comments
*turns off personalised advertising* Jan 18, 2019
Me: But I've never ha-
Me: I...I don't smoke.
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🤷🏽‍♀️ Jan 17, 2019
Just so it's out there, you can call me Yoshi, Henna, Yoshitomi, that's all good.
But if you remove the Yo-omi and call me Shit (which is totally my real name), prepare to be reported!!
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Stress Sucks Jan 16, 2019
It's affecting my health and I need to do something.
I keep overthinking everything and it piles up.
I don't confront people because I overthink their reaction and end up talking myself out of it.
Then when I try to, it goes badly.
I get by, or rather, I got by.
But now it's crushing me.
Luckily, I am not so emotionally invested in this website anymore. It's just irl things which bog me down.
I need a life break...
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Throwing out a Hypothetical Scenario... Jan 14, 2019
Sihz wrote a blog a few days ago discussing Group Game T$ rewards.
The scenario is IF the rewards were reintroduced, which group games/which group game hosts do you think are fair and should legitimately be able to offer a T$ reward?
I have zero power and have not had a conversation with Rando. But it would be interesting to hear from the Group Game community. 🤔
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What's a good phone model? Jan 14, 2019
Yeah, I think I'm trying to get all my life advice on Tengaged. 🤦🏽‍♀️
But yeah, what is considered a good phone? 🤔
Points: 59 5 comments