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Jeffree Starvote Sep 23, 2018
I finally watched the Shane Dawson 5 part documentary series about the Secret Life of Jeffree Star.
I didn't watch it earlier because I had no idea who he is. I didn't grow up with MySpace and somehow missed him on YouTube.
I thought it was a fascinating series. It's crazy seeing the lifestyle of someone with so much money and he himself just seems like an intriguing person.
I just am not sure if I could watch an 8 part series about Jake Paul. I've still not watched Paul-content but NerdCity did a long video showing how crazy the whole family is. 😰
Anyone else seen it/interested in the Jake Paul series?
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I logged back on... Sep 21, 2018
Because something happened and I thought it would have been a funny blog.
Then I logged back in and forgot. 🤣
I'll blog it if I remember but enjoy this pointless blog. 👍🏽
Points: 417 5 comments
I'm Feeling Better... Sep 20, 2018
...Did I miss much? 🤔
Points: 37 3 comments
This Website is Big Sep 2, 2018
I know it can seem small but considering there's over 1000 users; that's a lot of people.
I'm a nobody and I'm irrelevant. Anyone can get a random top blog, it just takes the right blog at the right time...or incredible spammage skillz.
For everything happening irl and for my sanity, I should step away from this craziness of a website for a bit.
I'll be back by October to do something for my 10 years.
Toodles! 🙋🏽‍♀️
Points: 89 5 comments
Question Sep 2, 2018
Do you think we will have Tengaged without multies having a big impact again?
And if yes, how long do you think it will take?
Points: 94 6 comments
I just want to crawl into a hole... Sep 1, 2018
Do ever feel like that?
Points: 35 4 comments