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Sigh Apr 19, 2018
Today I came back from class and normally the first thing I do is take Duchess out so she can use the restroom and show off to her potential male dog suitors. However, today right when I got in I decided to give her a chicken finger and while I was wiggling it in front of her face she got super excited and pissed on a pair of my shoes. She then tried to snag the chicken finger out of my hand while I was cleaning up her mess.
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Does anyone Apr 18, 2018
Want to play League with me and Danger
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Sorry Apr 17, 2018
For all the people I have been ignoring the past few weeks. About to graduate grad school so I am more focused on that then skype and tengaged. Don’t worry I’ll be back to my same rage mla typing essay self soon
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Anyone Apr 14, 2018
Want to come live in NYC with me I need 2 other roommates for this apartment. Not a joke sisters its time to pack up your suitcases and take NYC with Koolness and Duchess
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The personal Apr 13, 2018
Biggest change I would like to see in stars, is if there is a tie then all those people go up. Meaning we could have vote to evict polls between 4 people or 3 people. That way we can really tell if votes tie.
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Cant wait to play stars tonight Apr 7, 2018
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