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lol i won my stars unnommed

7 coreyants, May 30, 2015

With a premade of koin, danielledonato, and eyoomarcus
supergoten, thumper91 & #jetsrock12 were part of the premade but didn't get in for the better probably. We even had a chat ;)
I mean to be honest though, bamold, vixanu, rob all had a premade as well lmao
Although it's different just because I got Will/Danielle/ seemlyrough to all go against Marcus the whole game and played both sides while both went after each others throats. We were not very "tight" like the OC and Marcus and I got paired together when it was my 3rd stars with Will LOL and I had been BFFs with Danielle longer.


Lucy :) Kerli < 333

3 NotAfraid, May 6, 2015

I'll post a name of a user I wish I knew less :
20 points: #Jetsrock12: He talks to me everyday and then bans himself and never speaks to me again ded rude :(
40 points: TotalDramaLover1234: He's a great friend almost too great that whenever he asks me to plus a design (which I hate) I almost can't refuse cuz I feel bad and I hate it.
60 points: sprtsgy1989: what can I say?  He always mixes up my words and confuses me and then I can't tell if it's 1 in the morning or 1 in the afternoon.
80 points: #sihz: *see Jets* I'm pretty sure they got banned to avoid me =[
100 points: alanb1: I mean come #browquality more like #cowquality


The Fav Twist Season 1 Memoribilia

0 crazybone5000, Feb 1, 2015

In 4th Position with 0 votes is.... GentleManG
In 3rd Position with 0 votes is.... Lemjam6
In 2nd Position with 2 votes is.... JetsRock12
16th= MeDuncan 51.6% #JetsRock12 #Favourites
15th= Halloween 64.7% #GentlemanG #Non-Favourites
14th= Stary 59.0% #NickThePaperBoy #Favourites
13th= Lachie227 52.8% #KrisStory #Others       
12th= Zbase4 51.8% #StoopKid95 #Players       
11th= KrisStory 50.0% #SemajDude #Players       
10th= BrenLa 50.9% #TheSexiestDude990 #Favourites
09th= BoneWorks 53.3% #StoopKid95 #Players       
08th= TheSexiestDude990 50.4% #SemajDude #Favourites       
07th= Bamold1999 54.4% #Lemjam6 #Non-Favourites
06th= SemajDude 57.6% #JetsRock12 #Non-Favourites       
05th= StoopKid95 53.3% #GentlemanG #Others #Favourites
04th= GentleManG 00.0% #Non-Favourites
03rd= LemJam6 00.0% #Players
02nd= JetsRock12 45.0% #Others
01st= NickThePaperBoy 75.0% #Others #Favourites


THG - Tengaged

13 Imthtawesom, Dec 26, 2014

Ok so I thought like all brants you could just post the link to the season so others could see it but I guess not? lol? So I'll just put the basics sorry hens!
24th - Cocoabean 0 kills (lost in a fight to #Jetsrock12)
23rd - Steel 0 kills (died of starvation(in the bloodbath?))
22nd - KatnissEverdeen 0 kills (Tracked and killed by #Survivorfreak13 & #Jinxh)
21st - Somebodyawesome 0 kills (Tracked and killed by #Survivorfreak13, #Imtht, #owlb0ned & #Ashleybaby)
20th - Jinxh 1 kill (Stabbed in the back by #Jetsrock12)
19th - Notafraid 0 kills (Stabbed by #Lotus in her sleep)
18th - Milkisgood 0 kills (Speared by #Aquamarine)
17th - Stering_Butter 0 kills (Shot in the head by #Aquamarine)
16th - Darktyphoon23 0 kills (Set on fire by #Austinrules6969)
15th - Sihz 0 kills (Decapitated by #Lotus)
14th - MelloJello 0 kills (Died from infection)
13th - NoelSarah 0 kills (Drowned in the night by #Survivorfreak13 & #Bamold1999)
12th - Imthtawesom 1 kill (Killed in a fight with #Ashleybabyx3)
11th - RobertGuajardo 0 kills (Fell into a pit and died)
10th - Lotus 2 kills (Head bashed in by #Austinrules6969)
9th - Buddyalc 0 kills (Shot in the head by #Ashleybabyx3)
8th - DaniD 0 kills (Drowned in the night by #Survivorfreak13 & #owlb0ned)
7th - Survivorfreak13 4 kills (Fell into a pit and died)
6th - Austinrules6969 2 kills (Stabbed in the back by #Aquamarine)
5th - owlb0ned 2 kills (Died of starvation)
4th - Jetsrock12 2 kills (Killed by bees)
3rd - Aquamarine 3 kills (Ate poison berries on accident)
2nd - Bamold1999 1 kill (Killed in a fight with #Ashleybabyx3)
1st - Ashleybabyx3 4 kills


Guess the User 3/10

15 NotAfraid, Jul 26, 2014

"$23.50" correct answer: Sexgoddx
A) Etienne
B) #Jetsrock12
C) Milkisgood
D) Shadowballer000
panda13 =2 points
TheSexiestDude990 = 2 points
KittytheEmolga = 1 point
_teemo_ = 1  point
saraj10 = 1 point



45 RoseMaria, Jul 15, 2014

And I'll post if I like you or not and my favorite memory or what memory sticks out most about you.
#JetsRock12 - LOL oh fuck I do like you! I remember me disliking you because I feel like I never know if you want to work with me or not in games! I always see your ass in stars every 6 weeks LOL but its cute ily. My favorite memory is becoming friends with you again. I think we were in a frooks and I had no other choice but to stop being a cunt to you and make up LOL glad we're friends now! Wish we talked more :)
#Mradamman12 - Im indecisive when it comes to you :X I don't really know you but your avi is cute so I feel like you have to be cute yourself! My favorite and only memory is us playing a frooks together. I'm pretty sure you evicted me though but shoot me a PM some time ;)
#Jenniferr - LOL I fucking love you!! You are so crazy though, but I'm a crazy bitch myself! We are always a hit or a miss! My favorite memory is any frooks that involved you callling out anyone else besides me because you seriously crack me up!! ♥
#Bowling4fun - I remember when you would be in fastings ALL THE TIME LOL you were such a cute noob then got designs out of no where. I love you because you always comment on my blogs :) You seem like a real sweetheart! I don't really know you though! My biggest memory is seeing you pop into all those fastings!
PurpleCows - LOL LOVE YOU. My favorite memory of you is back stabbing you in that hunger!! LOL I'm sorry but it was so funny. You're the biggest sweetheart! 2nd fave memory is us twerking frooks ;)
BengalBoy - Ugh Love! You're seriously so fucking adorable that you could be like some greek god. And you're probably the funniest person thats walked this planet besides myself, Olympia and Ohhayy. My favorite memory is whenever you made that blog about me telling you to get gay or get out LOL I feel like you should sit there and send shirtless pictures to me 24/7 or moan to me the alphabet on call til I jack off and fall asleep. Whenever you decide that you're a raging top homosexual and you need to get a lot of aggression out hit me up bby and I'll be in the UK asap xx LOL JK but in all seriousness I fucking love you and I'm glad you're still on here because you always crack me the fuck up! ♥
#Ethan000 - I don't really know about you! :X I don't dislike you! You're great at vetos and I remember you being in like the rebels or some frat like that maybe you were in the melissasinclair29's crew? You're a great frookies player and I'm glad that you're still on the site cause I feel like we're both kind of not OLD tengaged but a little older than these newbies ;)
#sosyomomma - I LOVE YOU!! You're a real sweetheart I devote my little life to you next game we play because I back stabbed you so bad last frooks. I dont really remember you before that though! I love seeing you blog though LOL You're a great game player though! :) I hope we can play another game soon so you..


Accurate Ratings?

1 NotAfraid, Feb 23, 2014

AJ @(#JetsRock12)> Brian ( cfff) > Everyone > JoshGotti > Gabbie ( NotAfraid)


Stars Jury House #4

6 JetsRock12, Oct 10, 2012

#Jetsrock12 and Lucinda are making out on the couch while SexGoddx is still hiding from the hide and seek game from yesterday and @Karim is fixing lunch. @Karim walks into the livingroom and starts to talking*
Karim- So.. Any minute someone will walk though the door. Who do you think it will be?
*Jets and Lucinda stops making out*
Lucinda- To be honest. Im gonna say that Superman11 is going to walk through those doors becuase he was nomianted against G1ng4
Jets- Same tbh
*Sex gives up on the hide and seek game and walks into the livingroom*
Sex- I dont give a fuck. Just not Jamie.
* Monomial walks through the door and drops bag*
Lucinda- hahahaha
Karim- Lol. What happened?
Taylor- Well... They nominated me against Schmooboy and i was evicted by average percent.
Sex- Good
Jets- Lol. Im glad. Finally that nomianted on day 1 got out .. Oh wait *Looks at Karim*
Lucinda- Well... This game is full of fuckfaces.. I just wish i could leave this place forver.
Sex- Btw. Im awesome at hide and seek.. Right guys?
*We all nod*
Sex- Wanna play again?
Karim- No no..
Sex- Fine then what?
Jets- Umm.. We can just sleep cuz im tired.
Lucinda- Sure me and Jets share a bed ;)
*We all go our seperate ways besides Jets and Lucinda*

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