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[MOD] Colour Levels Update + Payouts

1stApr 3, 2021 by brandonpinzu
Hi Tengaged!

As you likely know, one of my recent blogs announced that new colour levels will be coming to Tengaged. These levels will be implemented tomorrow, Sunday, April 4th. The time that they will be implemented is unclear as it will depend on when randomize finalizes the coding. However, I received confirmation from him a few hours ago that they will be in the set of updates that are coming tomorrow. I can also confirm that with those updates, there will be an update to games payouts. Let's dive into some of the stuff that will be coming.

                                          Colour Level Karma Requirements

After I announced the new colour levels (along with the requirements to purchase them), a large discussion occurred about whether these were reasonable/attainable. I want to say here that the moderation team (myself, koolness234 and CheapCheep) would never recommend something that we thought Tengaged would not enjoy. We listened to your feedback and a discussion with randomize occurred. I can confirm that he has agreed to alter the karma requirements for the levels. Here are the updates:

As you'll notice, the first two (Super Gold and Platinum) have largely been reduced for users to have the ability to attain these a bit quicker. The others have remained higher (although been decreased by 5000 each). We agreed that this curve struck a balance between higher ranked users having something to strive for, while also allowing users who are lower ranked to not feel as if it is entirely impossible.

I recognize some of you may still view these as high requirements + expensive (on the T$ side of things), but I hope you recognize that this is a large step in the right direction based on the feedback that was provided.

                                          Updated Games Payouts for Week-Long Games

In addition to this, there have been some alterations for the games payouts for week-long games. Here are the games that have changed:

NOTE: The only payouts reflected in the table are the ones that changed. The payouts for the other games (and the placements for these games that are not listed) can be found in the FAQ.

I understand this means there are still no changes to games that (in my opinion) still need updating, such as frookies and fastings. However, just know that we hear you on this and will continue to take things into consideration.

Overall, I hope this is noted as a large step in the right direction based on the feedback that users have provided since the announcement. As always, let us know if you have any questions. I'll tag some people below who were vocal about this in the last few days.

(sorry if I'm missing someone, literally doing it off of memory)

Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 3, 2021
thank u for reducing gold
Sent by Darbe,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by DrDevious,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by PureEssence,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by BBlover96,Apr 3, 2021
okay thats better
Sent by 7unarEclipse,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by CutieAmy,Apr 3, 2021
120 karma for slow rookies... oh my
Sent by smi9127,Apr 3, 2021
but did you tell him to change holographica to this
Sent by smi9127,Apr 3, 2021
Claims egg
Sent by jhelsdon2478,Apr 3, 2021
120K + 70 T$... the gag
Sent by Slice,Apr 3, 2021
Omg 50k for survivor yes
Sent by hwest14,Apr 3, 2021
Oh m mmyesssmmmm
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Absol,Apr 3, 2021
This is the best update we have ever had
Sent by Marwane,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by konohavillage1,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by christossss,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Apr 3, 2021
Holy shit
Sent by KrisStory,Apr 3, 2021
Yasssss a step in the right direction
Sent by BryanXx,Apr 3, 2021
Omg yes to the slow castings updates yes to all of it
Sent by Crocadilly,Apr 3, 2021

But someone should talk to rando and tell him to change that wacky super gold to metalic green and platinum to pink
Sent by bayonetta,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Drewds,Apr 3, 2021

BY THE WAY, I just read this comment in my casting that you guys might wanna think about regarding the Holographica color level, idk if something could be done about it at this point but...

FireX 8 min ago
Indeed i am johnny

Also sihz ill never be able to buy thag 1st 1. Even if i got to it i cant look at it long due to my epilepsy
Sent by sihz,Apr 3, 2021
oh we're still getting chromatica.....
Sent by turkeylover,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by whitneyice178,Apr 3, 2021
Castings winner payout update >>>  everything else tbh
I’m gonna be so bored in like 1500 karma tho
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Apr 3, 2021
Thank you for listening :)

brandonpinzu @koolness cheapcheep
Sent by unkown,Apr 3, 2021
will the payouts updates affect currently running castings?  asking this specific to me lol
Sent by noah_kondon,Apr 3, 2021
super gold isnt good. plz do the pink one instead so its not a repeat
Sent by PaulaDeen,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by stuartlittle16,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Apr 3, 2021
do the pink one instead of the gold one pls.....
Sent by Petro,Apr 3, 2021
I hate the radical left
Sent by MmabatlokoaMolefe,Apr 3, 2021
MUCH BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

also i agree dump gold for pink xo
Sent by lemonface,Apr 3, 2021
omg I need to win some week long games
Sent by Jaxon,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Kaylabby,Apr 3, 2021
new payouts are amazing
Sent by Raiden,Apr 3, 2021
they really changed the new payouts to one day after my crooks win

sad rowjone
Sent by rowjone,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by ZEEnon,Apr 3, 2021
What about fastings....
Sent by David2560,Apr 3, 2021
People will kill to win rookies now
Great changes
Sent by Matte,Apr 3, 2021
So stars, which is a game where people can win without good gameplay gets a 66% boost
but hunger, where there’s almost 2x the people to beat and needs skill and strategy only gets an extra 14%?
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Jameslu,Apr 3, 2021
I approve
Sent by Zeptis,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by ItsAustin,Apr 3, 2021
Honestly the survivor payout kinda didn't need to be changed, 40k was already a ton considering half the game got it and now it'll be even more. just a minor thing but i dont think it needed to be changed
Sent by GiGi10,Apr 3, 2021
will platinum have the rainbow colour in the middle or plat colour like in ur OG blog brandonpinzu?
Sent by FighterMan,Apr 3, 2021
Sorry, that's an oversight on my part. The one in this blog is the old version. The real colour level will be the one in my last blog FighterMan
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by _Matt,Apr 3, 2021
Could you all make the fastings like they were on Tengaged Brazil? I remember on there they would give Karma and t's for 1st through 9th place. i think it was like 1 karma for 9th place, 2 karma for 8th place, 3 karma for 7th place, 4 karma for 6th place, 5 karma for 5th place, then 6 karma for 4th place. Then I think it gave 20 karma for 1st place, 10 for 2nd place, and like 8 for 3rd place. It was something like that.
Sent by Megan,Apr 3, 2021
Stars will now be unattainable for those not well endowed with karma. brandonpinzu literally the only good game is now without use to me. I SUCK at shitty flash games. :(
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Apr 3, 2021
This is way better thank you
Sent by Quas,Apr 3, 2021
I still think it’s a joke however that they are named after a lady Gaga album
Sent by Quas,Apr 3, 2021
i feel like the changes are more fair now i do
Sent by Hunty,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Aquamarine,Apr 3, 2021
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 3, 2021
I negged because you’re making karma so easy to get and the new color levels easy to get
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 3, 2021
Add some green static to chromatica
Sent by Girllover101,Apr 4, 2021
i feel like tv star should still be the last level.  that is just,e and mah silliness tho
Sent by Zuelke,Apr 4, 2021
jk i just realized that idea is stupid!
Sent by Zuelke,Apr 4, 2021
wow the new payouts are good!
Sent by OkSteven,Apr 4, 2021
now update our karma to match those payouts...smh at me winning a casting a couple months ago for only 40 karma...
Sent by NicoleF,Apr 4, 2021

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