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Ricochet Season 1, Ep 7 "Horizon"

Apr 28, 2019 by aria_grande

Main characters:
Kimmy Mcfallen, aria_grande
Rose-Maria Ortiz, rosemaria
Olivia, saskiarae
Oli Grubb,  mrpokeguy9
Nox,  colincoco
Eli Ortiz, rosemaria
Summer Whitner, tizian

Also starring:
Michelle So, tizian
Matthew Barnish, mbarnish1
Billy,  bvance1212
Saskia, saskiarae

Secondary characters/Guest stars:
Trixie Rose
Keizo Toru foxy_piplup

NPC/ Cynthia: Stabbed several times and bled to death (Episode 2)
bigbrother10101/ Michael Groves: Devoured (Episode 3)
NPC/ Callum: Fell off a falling building. Died from internal bleeding (Episode 5)
Aria_grande/ Annabelle Ramsey: Suicide after being surrounded by a horde of walkers. (Episode 5)
munchies/ Xavier *Munchies* Much: Devoured (Episode 5)
NPC/ Luella Camson: Shot in the head by Eli (Episode 6)

Episode 7 (Horizon):


Everyone from the cast is sitting on a table all drinking away and eating. They all share smiles and all look like they are having a good time.

Saskia: Please rise for the marriage of Olivia and Billy.

Everyone rises as the two enter the room and sit down on a red velvet couch. Billy puts an arm around Olivia as they share a kiss. Everyone smiles and claps for them as they all sit down back on their chairs

-End scene-

Back in the present, the group in the school are in the cafeteria while Michelle is making them all some food.

Eli: So everyone, any ideas what we do for the next couple of days?
Matthew: I dont know but it sure is boring here, it seems like we are waiting around for something to fight.
Eli: You have a point but really there isnt unless you want to go on the streets a bit, kill some more zombies.
Matthew: Its risky but well it would pass the time a bit and reduce the risk of a large attack of zombies at the school.
Eli: You have a valid point, but make sure you dont get bitten.
Matthew: I wont, i assure you. But i think we should only take the knives with us and not any guns, so it dont attract any other zombies cause if we do, then we have a problem on our hands.
Eli: Hmm, yea. We will go after we have eaten as it will give us the energy to kill some more.

As they start to talk about food, Michelle brings out several plates of food and places them infront of them.

Michelle: Here you go.

As Michelle finishes talking they eat up their rations quickly leaving Michelle to eat alone as the others watch her.

Michelle: So, Matt, Eli you gonna go now, or wait a bit.
Eli: Now, we wont be long though.
Michelle: Thats fine.

-End scene-

A group of around 6 are heading towards the school which is only around a mile away from them. The 'alpha male' of the group, Keizo is at the front with the others not far behind him, he wields a katana which he slashes through the air as he walks. A girl approaches him who has a map of the city and the surrounding areas in her hands.

Woman: If we take another hour up this way, we should be there.
Keizo: Good good, hopefully we can hurry up as i think we are all becoming tired.
Woman: Yeah we all are. Hopefully we can find a group to settle into as well i cant be bothered to rise another one up after the other place we made up.
Keizo: Agreed, if we look back at the map, there is a school up ahead maybe there is survivors there.
Woman: Good idea, we should make there by nightfall if we hurry.

The group pick up their stuff and go into a fast walk across the desolate roads.

-End scene-

Olivia and Billy are sitting in Billy's room talking about what happened a few nights ago. Knowing that they need to tell each other their feeling they lie in bed with each other just stareing at each ones face.

Billy: Well, this is kind of awkward. Right?
Olivia: Yea, especially after the nights we have had, TOGETHER.
Billy: Your right, but we need to talk about us. Cause honestly i dont know if its sustainable, in the circumstances.
Olivia: I agree, but honestly i think we should keep going, Keep strong. With each other, maybe?
Billy: What, we gonna be the next power couple then?
Olivia: Yea king of. If you want.

Olivia tucks the covers behind her reaching to Billy giving him a quick kiss on the neck.

Olivia: Does that seal the deal? For you?
Billy: I guess so.
Olivia: I knew you would come around.
Billy: I hate the fuck out of you sometimes, you just make me do some crazy stuff or be around crazy people.
Olivia: You talking about Saskia? Cause i get you.
Billy: I meaning you. Your the crazy one.

Billy and Olivia burst out laughing with each other and ending the laughter with another kiss.

-End scene-

Rose is sitting in the corner of the cafeteria imagining about her husband and how hes getting on. A nervous Kimmy walks upto her offering a hand.

Kimmy: You ok?

Rose shrugs her off turning to the side.

Kimmy: Guessing your missing Eli?
Rose: If you say so.

Rose edges away from Kimmy wanting to be alone away from her for a bit.

Kimmy: Its fine to be missing him. But guess what?
Rose: Hmm?
Kimmy: Hes fine.
Rose: Howd you know?
Kimmy: Because hes amazing and well you should know him well enough to know that hes not dead.
Rose: You have a point but still what if?
Kimmy: What if we die tomorrow? What if there is a cure tomorrow? Every situation there is one but you need to forget about it and live life yourself and not think about others.
Rose: Bit selfish, dont you think?
Kimmy: No because if your like this, Eli's wishes wont be fulfilled. He wanted you to be the badass bitch you are. Now get your fat ass up and slay some zombies.
Rose: Thanks but let me think some more.
Kimmy: If you say so.

-End scene-

Keizo's group finally reaches the school and they watch on to see it looking quite clean and well maintained. Keizo is the first to reach the entrance of the school.

Keizo: Guys stay back for a second.

Keizo heads to one of the windows checking the inside of the school seeing that there is several people working inside fixing up some windows. Keizo bangs on the windows hoping to get in.

Keizo: Hello, please let us in.

His plea captures the attention of Michelle who is weary on letting them in.

Michelle: Hmm, ok. Your not bitten, Are you?
Keizo: No i swear we are not. But please help us.

Michelle walks to the entrance of the school and lets them into the school.

Michelle: Welcome, and your names?
Keizo: Im Keizo. Please we have supplies but just let us in.

-end scene-

Thoughts on episode
Favourite Character and why
Least Favourite and why
Any potential deaths could you see happening in the finale?
Thoughts on Keizo's group joining the school group?
How do you feel that Rose-maria's remorse will affect her as time goes on.



rose might die
keizo nox oli and more
wow foxy_Piplup is in the story
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