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Mail Me saying you plussed this blog

1stJun 12, 2021 by SmoothStalker12
Then I will give you the name of a tengager and you will come back to this blog to write what you think about that person in the comments without mentioning their name.

Do NOT tag the person you are given, that takes away the fun.

NOTE: I will not be saying who has who, but I will release a list at the end of all the people mentioned *********************8

As a reminder.
1. You plus this blog and send me a mail
2. I will mail you a name of a TGer
3. You will then comment your opinion on them ON THIS BLOG, WITHOUT TAGGING THEM
4. The end.

You can mail me multiple times if you'd like! I need a top blog for health and don't want to do a bland PYN blog


i negatived
Sent by Christian_,Jun 12, 2021
A very nice and interesting guy, he is very underrated in here and i know him since i joined tengaged, hopefully one day he'll get notoriety in here
Sent by Mrkk,Jun 12, 2021
Someone that I respect a lot. I think he's very loyal and he's always been nothing but kind to me!
Sent by woeisme,Jun 12, 2021
I love him. He’s a good friend of mine and gave me some really great advice. He also helped me (and continues) through a really tough time.
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Jun 12, 2021
Kinda unpopular opinion maybe, but I really like him, he is always loyal to me in games, and I always like working with him! Generally very underrated
Sent by Elian,Jun 12, 2021
He's super nice, I'm glad we've gotten to know each other in games ,and as people. I always trust him when we play together.
Sent by Tryphena,Jun 12, 2021
Bestie <3
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jun 12, 2021
Such an amazing guy, he's super kind, easy to talk to and a great laugh. We have a lot of common interests and he's just lovely!! PS very hot too
Sent by Tommeh208,Jun 12, 2021
Someone who came back this year with a vengeance. I admire this legend so much and wish nothing but the best. Recently robbed in a stars and still going strong I know they will eventually win soon. Hilarious and a total meme
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jun 12, 2021
That's my favourite tengager , we just hit a year of friendship and yeah he's just so strong and amazing in literally every way , a real brotherly figure !
Sent by J2999,Jun 12, 2021
He can be an extreme person in games, but probably one of my new faves, i got to talk on call with and definitely has some intriguing 18+ stories ^,*
Sent by FlamingJojo,Jun 12, 2021
Such a sweetheart and a great stars ally. He’s always hyping me up and I recently played a game with him where he was rooting for me so hard even though it was a charity for someone else. Just a downright cool dude and I’m so blessed to know him
Sent by tennisplayer963,Jun 12, 2021
LOL i think this person will know it's about them...

this is said ALL THE TIME but it can't be overstated how nice, genuine, and caring this girl is... she has a way to make anyone feel comfortable and you just know you can trust her... and obviously nobody hypes me up more so maybe im biased x

also very underrated gameplayer... she's legit a BOT... watch out for this one!
Sent by lemonface,Jun 12, 2021
This person is hilarious to the core, the unstable this person brings is gold comedy, they are extremely underestimated and proved time and time again how strong of a game player they really are, aside from the culty friend group, they can easily socialize with people to further their game

Love them lots
Sent by Hisoka,Jun 12, 2021
I love him! He's the only person who checked on me after finding out I slipped back into substance abuse despite being close friends with the people who I had just pissed off royally. Very good friend, great guy overall.
Sent by Thnksfrthmmrs,Jun 12, 2021
Oh such a king. I really care about him and idk if he knows how much I do! he avoided calling me before so idk if he really wants to take our friendship to that level but I'll always support him no matter what.
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Jun 12, 2021
Really kind person who gets a bad wrap.  She does anything for her friends but also isn't afraid to be outspoken and put her 2 cents into a situation even to her own detriment.
Sent by quackattack817,Jun 12, 2021
I'm so glad she's finally getting the recognition she DESERVES on here. She has always been super nice to chat with, and a great ally in games. QUEEN
Sent by Jujubee,Jun 12, 2021
Oh this guy is one of my favourites on the site! I am always grateful for the kindness he shows me! He is someone I met in my early days of Tengaged and has always supported me even though we haven’t been in many games together! ❤️
Sent by Becksta20,Jun 12, 2021
Solid guy that I've known for years. He always dissappears and randomly shows up again, but he's always someone I can count on in games and is good to chat with.
Sent by woeisme,Jun 12, 2021
OMG absolute QUEEN and probably my favourite female on this website. she gives the best advice and she's always so caring and genuine I just love her so. ppl hate on her so hard for no reason just bc of who shes linked to but id die for her
Sent by lexeyjane,Jun 12, 2021
This guy is a king. One of my oldest friend in this website and even though we have been distant lately due to some personal issues I still have a lot of love for him.
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Jun 12, 2021
I met her in a casting a few months ago and she is a very sweet person! Very laid back and I enjoyed our convos that we had. I hope we get to play together again someday, even though she doesn't play games much.
Sent by chad123,Jun 12, 2021
one of the nicest people here on TG, period. he helps me so much in games and has always been an ally of mine. he’s a really close friend of mine and through our conversations, i really do consider him a father figure. i appreciate him so much and i’m glad i’ve met him
Sent by abstractjay,Jun 12, 2021
a LOVELY old friend of mine who I sadly don’t talk to as much as before :/ but there was a time where I called her every single day and she was my best friend on TG so I still have sooooo much love in my heart for her!!! we may have drifted apart but she will always be one of my best friends ever from this site. literally love her sooooo much :))))
Sent by etaco75,Jun 12, 2021
he was actually on my first game ever here, and he was so thoughtful all the time, clearing all my doubts, he helped me a lot and he still does it, he's a truly kind person, i love that about him, thank you so much for all the support that you gave me <3
Sent by Thiii,Jun 12, 2021
a literal QUEEEEN. even tho im sad w e don't talk as much anymore like we did back then and you sort of left your old friend group for a new one
Sent by ParvatiS,Jun 12, 2021
an ICON. i know you used to be close with iamremedy and he used to always tell me great things about you and say how iconic you were and he was right. you are sooooo nice and im happy we are in a group chat together
Sent by ParvatiS,Jun 12, 2021
Oh, literally one of the nicest people on this site. She's so sweet and nice and is just so under-rated. I wish a lot more people were like her.
Sent by Yawnha,Jun 12, 2021
We’re friendly and I enjoy talking to him! We aren’t super close but we do talk sometimes and we are in similar friendship groups (kind of). His crazy persona isn’t really a thing anymore which I like. He’s great when he’s chill.
Sent by Singsongers,Jun 12, 2021
used to be one of my best friends on here, i enjoyed talking to him sm + we were involved in the same friend groups but we both went inactive for a REALLY long time (about 3 years for me) and kinda fell off after that; i feel the same way abt a lot of people i used to talk to on this site tbh. still love them though and i hope all is well <3
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Jun 12, 2021
omggg my brother's former t-best friend... i still can't wait for us 3 to show up at coachella together wearing dolce & gabbana we've been planning this for YEAARs. she's one of the sweetest people on tengaged ever i love her and i miss playing games with her so much especially survivor
Sent by ParvatiS,Jun 12, 2021
One of my favorite people and closest friends on this site, a literal icon. The one person I think is absolutely hilarious when uninhibited, I’m so glad to have met him here no matter how much he makes fun of me. A real woman and lady
Sent by FromAWindow,Jun 12, 2021
Oh gosh. I love this queen. I sincerely wish i had met her sooner and interacted more with her before recently. Her friendship is so pure and genuine. i know that she always would go above and beyond for her friends in games, like she did for me. Shes one of the few people i would sacrifice myself for if it came down to it. Love you mom.
Sent by Kaylabby,Jun 13, 2021
thank you lemonface
Sent by Irelia,Jun 13, 2021
I love him
Sent by Bertinho,Jun 13, 2021
A Queen, i love her, she is Nice and great player, she promised me a gift I'm waiting....
Sent by Bertinho,Jun 13, 2021
I’ll plus but meh too much work
Sent by BBlover96,Jun 13, 2021
they wish they could twerk like me. They are a hoe and a skank.
Joking! I love them and one of my oldest friends here. Really nice and everyone should know this person! Also a victim of LB
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Jun 13, 2021
This girl is so sweet to me. A mutual friend suggested we stick together this week and I’m glad we did. She is very kind and I hope I get the chance to see her around some more
Sent by cwmoon,Jun 13, 2021
You're so kind and patient with me which is rare on this site. I also think your blogs are super funny and even though they sometimes don't get the attention they deserve, I always read them and plus them for you <3
Sent by Black_Wave,Jun 13, 2021
truly one of the greatest on this site. we've grown a part, have different priorities but whenever we do talk it's always like where we left off. she'll always have a special place in my heart and i truly do think so highly of her. cannot fault her at all
Sent by Lachie227,Jun 13, 2021
She's a queen. Haven't known her very long but she truly is an icon. Very kind, compassionate and generous. She's also a total badass and a force to be reckoned with in games! A totally lovely person, a great friend and she is much, much stronger than she knows :)
Sent by Tommeh208,Jun 13, 2021
These opinions could be for anyone ???? Plus not sure anyone would read through all these comments and say "oop that could be for me, oop that one could be for me too"
    - you should consider tagging people who the opinions are about and then at least those people have a game to figure out..
Sent by Tyler93,Jun 13, 2021
Once the blog expires I release the list of names in a randomized order list- if I were to tag the people throughout the day it would make it too obvious as to who commented about the people tagged tyler93
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Jun 13, 2021
Yes completely agree. Okay that's good you have that covered :) the part in your blog that says "I will not be releasing or leaking any names" made me think otherwise. But good on ya.
Sent by Tyler93,Jun 13, 2021
Stop I love him so much.
There are very few ppl who have impacted my real life from this site but he and I share so many good memories. We literally check in here and there but I swear I get sooo happy when we do chat. I’m not kidding when I say he might be one of the best friends a person can ask for honestly.
Sent by RiDsTeR,Jun 13, 2021
LMAO irelia ofc bby!
Sent by lemonface,Jun 13, 2021
tyler93 literally me reading these😂😭
Sent by Kaylabby,Jun 13, 2021
It’s weird because I usually don’t get really close to people in a short period of time, but with this user that wasn’t the case and we have just been close friends ever since we started talking again. I value our friendship a lot and I think they’re a great person who a lot of people can count on.
Sent by GentlemanG,Jun 13, 2021
I LOVE THIS PERSON! one of the funniest people i know and their trolling never ceases to make me laugh. really great and loyal friend, super glad we have gotten closer in the last year. never would have thought this person and i would have been friends a few years ago but i'm so happy we started talking and have a lot in common! legend
Sent by PureEssence,Jun 13, 2021
I honestly really this man so much he always finds a way to make me smile whether if he's flirting with me which I'm not gonna he's very attractive or if he's bringing my confidence level up I really adore him and I am so thankful he's in my love I love him so much and honestly want his babies hehe ☺️😁
Sent by Maddog16,Jun 13, 2021
Sent by Maddog16,Jun 13, 2021
Sent by Maddog16,Jun 13, 2021
Literally a king I love him one of the best ppl on this site and always positive I've never seen them mad and they kinda helped me get better at these Soni am thankful
Sent by DripTeejay,Jun 13, 2021
I’m literally obsessed with this person. We met in ORGs actually and he instantly became my #1 ally. We relate to each other on so many things and work so well together. I’m so thankful to have met him and consider him one a bestie
Sent by Kentuckyy,Jun 13, 2021
Me and her go way way back at this point. She always made me laugh on calls and I really miss those days where we just played Minecraft for hours and hours yelling at each other but having so much fun. She reminds me of the good old days on here and I’m so happy to see her thriving in real life!
Sent by smi9127,Jun 13, 2021
Oh gosh, we used to be so close back in the day. He really is misunderstood, but like, if you get to know him, he's such an amazing guy. He cares deeply for his friends, so deeply, that even when we went a few years without talking, it was just about life when we did talk. To have someone so happy to talk to you and be friends with you, ah, it just speaks to how much of a light he is. I know he's been having a rough go at things, but I hope he knows how incredible he is and how loved he is. Love you <3
Sent by turney1805,Jun 13, 2021
No matter what anyone says about him, I really like him. He's a good friend who doesn't deserve any negs. I like how he participates in my blog games a lot and I enjoy playing games with him <3
Sent by Tester,Jun 13, 2021
I love her so much, such a pure and great soul. Super cute too. I just wish she wasn’t so hard on herself sometimes because she’s a great person and friend :(
Sent by jakehou97,Jun 13, 2021
one of my earliest friends on the website & still one of my favorite people to this day! we have such a similar sense of humor & i feel like we grew up together on here, to an extent. i have yet to meet anyone that's disliked him, and i think that's just a testament to how universally loved he is!
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Jun 13, 2021
this person is very misunderstood by many ppl! a lot of ppl would say they’re boring and not fun to talk to but it’s honestly the complete opposite. they’re hilarious and a great person to talk to whenever ur upset/need help. they have a big heart and i’m so glad that i get to call this person one of my besties <3
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Jun 13, 2021
Omg this guy is an actual doll. He’s cute, kind, and so funny. He’s always been there for me, even if we don’t talk often. I’ll always support him and I suspect he’d do the same for me. When I think about this guy, I immediately think about our time back when tengaged was really poppin. If I saw him in a game, I’d totally join to play with him. What a wonderful human!
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Jun 13, 2021
A king who we arent really as close as id like to be so i hope it changes
Sent by semajdude,Jun 13, 2021
I love him. He's a complete attention whore, but in a fun way. He's really funny, extremely loyal in games, and has an amazing voice. Also we have a lot of deep one on one conversations, and I like that he feels comfortable talking about things with me.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jun 13, 2021
I loveeee this person! They've always been one of the kindest players I've come across on this site. I've hosted and played with this one and I love them dearly! Much lovee bbbb
Sent by mrkkkkyle,Jun 13, 2021
This person befriended me when I first joined this site not long ago and has remained a great friend throughout my time here. They’re always around to catch up, plus blogs, surprisingly gifting designs, chatting on Skype, and just all around super friendly. One of my best friends on the site I can say for sure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad word displayed about this person and honestly you can’t say anything, this person is a genuine soul, great ally, and deserves a stars win one of these days.
Sent by VanitySmurf,Jun 13, 2021
This girl is AMAZING. Honestly I would turn straight for her if she asked me and I’d marry her on the spot. We don’t always talk but I know I can always count on her !!! ❤️❤️
Sent by smuguy2012,Jun 13, 2021
This person is disgusting tbh. The way they treat their friends is disgusting, their attitude towards pretty much anything is bound to be negative, and this person is probably the top five people of Tengaged that should be banned for what they’ve done to others but for some reason…isn’t. I hope they find peace one day and become less of a wretched cunt.
Sent by Christian_,Jun 13, 2021
One of my oldest friends and also a RL friend :) she’s kind, loyal and such a laugh. I’ve really loved reconnecting with her since her return and catching up. She gives really great advice and is always there for me, likewise I her when she needs. She’s a joy to know ✨
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 13, 2021
This person is fake as fuck and it's clear they only care about themselves. They lack empathy and self awareness, and are the reason gays are hated.
Sent by FighterMan,Jun 13, 2021
This person is one of the sweetest people I met on this website. If not THE sweetest. I haven't seen him once treat someone unfairly, he gives a shot to everyone in and out of his friendship circle. I met him a long time ago and during my 2013-2020 not very present around Tengaged phase, he was one of the few things I remember, specially because he has helped me a lot on group games we would participate in at those times, being afraid I would be feeling left out and taking care of me.
I will NEVER forget how good he has been to me for all these years. Everytime I come back, he's still being freely nice to other people for... literal nothing in return? You can't fake that attitude. This guy is amazing, a friend, an inspiration and an icon to me.
Sent by Hunty,Jun 13, 2021
He and I have been friends for a long time on this website, we don't talk much but when we do it's like we never stopped. Literally went years without talking to him and still we effortlessly picked up where we left off. He's funny and he knows it, but he's also a master at shaping his image and doesn't act irrationally out of emotion which I really admire.
Sent by Galaxies,Jun 13, 2021
One of my closest friends on the site. He has a great head on his shoulders, is incredibly mature, and has pretty solid music taste. He might not be the most well liked person around the site, I think everyone who has gotten to know him can attest that he’s a great dude and a good friend
Sent by tbrown_47,Jun 13, 2021
I wonder if any of these are about me
Sent by joey65409,Jun 13, 2021
This guy truly inspires me to keep working hard as he has accomplished so much whether he realizes it or not. Like me, he can be hard on himself, but I hope he sees how much of a light he brings to people and his presence is always appreciated. It is no surprise that he is liked by so many because his genuine, caring spirit is so obvious. I’m very happy to have gotten his name because he deserves all the praise in the world. Love you ❤️
Sent by mikec51,Jun 13, 2021
my birthday twin!!! I love her so much she really is the funniest person on this site from all her stories she has told me, as well as being a comp beast on this site there really is nothing bad about this queen. She always fights the honest fight and I would not want to share my birthday with anyone else. Truly a queen ❤️
Sent by iSandeh,Jun 13, 2021
We met in frooks before the rotation  , targeted each other at the beginning but ultimately that led to our growing friendship ! This person is so loyal and really misunderstood
Sent by joey65409,Jun 13, 2021
one of my tengaged besties <3 I love them and their humour so much esp their blogs and I usually tag them in mine aswell! we never play games except for stars which I flopped and let myself get evicted for them loser! <3
Sent by paul028,Jun 13, 2021
So I love this person a lot haha she is someone who has been very nice and helpful to me throughout me trying to get my feet off the ground on this new account. I feel like her and I haven't been talking as much lately as we did a couple months ago but I still appreciate her as a friend and I know she has my back if I really need her. I want to play league with her again someday <3 <3
Sent by NewHorizons,Jun 13, 2021
Sent by SeaViper,Jun 13, 2021
This person is fake as fuck and it's clear they only care about themselves. They lack empathy and self awareness, and are the reason bisexuals are hated.
Sent by IceBeast,Jun 13, 2021
I got one of my favorite people on this website. Even though he's lowkey one of the fakest people in a lot of people's eyes, he's always been a real one to me since we've become close. This person has gone above & beyond for me in ways I wouldn't expect someone on the Internet to & I'm extremely appreciate for him and his friendship <3 ily king.
Sent by iYBF,Jun 13, 2021
APPRECIATIVE* I can't believe I made a typo bye
Sent by iYBF,Jun 13, 2021
So this person thinks we're like "besties" on the site or whatever term they use. But recently I've just seen a completely different side of who they are and it just makes me sick to see. I used to be like really close with this person but I'm slowly trying to distance myself further and further from them because it's just not someone I want in my life. His boyfriend looks like a 5 foot 2 albino chimpanzee and girl... the treadmill is not being hit enough by this person. Anyone not gonna waste my time on this individual much longer but a complete waste of space. Hope they take the hints i've been dropping soon and leave me alone.
Sent by s73100,Jun 13, 2021
Oh my gosh I adore him so much
I really miss him because he never really does much anymore but he’s always been an extremely loyal friend and I’ll never forget our days in group chats on calls
Sent by shawnpat7,Jun 13, 2021
This guy is the definition of loyal best friend. He can make you laugh! Im sure if some else had his name they would say FAT and nothing else... But he is a bestie in my book
Sent by shellbelle,Jun 13, 2021
I use to hate British people because they have bad teeth but I feel like this persons teeth are ok and just a little yellow
Sent by Singsongers,Jun 13, 2021
One of the most Genuine, Kind, And Thoughtful people on this site, I miss the late calls with him. I love you person i am talking about <3
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jun 13, 2021
Sent by Kelly0412,Jun 13, 2021
This person has been a loyal friend to me for well over a decade. Whenever I need an ally, support, or just a friend, they've been there, no questions asked. He has always had my back, even if I didn't always have his (or at least prioritize him like I should've at times), or at least prioritize him as much as I should've. I will always admire this guy and show him love back and wish we were able to talk as much as we used to in the olden days. I am glad Tengaged today loves you (even more?) as much as they did back then, as evidenced by your dominance in stars then and now. I will always appreciate you. I will always care for you. I haven't been the greatest friend, and time and space has kept us more distant, as real life got in the way. Luckily, a pandemic brought us back in the same timeline. I wish we talked more. I think you'd like me better.  I have so much respect for you in every which way.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Jun 13, 2021
I want to peg you the ground, whip out my cock, and slap you in the face with it. I heard you are a very naughty person and in need of big punishment. I do like you and will make sure to feed you. When you start bleeding is when I will start cumming and I will make a drink out of our natural mixture. Think of it as a strawberry vanilla milkshake and you will get it all to yourself.
Sent by Veigar,Jun 13, 2021
One of the best if not the best Stars Player I've ever had the pleasure of working with, someone I feel connected to on a personal and spiritual level, someone who's music taste is brilliant and perfect aswell as their taste for tv show and movies aswell as characters, one of my best friends and someone who I will always have the upmost respect and love for.
Sent by RasCity,Jun 13, 2021
they are so sweet, kind and over all a wonderful person.
Sent by Music,Jun 13, 2021
i love her!! she's absolutely a joy to interact with. she's such a competitive person, and i love playing with her whether we work together or not. she never takes a game too seriously, so you can always know you'll be good with her at the end, which is very admirable in my opinion. she's a great ally, and will genuinely have your back if you have hers. this person is such a great friend, and i'm so glad to have met her!
Sent by joshgillespie,Jun 13, 2021
Muito feliz de ter te achado perdido num jogo aqui do tg. Além de ser muito gente boa, ainda canta bem. Deus escolhe mesmo os favoritos.
Sent by _Ravenclaw_,Jun 13, 2021
My fav jew! so proud of the person hes becoming throw back to when we ate up a survivor group game together hosted by purplebb4 that is one of my good friends on this site <3
Sent by crimsonteer,Jun 13, 2021
i LOVE her to death!!! she is quite literally the loveliest person i've met on here and i love talking to her! she's always up for a casting or to flop in survivor with me, and i appreciate her for it. she doesn't have a bad bone in her body, and i don't know a single person who doesn't like her! thank you for always being an awesome friend, your amazing! <3
Sent by joshgillespie,Jun 13, 2021
One of the greatest Frookies allies. I call him my "good luck charm." Every time I see him in a game I rush to join because I know I will do well. He is a genuine, honest person. Also, he has hypnotic eyes. Some of the best I have seen.
Sent by Thirteen,Jun 13, 2021
Aw such a sweetie, we don't really talk a ton but he's always been nice to me and I do feel like he's just a fun guy. I definitely enjoy watching his snap story like he's an influencer vlogger but DAMN how did this motherfucker not get covid.
Loves xx <3
Sent by peterya,Jun 13, 2021
She is so sweet! One of my best friends on here and one of the kindest souls I've met on here. The chats I have with her are always great :)
Sent by Sameed27,Jun 13, 2021
So funny and has made me laugh over the years. I forgot your origin story of how you came into my life. Even though I have been distant since pretty much most of your time on Tengaged, you are such a loyal and selfless person and always willing to support a friend. Doesn't take themselves too seriously and has a great sense of humor. Glad they infiltrated my friend group and took all my friends, cause he is so much better at being their friend than I ever was.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Jun 13, 2021
I ABSOLUTELY adore him so much, Like he is one of my best friends on this site and he literally one of the best people I have ever met. He will always be there for me and he knows I will always be there for him. I can't believe we have gotten so close this past year and I'm beyond grateful he is one of my closest friends EVER. I also love the fact that he is a Millionaire Mitchell.
Sent by Willie_,Jun 13, 2021
I met this person when I reached out to him in in what would be the first of many sob stories about a girl. I love that he's interested in the same things that I am and although we don't talk as much anymore, he will always be a king.
Sent by Natepresnell,Jun 13, 2021
Oh yeh she’s really nice. We haven’t interacted much but when we have she was always really kind. I’m pretty sure she’s a castings kind if person so that’s probably  why.
Sent by Yawnha,Jun 13, 2021
Love that king, we don’t speak all the time but we Call each other besties and we always have good conversation. Love him!!!
Sent by Bambino,Jun 13, 2021
>Super nice guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Religious. Very positive person. He always has your best interest in mind. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend. Loves tennis
Sent by Letal,Jun 13, 2021
Note to SMOOTH My second one**

This girl is straight fire. Very likeable and relatable. Real and honest, if I need someone to talk with she is def the person I can go to. Love her <3
Sent by shellbelle,Jun 13, 2021
(just got online to do this oopsie)

I just love this bitch. We have so much in common and we vibe with each other on a different level in our friend group. We have the same taste in games in our group which makes me SUPER happy, because everyone else shoots me down hard with any game that I enjoy, but this person does not. We'd play for hours, which made us come closer as friends and I really appreciate that. We're truly besties who love to talk shit, play any game together, and support each other to the fullest!  <3
Sent by Tizian,Jun 13, 2021
I honestly really love this man so much he always finds a way to make me smile whether if he's flirting with me which I'm not gonna lie he's very attractive or if he's bringing my confidence level up I really adore him and I am so thankful he's in my life I love him so much and honestly want his babies hehe ☺️🥰😁
Sent by Maddog16,Jun 13, 2021
MY BESTIE BOO i love this king so much our calls are the best, even if we go months without calling we can catch up instantly, playing games with him is so fun we slay the fuck out of people, he is the coolest person ever i wanna meet him i will go vacation at his roach infested house LMFAO
Sent by wheatbread,Jun 13, 2021
Mi niña!! Gracias por reaparecer en mi vida otra vez y ser tan buena amiga. Estoy deseando poder vernos ya y hacer tonterías juntos. Te quiero mucho💜💜
Sent by David2560,Jun 14, 2021
One of my closest friends on here. You are such a kind soul with a heart of gold. You never fail to make me laugh, thank you for being the incredible person you are. Much love and keeping killing that makeup game.
Sent by Marwane,Jun 14, 2021

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