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tengagers trying to play baseball

4 maturo, Dec 18, 2017

constancemarie - will get mad at a player and swear at them and then try to filter them irl and then give them a phone call in a few days saying that he changed his way of life
brxan - he won't be playing since he brought his laptop and plans on playing tengaged throughout the whole thing
scooby0000 - Hears Constance swear and decides he will give him a lecture on why swearing is bad
dj2722 - will laugh at #ametrine for being slow and fat and then complain he has anorexia and hasn't eaten all day
bambino - will get offended that the foul lines are white and not black and then call baseball racist
carsonl - he'd be lucky if he can see whats going on
ametrine - will bring his brother nerdbird44 and sister lonelypuppie to the event and have them sit in the audience holding signs that say "Go Bryce Go" for motivation
anyone else I am missing?


Ok I've had enough

2 Maybelline, Nov 22, 2017

#Ametrine and #Brxan are making blogs about me and plussing them with multis. Ive had people mail me death threts telling me to kill myself.
Who are you to tell me I dont have a heart disease, or I didnt get into a car accident? I didnt even bring it up, whats it to you?
People saw snaps of my car that day - it was a horrible day for me, and its horrible that you 2 are mocking me.

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