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More threats from Bryce Keesh ❤️

9 BigBrotherDonny, Aug 11, 2018

So now Bryce Keesh #Ametrine #Chasity #j0nhale (he blogged about me yesterday on that account) is threatening me saying he is going to message my mother on facebook because I blogged about him exposing him a few days ago! He is making up random ass excuses for it too, but imo there is no excuse for this type of thing lol. He's truly pathetic af.
Pic of him saying this:


Throwback To

5 Typhlosion37, Aug 8, 2018

When #Ametrine snapchatted me saying he had top20fan33's acc facebook connected and that if i nommed notnicky333 and finesse for 5th he'd let me go unnommed but if i nommed cameron he'd remove me
so then i told everyone in the cast and nommed cameron
worth the 3rd place tbh
best part is i'm stuck at #2 on his friends list cuz the acc is permed how sad


The fact that

4 iiVoloxity, Aug 3, 2018

#ametrine is still bothering with tengaged stuff when he's banned, just shows he has no life


Top ten most iconic danny12 things

6 Danny12, Aug 1, 2018

1. Banning on entire hunger games cast on .br so me and my friends go payouts
2. Turning marlakk gay when I was only 13 years old
3. Being the first ever winner of a 15 person stars
4. Speaking six languages
5. Getting more ass in high school than a toilet seat
6. Dating @koolcooo
7. Dating benp428 for 3 years now
8. Dating #ametrine
9. Dating #negan_ for the tengaged clout and multis
10. My weekly breakdowns


do i need to tell ur mother

1 NotNicky333, Jul 25, 2018

you have been hungering on school nights again? #ametrine


You know the way

1 iiVoloxity, Jul 25, 2018

#ametrine and #brxan are banned does it mean just their account or their whole IP address is, so they cant comeback at all?


Thank God

0 iiVoloxity, Jul 24, 2018

Those disgusting vermin #ametrine and #brxan are gone #admintheexterminator


Throwback to 3 days ago

0 maturo, Jul 24, 2018

When #ametrine tried to buy my shop stock
and I told him “I don’t want to waste stock when you’re just gonna get banned soon”
and he replied “this account isn’t going anywhere”
and now it’s banned


I just love

2 yoshicoolman, Jul 24, 2018

how in the last two stars I have been nominated/evicted because of a force OUTSIDE of the house
First time #Ametrine went on Dane_Williams account and locked me in
Second time was less of it but @chibiDIEdara told Hash about a final four that was not actually a thing...
I have been robbed. See you in Stars 511 :)


"Why am I banned?" - Bryce, 2018

23 Halloween, Jul 24, 2018

credit from mathboy9
heres ur reason #ametrine / #chastity / #whoeveryouareonnow
On 7/22/18, at 8:18 PM, Stars Multi Deluxe wrote:
> A. (Multi Deluxe): Survive 2 polls of your choice *ONLY WHEN YOU ARE NOMINATED*: (($11))
B. (Finals Package): Survive back to back all the way to finals, but no multis will be used in finals. (($15))
C. (Auto Winner): This is the best option we give out which 2 users have used so far and they’ve gotten the wins, this is a good deal because if you don’t win, the money will be returned. 100% Pay-Back. (($25))
D. (Sweet Bitterness): You will get finals but you can choose who goes home each and every single poll, you choose who you think is best for your game to take all the way to the finals and win. (($18))
On 7/23/18, at 4:13 PM, Bryce/Neptune wrote:
> I’m the person on the other skype that was messaging you.
You said you wanted the $11 deal for 2 polls
On 7/23/18, at 2:26 AM, Stars Multi Deluxe wrote:
> Please keep my identity a secret (:
In the end, I’m benefitting you the most x.
Once you find out who I am based of context clues, you may skype me.
On my real one.


I guess I got to wear

1 yoshicoolman, Jul 19, 2018

my best friend Chasity #Ametrine LeaSirk #Bryce before I get banned!


dear lord @ hacked accounts/multis in hg

3 mathboy9, Jul 16, 2018

Peter69 = #Ametrine
pgcool/ oncinders = #Brxan
cmon admin bryan literally ADMITTED to owning these accounts two days ago:


only sad about one ban

2 JourdanBabyXoXo, Jul 14, 2018

and that’s my friend #Ametrine :/
The rest deserved it
And although he broke the rules and deserved the ban, i’m still sad about it :P


Okey now i want

0 ricardogv, Jul 14, 2018

mariabuda #ametrine was hacked me


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