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More threats from Bryce Keesh ❤️

3rdAug 11, 2018 by BigBrotherDonny
So now Bryce Keesh #Ametrine #Chasity #j0nhale (he blogged about me yesterday on that account) is threatening me saying he is going to message my mother on facebook because I blogged about him exposing him a few days ago! He is making up random ass excuses for it too, but imo there is no excuse for this type of thing lol. He's truly pathetic af.
Pic of him saying this:



is bengie and Tanya in
Sent by peace123,Aug 11, 2018
Get your mom to drag him on facebook LMAO
Sent by paul028,Aug 11, 2018
Sent by MoneyNeil,Aug 11, 2018
is bengie and Tanya in
Sent by top20fan33,Aug 11, 2018
Sent by s73100,Aug 11, 2018
I cannot believe you guys let this 16 yr old child have anything over on you. Send me info on him anything you have BigBrotherDonny
also since he wants to continue to harass users on this website I will make sure any multi he has gets banned and he will not be able to EVER create an account since he did "hack" it. LIFE BAN
Sent by gagaluv,Aug 12, 2018
This makes me glad I stopped using Facebook
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Aug 12, 2018
Okay wow queen gagaluv
Sent by Paige54,Aug 12, 2018
he is so fucking sad. this is unreal
Sent by Piddu,Aug 12, 2018

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