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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


7thMay 16, 2015 by Arcaninemaster
I bought sky level with kwiens18!!! I had to wait a while, but it was worth it. I'm so glad we've become friends, and are even leveling up together, love ya!

Kyle's blog:

PYN and Kyle and I will write what we talk about when we see your username.

Me: We disliked each other for quite awhile, but then we made up and I like you now :P
Kyle: I think he's cool just young and I'm stubborn and an asshole and it made for a bit of drama

Me: I remember supporting you in stars, never known you well
Kyle: played a bunch in fasting and supported in stars but I haven't seen you in forever, sucks my kpg is X4 and your avi is so much sexier than mine

Me: Well Brian has told me SO much about you :P I haven’t gotten to know you super well(thanks again for being a buyer to help me get my shop) but I would really like to!
Kyle: ily so sososossososo much, even though we started talking because I was bitching you out over a survivor merge I remember I got 11th and was PISSED but I got a true friend in you out of it so I got over it

Me: YOU FUCKING LOSER. Jk < 3 I remember when we played that BB group game together and you screwed me over and won twice :P I’m so glad we’ve started talking a lot recently, you’re chill
Kyle: got 4th in hunger, what a loser....... lol jk that's awsome, I remember we were kinda friends when we were noobs then we didn't talk forever and somehow you ended up in the misfits chat glad we've reconnected

Me: you’re a cute little “noob” I remember when you joined survivor to help my tribe, and I was so thankful for that. GL IN STARS! Totally supporting you bud!!! I’m sure you’ll do great
Kyle: didn't know you till recently because apparently you're friends with all the same people I am, we've worked together in a couple games but haven't really talked anywhere else, we should because we always work together and I'm supporting you in stars!

Me: We met in hunger, and you’re one of my best allies ever. I absolutely LOVE playing with you, you’re so smart and an absolutely great player!
Kyle: lol I tried to be your friend in a frooks then betrayed you instantly (I'm such an asshole sorry) been trying to make it up to you since hope I've gained a little bit of ground

Me: I talked to you a lot recently, and was there for you, supporting you, during that survivor merge :P I wish you luck on your new tribe, wish I could have joined with you guys, Stupid school :/ But you’re really cool and I love talking to you!
Kyle: we met recently in a casting, you are a COMP BEAST so jealous :p but the good thing is I think you like me so if we ever met in a hunger HOPEFULLY you would be on my side so I don't die instantly

Me: Never talked, I just see your very opinionated blogs :P
Kyle: don't really know you but your avi is gorgous, especially for a red level, so jealous

Me: I’ve been in a few chats with you. You’re really nice and funny, but we haven’t talked a lot one on one so I don’t know you super well. LOVE your designs :)
Kyle: don't really know you, but I've heard you're cool

Me:Good luck in your first game, never talked to you before, unless you have another account? If not, welcome to the site!
Kyle: apparently this is a brand new account although you don't seem to be new to the site, hope you're not just some multi and someone trying to start fresh

Me: I’ve played some group games with you, and you’re REALLY nice. I enjoy talking to you so much < 3
Kyle: your kpg is exactly 1 too cute

Me: You’re super amazing. I really enjoy talking to you, and I love plussing your spam(even tho I heard you don’t spam anymore). Your messages are always so nice and thoughtful
Kyle: you know those guys in prison movies that can get you anything? well I feel like you're that person on tengaged such a badass

Me: Before I joined the Misfits, I really didn’t know you except for the noob that won stars. Then I joined, got to know you, and grew to think of you as such a great friend. I’m so glad we met < 3 Trio forever!
Kyle: you're one of my longest friends that I've had on here, you're so nice and everyone loves you, you're the male version of thumper91 on the site and thank you so much for helping me with my charity

Me: We played hunger together, and I know you through Brian. It was so fun, too bad you died early, that made me so sad :/
Kyle: lol you drove me crazy in hunger trying to get you as far as I could but it was fun because you kept me on my toes, and I felt even closer to you after you shared a secret with me after a frooks which I wont post on here, wish we could talk more, skype me sometime

Me: We played a couple 13 posts together, and you’re absolutely so nice and kind. I love talking to you because you just cheer me up, and when I was trying to find someone to gift me, you actually spent time thinking about it. I love playing games with you, you’re so fun!
Kyle: you're one of the last people remaining from our flamingjojo nicknack deathisgreat group it's so sad that we cant all join casting again and just piss off all the other members with all of our spam love you < 3

Me: I just recently met you, and I absolutely have adored talking to you. Any friend of Kyle’s is a friend of mine, and I owe you a lot for helping Kyle continually merge so he could actually FINALLY buy sky with me. GL with your streak!
Kyle: I'm gonna miss you so much after you're evicted this round ;) jk you aren't going anywhere or I'm kpelling because we've been through so much together through all these merges, we need to join hunger together soon!

Me: I loved playing survivor with you. You were an amazing friend and ally, and so much fun to talk to everyday during those 2 merges. When I got voted out, you kpelled, and that speaks a lot
Kyle: idk why you get so much hate sometimes, you’re a cool guy and you make a great stars assessment host

Me: I’ve played a few group games with you, and you’re a really good host as well! :)
Kyle: don’t really know you but cute username, and like the green avi

Me: I haven’t talked to you a whole lot, but from what I’ve seen/heard, you’re a chill dude
Kyle: DJ! You’re so nice and I’m so sorry you got evicted from our survivor L ily hope we can play again soon

Me:  I remember when you went through the phase of +1ing everyone, that was so nice!!
Kyle: haven’t really played with you much but I believe you’re big in group games

Me:The few times we’ve talked, you were so hilarious and fun to talk to
Kyle: I’ve seen you in a few frooks I think we’ve played together like once other than that we haven’t really talked

Me: Words can’t describe our friendship. You know what you mean to me, especially given you saved me from leaving tengaged. I absolutely love playing frooks with you, and to think, all this started because you arrowed me out in hg :P
Kyle: it’s so funny to think that we were enemies not that long ago, but we’ve definitely turned that around, there are very few people that I trust as much as I trust you

Me:obviously we haven’t been super close after what happened, but from before then, I have great memories talking to you and sponsoring you
Kyle: well ever since the news broke about you it’s been a process getting back to where we were but I’m glad we’re atleast talking again

Me: ROBBED in stars! I really wanted you to win! You’re an amazing hunger ally, and super fun to play with, wish we talked more!
Kyle: I’ve seen you in games a bunch and you even joined my charity which thank you so much for that, wish we talked more I feel like we could be friends

Me: You joined survivor for me one time, and that was super nice. You’re super fun to play with in any sort of game
Kyle: chance you know how I feel about you, you’re one of my first best friends on the site, you always have my back and you trust me like I trust you, we don’t always tell each other everything we’re doing but we know it’s for the good of both of our game

Me: Knixy!!! I miss the Brits! You guys are so much fun, and I just love seeing your blogs or whatever every day cause you’re hilarious. Tell the Brits I say hi :P
Kyle: tbh never seen you before but your kpg is awesome

Me: Fuck. You.
Kyle: I know we had a little drama recently but I’m hoping we can move past that since you seem to be friends with all the same people I’m friends with lol

Me: I loved playing survivor with you, you’re super nice!
Kyle: super sweet super cool we haven’t talked much recently and I hope I can change that sometime ily!

Me:  I was mad at you, but now I’m not :P Love ya!!!! P.S. join my frat…
Kyle: style queen of tengaged, when I was a noob and I thought of stylish tengagers I always thought of you lol

Me:  Survivor was sooo much fun with you. Isiah’s Angels was the best tribe ever :P You’re a super fun dude and I want to play again together :P
Kyle: I remember when I forgot who you were and since then I’ve made it up to you and now we are tight and you helped my charity tysm lets talk more!

Me: Love plaint Carly’s BB with you. You’re an amazing player, and you really deserved that win! Glad I can still play with you!
Kyle: never heard of you but legit username

Me: At one point you had me blocked, but I enjoy you, and at one point you annoyed me, but now, you’re cool haha
Kyle: oooohhhh Dylan, we’ve had ups and downs, and some more downs, glad things have cooled down a bit between us recently though

Me: So glad I could help you with your shop and moving on, I love finding buyers for you! So glad we became friends because you’re super nice and amazing < 3
Kyle: ily, you’re beast at games and I love working with you because I know you’re going to get me far

Me: Morgan!!! You’re absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad Carly’s BB came back because we talk everyday and it’s soo much! Sorry gotta do hw :P
Kyle: never heard of you, long username


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Aww Arcaninemaster That's so sweet XOXO I loved playing and talking to you too XD THink about joining my Survivor Game so we can chat more XOXO

LMAO Ikr, I join, get bored and then leave so my game numbers just go up and up and up XD kwiens18
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