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4thJul 11, 2015 by Arcaninemaster
imageThis blog is directed towards anyone and everyone who say my gameplay is bad and I sheeped the whole game:

Today, I am up because I did in fact try and make a move. This move was against the power player that people are saying everyone was sheeping. And that was true up until today. I have had the pleasure of talking to this player a lot during this game, and grew to love him personally. We worked well as a duo. But when it came to strategy, his experience in this game of stars seemingly outshined me to the public. He collected his sheep in a pen, told each one of them a different thing(as detailed to me), and got information from anyone and everyone.

A few days before this, around 7th place nominations, I realized what was happening, and I didn't want to sit and let it happen. I planned a secret plan, and I knew I needed to get Jamie up for 4th after Koin/ acyuta went up, being two huge threats that were allied early in the game until they were split up. So, I began planning this mainly when the nominations for 5th place were being locked in. I figured out what I needed to do in order to convince people that their shepherd was tricking them and leading them to their eviction. I tried and I tried yesterday to snap them out of their trance, but clearly they're all too concerned with protecting his game, and don't care about their own.

tl;dr I tried to nom someone that everyone was blindly listening to. Nobody checked their facts with each other, just believed the lies he fed them and did what he asked. I tried to change their minds today, but they only care about what he wants and thinks.

People who specifically called me a sheep:
if you don't believe me ask the stars players if I was pushing for this.

Please give me one last push to the finals tengaged and click Jamie's button:


Good Luck Eric :)
Sent by Vanili,Jul 11, 2015
Gl! Don't let Jamie spam you out
Sent by sjsoccer88,Jul 11, 2015
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arcaninemaster gl!
Sent by Daytime,Jul 11, 2015
gl :)
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Gl @archaninemaster I hope you stay!
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Gl arcaninemaster hope you stay!
Sent by bradyspaulding16,Jul 11, 2015
good luck arcaninemaster
Sent by tomdudley,Jul 11, 2015
gl =]
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