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Fuck marry kill

17 Daniel123456, Nov 15, 2015

With your top 3 friends :)
pyn :)
arris   - Fuck #Styxxe Marry #carlab1  kill #jasonxtreme
seapoose - fuck #lunapark marry #amandabynes kill #PSULucky
imthtawesom - fuck #qwertyioup  marry #danielledonato  kill #bb5lover
BlueStar1367 - fuck #kittykatz553 marry #doubless kill #Memphis_Grizzlies
rawr25 - fuck #sweez  marry #papibadd kill #baza76
s73100 - fuck #raonic  marry #uglyduckling #MaTtOnLsD2
pureessence  - fuck #eliortiz1234  marry #eternalblossom kill #tundra
camillaxo - fuck #sexgoddxx   marry #RobertGuajardo  kill #bamold1999
lucinda - FUCK #JENZIE  marry #gemma17  kill #Jenii_Valenta FUCK #JENZIE
black0ut247 - fuck you  marry #acesurvivor  kill #steel with a dirty pipe.
skyler1822 - fuck #totaldramalover1234 marry #legendary kill #vh1luvr15
Kiara_xoxo - fuck #kinggeek  marry #melihv kill #poohsnap
JasonXtreme - fuck #jamieandre marry #arris  kill #christossss
rizzo - fuck #token  marry #mchappy  kill #rascity



78 Lachie227, May 27, 2015

for an edgic rating based on ur personality
For anyone who doesn't know, edgic ratings are used throughout survivor to determine who was the 'winning edit'
CP - means Complex Personality
MOR - means Middle of the Road
OTT - Means Over The Top
UTR - Under The Radar
P/N/M - Positive, Negative, Mixed, the general vibe that you either give off, or how others generally perceive you. you can also be toneless
1-5 - visibility ranking, how relevant you are basically
bowling4fun - UTRP2
Arcaninemaster - MOR2
zachboy967 - OTT2
AllieBoBallie - CPP3
Patrick319 - CP4
Austinrules6969 - MORP4
Yaxha - OTTN5
NotAfraid - MORM3
2Beastly - MORP2
ILoveSleep - UTRM1
krrais - UTR2
SomebodyAwesome - CPM4
Stering_Butter - MORN3
CharlieBibi - MOR3
jadennator1 - MORP3
MoooHades - MOR2
LiteCitrus - CPM5
LemJam6 - MORN4
Thumper91 - CPPP5
EliotWhi - UTRP2
KyleDile - MORM3
Meyaar - CPP4
coreyants - OTTN4
KingGeek - URT1
JasonXtreme - MORP3
Davidftw123 - UTR2
Orlando652 - MORP2
#Styxxe - UTR1
#TheBlackDog - MOR3
#finklestein123 - CPP2
#jojo7748 - MORN4
#SurvivoroftheTocans - UTR2
#ohheydudeski - MORM3
#Funnehliner - OTTM4
#Maxi1234 - MORN3
#Boots22 - CPP3
#Steel - CPN4
#RoboZoe - MORM4
#yellowunicorn - UTRM2
#Booyahhayoob - MORN2
#JGoodies - MORM5
#Carlisle - CPP4
#AlanDuncan - CP3
#ShayyBayy - CPN3
#blueu22 - CP4
#alexclow345 - UTRN2
#Clone - MORN4
#rawr121 - UTRP2
#mikec51 - UTR2
#Phenomanimal - CPP5
#GoodKaren - UTR1
#BoyToy4Cato - CPN3
#xBostonx - UTRN2
#maxiphone27 - CP4
#Gardenia - CPP5
#TotalDramaLover1234 - UTR1
#HaliFord - UTRP2
#Kindlycruel1 - MOR2
#obscurity - CPM4
#amf7410 - CP5
#Irelia - MORP3
#1Swampy8 - UTRP1
#chelss - CPP3
#ados707 - MORP3
#danielleloves2000 - UTR1
#Zbase4 - MOR2
#Kelly0412 - MORN2
#black0ut246 - CPN5
#tyleror - UTRP2
#Octopusbubbles - UTR1
#Philip13 - UTR1



7 Styxxe, Apr 2, 2015

"Better start dating younger
#styxxe 24"


I'm Bored So PYN for an Opinion!

62 Timeflies, Feb 7, 2015

tditdatdwt1234d you have always been nice to me and pretty funny, I mean look at your AVI! We haven't talked all that much or grown close, but maybe over time that can happen!
acyuta we just started to talk to each other some, and I hope we can talk more.  You are a survivor beast and I hope we have many merges together!
ElectricCheddar you seem to go back and forth with liking me/wanting to team up with me.  Maybe we can be more loyal?
Funnehliner Alex, you come off as someone who is very loyal to your friends, you hated me a few months ago, but I think we are past that and are friendsish now.  People like you are rare to come by.
ElectraViv Well you are probably one of 10 people that spam me that I plus back the most so I hope that you like me for that, besides your spamming we havent talked all too much lol
DanielleDonato OMG I LOVE YOU! You are funny, nice, kind and just a real gem, I hope we can continue our friendship!
Davidftw123 Don't think I know you very well, we only had one game together but we should talk if you continue on this site!
skyler1822 Not sure if we have played together, maybe on my old account, but you seem like you care about this site a lot and good for you! :) Hope you accomplish what you want out of it!
Zuelke Pretty sure you hate me, not sure why but it sad :(
JasonXtreme don't know how much we have played together on this account or the last one, I remember you a bit, but looking at your profile I actually think we would get along very well with a lot of common interests I can see. Maybe we can be friends?
YuNoLOVEME Idk how you feel about me, but I think you are pretty cool.  Lately you seem to be pretty relevant on the site and as an overall opinion I would think most people like you, I don't see why not?!?!
ajlikes17 Dude, you are the best.  We have a lot in common and hit it off right away, hopefully we continue to slay this site :)
Mahalpin11 We have been friends forever, and it seems like every frooks we join together (and actually try) we destroy it. I'm glad we have become friends but you need to explain your user name to me lol
Music I don't think we have played much, but you have always been someone I have wanted to get to know.
Lamia Hi :) I'm glad you are just as obsessed with Cal as I am, even if it is for different reasons ;)
Jameslu  You have been a good and loyal friend to me thus far, just keep in mind this is just a fun game site though, don't get too caught up in it all!  Enjoy life while you are young!
TheSexiestDude990 HI! Julian! You are one of my favs, we have been on and off throughout the years do to me leaving for a year and your relationship.  But with what little time we have left..

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