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Pokemon Heart Gold Randomizer Update #2

Mar 18, 2016 by Arcaninemaster
I just beat Bugsy! He had a Cacturn, Salamence, and Staraptor. The Staraptor got 2 shot by my Mesprit with confusion, the salamence got easily widdled down with bite from my croconaw, but the cacturn gave me some trouble. Mesprit couldn't touch him, Croconaw was weak, Slaking and Hypno were too low level, And Torterra's strongest move against him was tackle, which did less than his absorbs recovered(he had growth). I eventually got him though :)

Current Team:
Mesprit(Spiritas) level 20
Torterra(Tectonic) level 21
Croconaw(Vance) level 20
Hypno(Looker) level 10
Slaking(Pithikos) level 6

Natu(Semaforro), lost to electrode with sonicboom
Venonat(Zenon), lost to Hypno(that I captured) from a crit confusion

Nothing, lost many encounters :(

Badges: 2

Random Notes(thanks for the idea Julian):
-Lived on like 10 hp from a selfdestructing fortress
-Lost an octillery because I only had 2 pokeballs :(
-Where I encountered the Hypno, I encountered like 10 latias while I was training


PYN for a tag


nice team
Sent by Boots22,Mar 19, 2016
Fucking legendaries showing up after your encounter on a route...

After catching my Dusclops, I've been encountering nothing but Kyogres on that route
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Mar 19, 2016

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