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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stMar 8, 2016 by Arcaninemaster
Grats on your crown for 67 T$

what a bargain!


EDIT: Just a warning to all going for shops, he can now glitch your discount so that you get it for less than 100 T$ and basically stop you from getting a shop! GL!


wow thanks !
Sent by rawr25,Mar 8, 2016
I think papibadd gets it
Sent by GoodKaren,Mar 8, 2016
Keep snatching those DCs bae.
Sent by AlyssaB,Mar 8, 2016
How does that happen?
Sent by Xx_Legend_xX,Mar 8, 2016
he still demands that I gift him, since it was my fault he glitched my discount since I "annoyed him"

I like NIC but if he said I still owed him I would block his ass so fast and steal from his shop, I mean you probably couldn't steal but I could
Sent by jojo7784,Mar 8, 2016
Luckily NIC would never glitch my design so =)
Sent by jojo7784,Mar 8, 2016
how can someone glitch someone else's discount, idgi
Sent by Phenomanimal,Mar 9, 2016
I don't get how you can glitch a discount except from glitching the auction and reduce your discount.
Sent by ilovetosing,Mar 9, 2016
Oh wait I just checked the auction he actually did glitched the auction
Sent by ilovetosing,Mar 9, 2016
Wtf its like actually glitched how the fuck
Sent by Temeky,Mar 9, 2016
What a lame-o
Sent by nmh95,Mar 9, 2016
how did he do that? :/
Sent by acyuta,Mar 9, 2016
im sorry for ya :(
Sent by Styxxe,Mar 9, 2016
it glitches when people bid at the exact same time, its not deliberate. lol
Sent by DiamondsArentForever,Mar 9, 2016
fuck!!! that bitch better help me get cheap designs
Sent by Crayadian,Mar 9, 2016
thats so mean :(
Sent by Blitszims,Mar 9, 2016
When 3 people who are friends are doing it at the same time, i do think it is deliberate ^^
Sent by Styxxe,Mar 9, 2016
A friend and I bid at the same time once on a design and it glitched and I lost nearly 400t's and that wasn't deliberate styxxe
Sent by DiamondsArentForever,Mar 9, 2016
DiamondsArentForever it was confirmed that it was deliberate though...
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Mar 10, 2016

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