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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


8thAug 10, 2015 by Arcaninemaster
I will do all :)

#Galaxies 6 the female eyes w/ male hair and male grin throw me off
#jdog 6.5 no eyebrows, but I like the plainness of it
#rawr121 9 Super chill, great color scheme
#Willie_ 7 the designs you have I LOVE but if you just fill out your avi it'd be a 9+ for sure < 3
#PurpleCows 8 Very plain, not over the top, but I like the overall blend of it
#Lotus 9 Super chiq, matching lips and bow color tie it together
#bunnycat 8.5 I love the hair with the dress and the lips to contrast
#temponeptune 10 CALI YES REPRESENT! I love the overall look with the hat and the hair, just yes!
#pikachu142 6.5 the thing saving it is the blue hair :P just get some skin and it'll look much better!
Padfoot 9 When do you not look good? I'm not a huge fan of one of the eyes being covered but still looks good!
kwiens18 8.5 I love the sweater even though you bought it accidentally, and I like the overall vibe of it!
MTman 7.5 I'm not a huge fan of the eyes, but I love the hair!
1Swampy8  10 I love the bunny and the hair and everything!!
Brandt69 7 Sweater and hat are great, but no skin or mouth D:
garygbs2nd 5.5 only the jacket :/
TheBlackDog 8.5 I love the thing on your head and the jacket in combo with the hair
Runaway 7.5 Don't love the eyes(stated before), but the shirt + tattoos are super unique
KingofClubs808 9 Eyes, necklace, background all amazing
Meyaar 9 The mouth, background, and eyes all go well together and are tied together with the cool hoodie
mysterygame2 8.5 Love the color combination!
Icebeast 9.5 Dislike the hair, everything else is super unique though!
tpidude73 8 Very plain, but I like the whole vibe of it
Coco2846 7.5 The hair, skin, and lips are too similar color, but I love the hair!
@CaitlinBella 6.5 love the sweater, get lips and skin and it'll be amazing!
RileyCotter 9 Cause the cape is fucking amazing
CutieAmy 8.5 Spice it up a bit
NotNicky333 6.5 no hair no skin no mouth kinda throws everything off
sallyyisfabulous 9 Love the tiara and the whole thing is a good outfit in general
GoodKaren 6 the lips are a bit off given the pale skin, but I like the hair and dress, just fill your avi
Robbster1313 9.5 the dress and halo matching color ties together the ombre hair into the avi and I love it!
AlanDuncan 8 Very old style avi, eyes and mouth super average
Absol 9 Love the basic dress with the black hair + the mouth is amazing!
Belmont 8.5 Work that red carpet! Love the hair + eye same color but no lips D:


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Ok :)
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me :)
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hey i miss u
Sent by sallyyisfabulous,Aug 10, 2015
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me :)
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Austin :)
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Me even though I really need skin! xD
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,Aug 10, 2015
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Loopulle if you're still updating, Arcaninemaster.
Sent by Loopulle,Aug 10, 2015
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1 point
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