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Pokemon Heart Gold Randomizer Update #1

Mar 17, 2016 by Arcaninemaster
I've had a tough time getting team members since my Mesprit like killed all my encounters that were level 3. I just beat Falkner easily though.

Lost captures:
Stantler, Ditto, Muk, Doduo

Current team:
Mesprit(Spiritas) level 13
Torterra(Tectonic) leve 14

Deaths: 1
Natu(Semaforro), lost to electrode with sonicboom


Let me know if anyone else wants a tag


Tag me, I'm still struggling to randomize Platinum/Diamond :[
Gonna try and randomize Black now see if that works
Sent by Willie_,Mar 17, 2016
Tag me, any ideas how to randomize it?
Sent by MrBird,Mar 17, 2016
Yes, I can give you instructions if you want MrBird
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Mar 17, 2016
That'd be awesome!
Sent by MrBird,Mar 17, 2016
nice team
Sent by Boots22,Mar 18, 2016

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