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Pokemon Heart Gold Randomizer Update #3

Mar 19, 2016 by Arcaninemaster
I'm now in Ecruteak city. I beat Whitney easily. She had a Drifblim and a Seadra, and Tectonic one-shotted both of them with bite and razorleaf. I hatched a meowth from my egg, which I was shocked about, because it took so long to hatch that I thought it would be more rare.

I lost 2 more encounters, Tangrowth wouldn't get caught even in the red and asleep, and Victreebel to a crit swift. I captured a exeggcute when I arrived in Ecruteak city.

Current Team:
Mesprit(Spiritas) level 25
Torterra(Tectonic) level 25
Croconaw(Vance) level 24
Ursaring(Beyonce) level 24
Hoothoot(Mayonaka) level 14

Natu(Semaforro), lost to electrode with sonicboom
Venonat(Zenon), lost to Hypno(that I captured) from a crit confusion

Slaking(Pithikos) level 6
Meowth(Dorothy) level 1
Hypno(Looker) level 12
Bellossom(Antheia) level 12
Exeggcute(Glen Coco) level 12

Badges: 3

Random Notes:
-I keep getting normal, psychic, water, or grass encounters
-Mayonaka lived on 5 to a crit razor leaf from the Victreebel I tried to catch
-Beyonce is adamant and destroys everyone in her path



still a good lookin team lol
Sent by Boots22,Mar 19, 2016

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