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PYN for a Pokemon

2ndFeb 23, 2021 by cheritaisdelicious
I already did my fun opinion one, but let's get some more blog health. This will be fun, and don't hate if I give you a weird or random one, I am new to Pokemon.

#Maxi1234 Dewgong. I feel like you're very classic, so you have to be someone from Gen 1. It's very cute, and it's signs are water/ice which seems fitting for you.

#BajaBlast Blastoise. You need someone blue, and it has blast in the name, so it's fitting. Also it's the final evolution of Squirtle, so that's cute.

#Yandereboy12 Sewaddle. Between your username starting with Y and your blonde hair, I wanted to give you someone who was at least partially yellow. This one randomly popped into my head, it's so cute.

#pinkiepie512 This one is pretty obvious, you're Rapidash, she's a beautiful unicorn! Also, it seems like there are two different versions? Idk how that works, but both seem fucking cool, one is all fire, and the other one is pretty with purple and blue.

#iybf Igglybuff. I don't know you well so I figured I would give you one that started with i, and this is adorable.

#BarbraStreisand Rowlet. I do believe you said it's your favorite, and also it's cute and you seem like an owl, it fits.

#turkeylover Clefairy. I feel like you need someone pink, and it's really cute and seems kind of goofy.

#CarolinaSteele Fennekin. I was trying to think of something to associate you with and then find a pokemon that looked like that, and fox popped into my head.

#joey65409 Charizard. I don't really know why, just seemed like a cool choice. Dragons!

#Quas Quagsire. You get one that starts with Q, and this seems fun.

#BrainJak Malamar. No real reason, just kind of a random pick but it looks cool, and it's category is dark/psychic, which sounds badass.

#skyler1822 Staryu. I couldn't think of any sky ones, if there are any, so a star seemed like the next best choice!

#Jessie_ Togedemaru. You need one that's ridiculously cute, and look at it! So fucking cute you wanna cuddle it, just like you <3

#bomberv Geodude. Hahaha you always send me snaps of you at the gym, so this seems fitting.

#colincoco Cyndaquil. You said it was your favorite, but looking at it, I can kind of see it, you seem so random to me, and this fits.

#Matte Magneton. Magnets! People are drawn to you, and you hold things together, it fits.

#VanitySmurf Bagon. You need a blue one, and I always think he's cool with his little rock helmet.

#BengalBoy Lickitung. Lmaoooo. I wanted to give you one that was pinkish but not overly cutesy cuz that seems fitting for you with your avatar and stuff, and then I saw that one and the long tongue made me giggle and seemed fitting for a ladies man.

#Treeko Treecko. Haha I'm still new to pokemon, so like...some of the people on here with usernames after pokemons I don't even realize right away because I haven't stumbled upon that one yet. So I actually had to google him, but aw, what a cutie.

#broncman789 Ivysaur <3 This one is special, because bulbasaur is my favorite and his evolutions too. You're too manly to be a straight up bulby baby, so you're bulby baby 2.0 <3

#joshlyn34 Dialga. I feel like you were teasing me in casting about Pokemon being too cutesy cuz you preferred something else (idr if it was digimon or yu gi oh) so I tried to pick a badass looking one. Steel dragon!

#StraightLoonie Stantler. Lmaooooo. It's sort of moose-y and also LOOK AT THAT THICC ASS I CAN'T STOP GIGGLING WHEN I SEE HIM and it says Big Horn under his name and lmaoooo it's so you. Love you <3

#Willie_ Skitty. Obviously you're a cat, I just had to decide which one, and I went with this because LOOK HOW FUCKING CUTE IT IS. YESSS.

#Jerrysgirl2011 Chansey. I know you have kids, and this one with her egg pouch seems motherly haha. So cute!

#CruelSummer Cursola. I was scrolling down the list and this one stuck out to me, probably cuz it has similar letters to your username, but it looks cool.

#islandman22 Drizzile. Something lizardy popped into my head, and he seems cute and fun.

#typhlosion37 Typhlosion. :P This is another pokemon I didn't know of so it didn't click with me what your username was until recently, haha.

#Olympia Snivy. Look at him. He's adorable, but he just looks like he sits there and side-eyes the fuck out of everyone, making snide comments. That's you <3

#danyyboy67 Dragonite. A dragon seems fitting for you, and this one is so cute.

#semajdude Monferno. A fire monkey just seems you.

#alexclow345 Wigglytuff. Fucking adorable, and Peterya taught me is not the same as jigglypuff!

#JohnPopper Herdier. Honestly, I googled loyal pokemon, cuz that is the word I always associate with you, and then picked a really cute one. Love you <3

#Kmartt Kubfu. When in doubt, look for ones that start with first litter of username. Picked a cute K one!

#tbrown_47 Timburr. It's a Tim! Lmao and look how cute and strong he is, and his name is 7 letters long ;)

#Absol Mega Absol. :P You make me nervous, I don't know if this is a TRAP or if you maybe said your favorite in the pokemon party and I forgot. But omg okay Absol sounds cool, I googled and it doesn't normally evolve, so like, cool loner vibes, makes me think of you. But like, it can evolve into mega Absol only with the special Absolite stone, so I was like yeah, let's do this.

SennaRichards Psyduck. It's cute, and I remember you saying you wanted one!

candy_land Squirtle! Adorable, and I'm pretty sure its your favorite! <3

crayadian Crawdaunt. Name was similar!

joshgillespie Mudkip! Cute and I remember you said it was your favorite!

hellocat. Mew! Seems obviously fitting.

jujubee Ho-Oh. Rainbow bird because you have rainbow hair!

xalbeertoox Xatu. Psychic, flying, and starts with X :)

_Matt Nidorina. Not really sure why, was just scrolling through them and this one gave me vibes.

Yonaka Yamper <3 you get a yellow dog, so cute.

Arik2745 Raichu. I feel like I should know your favorite and it's really bothering me that I can't think of it. I keep thinking Pikachu for you, but then I decided to evolve it and give you Raichu instead. I still can't think of your favorite, but this fits.

ChrisParker13 Sandslash. Don't know why, but I'm feeling it.

rohanprabhu Sobble. I wanted to give you a more recent generation one, and this is fun, water lizard!

Hayden9102 Stufful! I caught one in my discord earlier and thought about how cute it was, and it's perfect for you, cuz it coordinates your avatar, it's a cute bear, and it has lots of pink on it <3

Marwane Marowak. It's close to your name, and it's so cute haha and looks badass with his little skull helmet.

Chic Glameow. It's literally so perfect for you, it's a cat, and it's glam!

bunnycat Whismur! It's purple and has bunny ears :}

killenit Jigglypuff! Okay so this is one of the few I have always known by name before I started getting into it, and I always thought it was cute and had a funny name, but I just learned it can SING so obviously it's perfect for you <3

AmandaBynes Purrloin. Purrrrr. So fucking cute too and it says she's DEVIOUS!

nmh95 Machamp! He's jacked, hahaha.

lexeyjane Flabebe! So cute, a little flower fairy.

andalarew_2231 Latias. It's sensitive and caring and hates hostility, it's so perfect for you <3

mrkkkkyle Krokorok. I picked the one with the most Ks :P

adeleadele Lunala. Moon :)

Nanonerd Charmeleon. Honestly don't know why, but it's a good one!

sosyomomma Solosis. Cute little ball of jello haha

mysterygame2 Mewtoo. Very mysterious.


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