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Total Drama Back To The Start: Episode 11

Dec 27, 2022 by charrison790564
#casting #totaldrama
We finally made it to double digits numbers
Raving Rabbids:
Scott( Imprincearthur
Katie littleangel
Harold( Gethann
Eva( soyag
Izzy( Slice
Owen( DSGamer124
Gwen( Turkeylover
Dirty Pigs:
DJ( heyitsme06
Justin( Kmartt
Leshawana( Mrkk
Heather( cocovanderbilt
Lindsay( Smallchild99
Noah( Killenit
Geoff( Colincoco
-Chris Is Seen On The Dock-
Chris: Welcome to another episode of Total Drama
Chris: There won't be a challenge this episode
Chris: Since there will be a double elimination and both teams have to choose who have to go home tonight
Chris: It about to go down
Chris: And I'm here for it
Chris: I won't even tell him anything and I will let the drama fold
Chris: Hope You Enjoy Episode 11 Of Total Drama Back To The Start
-Intro Started Playing-
Also If you wanna know what happen in the intro let me know because I can show it in the next episode
-Owen and Harold crying-
Owen: Why Duncan
Harold: He was supposed to be with us in the final 3
Harold: And Now He Gone
Harold Confessional: I happy Duncan is gone
Harold Confessional: Since it mean I can control the game by myself and make actual friends
Harold Confessional: Owen will still be with me
Harold Confessional: As He is trustworthy
Owen Confessional: Atleast I still have Izzy with me
Owen Confessional: I would never leave Izzy
Owen Confessional: And I got Harold also
Owen Confessional: Get it together Owen
Owen Confessional: You better than this
Izzy Confessional: Owen is really sad
Izzy Confessional: I feel bad for him
Izzy Confessional: Crazy thing is I didn't even vote for Duncan
Izzy Confessional: But I know who did
-Izzy walk up to Eva and Katie-
Izzy: We gotta vote off Gwen once we lose
Katie: Yeah You Right
Izzy: She A Big Threat in this game
Izzy: Have y'all seen how she talk to Scott
Izzy: She probably manipulate him
Eva: We got your back
Izzy: Alright Thanks
Eva: No problem to a friend
-Gwen heard them-
Gwen Confessional: Izzy gotta go bruh
Gwen Confessional: I can get Harold and Scott on my side
Gwen Confessional: But...What About Owen
Gwen Confessional: Gonna be tough
-Gwen talk to the boys-
Owen: What's Up :(
Gwen: Listen I heard Izzy and the girls Is trying to vote me so I need y'all to save me and vote Izzy
Scott: Alright
Harold: Sound Good
Owen: What
Gwen: Yeah
Owen: But....
Gwen: I know she your girlfriend
Gwen: But We need you
Owen: I will think about it
Gwen: Ok Good
Owen: Let just win this challenge
Owen: I really don't wanna vote someone off
Gwen: Yeah let win
-Heather and Lindsay-
Lindsay: You and Leshawana gotta make up
Heather: Lol Why?
Lindsay: I getting worried about y'all health
Heather: When have you ever cared about people health
Lindsay: I had always did
Heather: You shouldn't
Heather: Know What
Heather: You wanna stay in this alliance or no?
Lindsay: I don't care no more
Lindsay: I done with this alliance
Lindsay: It gonna turn me evil
Lindsay: I knew to have not comeback
Lindsay: So This is goodbye to our alliance
Heather: But...
Lindsay Confessional: That Felt Good
Heather Confessional: That Bitch
Heather Confessional: She so is next
Heather Confessional: Forget Leshawana
Heather Confessional: Lindsay you the main target
Leshawana Confessional: I could hear Confessional
Leshawana Confessional: Seems like She voting Lindsay and Lindsay could be possibly voting her
Leshawana Confessional: so I think I safe
Leshawana Confessional: Now I just need to focus on today challenge
-DJ talking to Justin-
Justin: Don't you ever wonder why we ever sign up lol
DJ: That is a really good question
Justin: Times really do fly by
DJ: Yeah strike us like a fly
Justin: Crazy how Sadie and Katie are police officers
Justin: Crazy how Courtney is a lawyer
DJ: It crazy how I got my own TV Show
DJ: Justin Do you ever wish to go back as teens and kids
Justin: Yeah a lot of time
Justin: I wish to have see my dad again and my grandparents
Justin: It is hard living without them
DJ: I feel your pain
DJ: Fucking Sierra
Justin: I happy she didn't ruin your life
DJ: Same
Justin: Never actually knew how terrible she really is
DJ: Lol I just thought she was obsessed with Cody
Justin: Same
DJ: Speaking of him, I wonder how he doing in life
Justin: Same
DJ: Can't believe this might be out last time competing
Justin: Atleast we making it a good one
-Noah and Geoff walk Over-
Noah: What y'all talking about?
DJ: Oh Nothing
Geoff: Well there some drinks in the kitchen
DJ: Alright
-Chris then on the speaker-
Chris: Campers a crazy twist is about to happen
Eva: What is it?
Chris: This is the last elimination before merge so I am making this elimination a double elimination
Izzy: What
Scott: Why?
Chris: Both teams will vote someone off
Chris: So Make A Good Choice
Chris: Dirty Pigs Go First
-Dirty Pigs Voting-
Lindsay: Hope You Go
Heather: Alliance Breaker
Leshawana: Sorry But Sorry
-Campfire Ceremony
Chris: Alright
Chris: Once I give you these marshmallow then that mean you made it to merge
First Marshmallow Goes To.....
Rest Has Votes
Lindsay Confessional: Not Surprised I got voted because of Heather
Heather Confessional: Just me and Lindsay, only one is going and it will be Lindsay
Final Marshmallow Goes To...
Lindsay: What
Noah: Sorry
Lindsay: But Why
Leshawana: You made it to the finals and is a threat
Lindsay: Well I understand
Lindsay: Hope Heather lose though
Leshawana: I gonna miss you
Lindsay: Will miss you too Queen 馃憫
-Lindsay and Leshawana Hugs-
Lindsay: Go out there and win again
Leshawana: I will try
-Lindsay walk the dock of shame-
Chris: Raving Rabbids It Is Now Your Turn
-Raving Rabbids Voting-
Izzy: Sorry but is a threat
Gwen: You going home
Owen: This was a hard choice but I picking you
-Campfire Ceremony-
Chris: Alright Campers
Chris: Are y'all ready?
Gwen: We sure are
Chris: Alright Then
First Marshmallow Goes To...
Rest Has Votes
Izzy Confessional: Oh God
Gwen Confessional: Moment Of Truth to see who Owen voted for
Chris: Final Marshmallow Goes To....
Scott: Wait
Owen: What?
Scott: I would like to play my idol on Gwen
Izzy: No
Chris: Let me see
Izzy Confessional: I guess I going home
Chris: Um Scott.....
Scott: What?
Chris: This is a fake idol
Scott: What
Gwen: Wait What
Owen: What
Chris: Someone must have stole your idol
Scott: Noooo Gwen
Katie: That Bullshit
Chris: Sorry
Katie: You fucking bastard
Chris: It the rules
Chris: Should have kept his idol safe
Chris: and now.....
Chris: Final Marshmallow Goes To......
-Everyone Including Izzy is pissed-
Izzy: Gwen Omg
Gwen: It ok
Izzy: I feel sorry
Gwen: Don't be
Gwen: I had a fun time here with y'all
Gwen: This was my story without Cody
Gwen: And it was a good one
Izzy: Glad you have fun
Gwen: Same
Gwen: Scott I gonna miss you
Scott: Same
Gwen: I try my best to stay in with you but fail
Gwen: I'm So Sorry
Scott: It will be ok
Scott: Hope you and Cody have a good life
Scott Confessional: What Gwen didn't know I had 2 idols
Scott Confessional: One Fake and One Real
Scott Confessional: Crazy lol
Scott Confessional: I'm a villian and that what villains do
Scott Confessional: Now Onto Merge
Scott Confessional: Hahahahahaha
-The End and Here To A Good Merge-
Elimination Order:
22.Sadie( strawberryblood/6-4)
21.Cody( AntonB/5-3-2-1)
20.Tyler( punkhockey/7-3)
19.Courtney( Kiara_xoxo/Forfeit)
18.Bridgette( marybay/5-3-1)
17.Trent( BBHoward33/3-2-1-1)
16.Sierra( SugarFall/Auto Elimination
15.Duncan( MileyRayCyrus/Lost TieBreaker


Katie: That Bullshit
Chris: Sorry
Katie: You fucking bastard
Sent by Bernard_Sanders,Dec 27, 2022

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