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Scream S3 EP4

Jun 6, 2023 by charrison790564
#Casting #Scream
Jack Martin(Charrison
Ryan Mott( Imprincearthur
Melanie Plythe( cocovanderbilt
Yeti Aaron's( peace123
Harry Smith( Macda27
Tyrone Martin(Charrison
Mackey( Mackey
Eddy Mott(Imprincearthur
Tommy Connolly( Tommy123
Britney Hilton( princesspretty
Jackie Connolly(Tommy123
Rose Rancitelli(Tommy123
Edward Diplio(Imprincearthur
Cino John( Alittlechese
Hoop Dancer( lhooper902976
Robert Dancer(lhooper902976
Perrie Edwards( mybash_
Nill Bye(Alittlechese
Amanda Diplio(Imprincearthur
Gerry Lopez(Charrison)

-Ryan having a dream-

Ryan: Aaron?

Aaron: Ryan I need you to run and get out of Paulsboro

Ryan: What’s going on

Aaron: Believe me Paulsboro is just gonna keep getting worst

Ryan: Aaron

-From behind Ghostface cut off Aaron head-

Ryan: Aaron -starts to cry-

-Suddenly Ryan wakes up-

Eddy: Hey you’re ok?

Ryan: Yeah I am fine

Eddy: It’s ok to tell me what is happening with you

Ryan: I guess the truth won’t bother you. I have been having nightmares about our brother Aaron and he kept telling me to leave Paulsboro. I started to get worried that all my friends are dead and that I will lose everything.

Eddy: You have me

Ryan: I love you as a brother

Eddy: I love you too

-Eddy and Ryan hugs-

-As The Title Card Scream Plays-

-Jack was watching tv and then heard a noise-

Jack: Oh crap

-Jack got on his wheelchair-

-Jack was rolling his wheelchair and then got scared when Melanie appear-

Jack: Thanks god it was only you

Melanie: We need to talk

Jack: About what?

Melanie: About Your Son

-Next Scene cuts to Tommy and Jackie in Tommy car-

Tommy: I will stay here and wait for you

Jackie: Ok and lock the door

Tommy: I know mom

-Jackie got out the car and walk to Gerry house-

-Jackie open the door-

Jackie: Mr.Lopez I am here for my therapy

Jackie: Mr.Lopez?

-Jackie open Gerry room showing Gerry dead body-

-Jackie screams as we cut back to Melanie and Jack-

Jack: Are you sure that’s my son?

Melanie: He look just like you

Jack: I would have been 13 when he was in his mom's stomach and I am only 26 right now. I only play with toys and games when I was only 13

Melanie: I will look more into who he is

Jack: Ok go do that

-Melanie and Jack kiss as next scene cuts to Hoop outside his car-

-Hoop see rats running around-

Hoop: Fucking rats

Hoop: Can’t believe the party got canceled

Hoop: I gotta go back to my crazy-

-Ghostface stabbed Hoop-

Hoop: Ow

Ghostface: Haha

-Hoop then shot ghostface-

Ghostface: Crap

-Hoop runs-

Ghostface: Forget him I got another target on my mind

-Cino is chilling on his couch watching the hub-

Cino: Who needs a slut like Brittney. I hope she dies

-Perrie walks in-

Perrie: What are you doing?

Cino: What do you think

Perrie: I hope you didn’t hurt that girl

Cino: So what

Perrie: Because that is considered abuse

Cino: You do your dumb podcast and I do whatever I want

Perrie: Fine you piece of shit

-Pierre goes to his room to start a podcast-

Pierre: Welcome back to the Pierre Podcast Show. Ghostface has been attacking people all over Paulsboro and Chief Ryan is in Kentucky. This could be the end of Paulsboro as we know it. Please whoever is out there help us save the town from Ghostface.

-30 minutes later and Pierre podcast ends-

Pierre: I hope we kill this bastard soon

-Next scene shows Ghostface breaking into Harry and Yeti Lair-

Ghostface: They’re somewhere and I can feel it

-As Ghostface took a step a bear trap cut his foot-

Ghostface: Fuck

-Just as Ghostface got out the bear trap Harry hit him with a baseball bat-

-Next scene cuts to Hoop getting home-
Robert: Hoop what happen

Hoop: That bitch ghostface stabbed me

Robert: That is it. I can’t let this bastard keep killing the people I love. Hoop, stay here and lock the doors. I'm gonna kill Ghostface once and for all.

-Next Scene shows Tyrone-

Tyrone: Mother I will miss you. You were my everything and I will make you proud. Even if it takes me months. Sign Tyrone Martin.

Tyrone: Here you go

Mailman: Took long enough

Tyrone: Yeah I know

Mailman: Are you home alone?

Tyrone: No my guardian is inside

Mailman: Well you have a great day

Tyrone: You too

-Next Scene is back with Ryan and Eddy-

Ryan: Hey how did you survive the ghostface attack?

Eddy: I honestly don’t know

Ryan: Eddy whatever happens next I will be here for you

-Next Scene is with Ghostface tied up-

Yeti: Ready to unmask this fellow?

-Harry and Yeti unmask Ghostface-

Harry: Wait this not the real ghostface

Yeti: How do you know?

Harry: I seen him all over the internet just being a ghostface fan and he have no weapons on him right now

Mackey: Please let me go

Harry: We will let you go but you are going to stay with us

Mackey: Ok but please don’t hurt me I am only 15

Yeti: Crap now where is the real ghostface at?

-Next Scene shows Rose about to bake a cake for her family-

-A Door Opens-

Rose: Jackie is that you? I am about to bake a cake.

-As Rose was going to put the cake in the oven-

Ghostface: Say hello to god for me Granny

Rose: Hey you not Jackie

Ghostface: I am something even better

-Ghostface stab a knife in her eye and tear her into pieces and then baking her as a cake-

Ghostface: I sure her daughter will love seeing her be baked

-The Episode Ends as Ghostface laughs-


good episode
Sent by Macda27,Jun 6, 2023
Thanks macda27 I finally back writing scripts
Sent by charrison790564,Jun 6, 2023
Glad Hoop survived his encounter. Also gruesome end.
Sent by lhooper902976,Jun 6, 2023
Glad you liked it lhooper902976
Sent by charrison790564,Jun 7, 2023

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