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Total Drama Back To The Start: Episode 12

Feb 4, 2023 by charrison790564
#casting #totaldrama
Merge Time
Scott( Imprincearthur
Katie littleangel
Harold( Gethann
Eva( soyag
Izzy( Slice
Owen( DSGamer124
DJ( heyitsme06
Justin( Kmartt
Leshawana( Mrkk
Heather( cocovanderbilt
Noah( Killenit
Geoff( Colincoco
-The campers are seen at the campfire-
Geoff: Congrats on merge to everyone
DJ: Same goes to you
Scott: No Chris I guess?
Leshawana: Chris is probably just hanging out with Chef
Leshawana: Just like he always do
Noah: Or he is leaving
-Campers saw Chris and Chef leave the island-
Heather: Where are they going?
Noah: I don't know let try and catch them
-As Campers catch up Chris and Chef has left-
DJ: So we struck on this island by ourselves
DJ: Cool
Harold: Hey there a note
-Eva pick up the note-
Eva: It says there is a masked killer on the loose
Eva: Please be on the lookout
Eva: As if we believe-
Katie: Omg I'm scared
Harold: Yeah not even my karate skills can save us
Izzy: Owen you shall come with me
Owen: Oh Ok
-Izzy and Owen left-
Scott: I gonna go back to the cabin
DJ: Stay Safe
Scott: Whatever you say
-Scott leaves-
Katie: I gonna use the bathroom
Katie: I will be right back
Geoff: Be safe
-Katie goes to the bathroom-
Katie: Now alone time
-Katie then heard a noise-
Katie: Izzy is that you?
Katie: Don't scared me
-a chainsaw was heard-
-Katie Screams-
Katie: Ahhhhhhh
-Katie is now seen at a tent-
Katie: Omg
Chris: Welcome
Katie: I...I...I thought  you left
Chris: Nah
Katie: Who under the mask?
Chris: It Chef
Katie: Phew I thought I was gonna die
Chris: Well you can enjoy the show
Katie: Alright then
Eva: So Katie not back yet
DJ: She might have been killed
Eva: Don't be dumb right now
Harold: I gonna check in the woods
Harold: She probably there
Justin: Be safe Harold
Harold: I will
-Harold goes to the wood-
Harold: Something tells me that I shouldn't be alone right now
Harold: Hmmm
-Harold hear a noise-
Harold: What
Harold: Oh Chef it just you
-Owen and Izzy finish making out-
Owen: Wow Izzy that was amazing
Izzy: What can I say
Izzy: I'm a pro
-Chef then Came-
Izzy: Omg
Owen: Don't take me
Owen: Take Izzy Instead
Izzy: What
-Owen push Izzy-
-Owen and Izzy get taken to the tent-
Owen: Chris
Owen: Thank God you alive
Owen: There was a masked killer
Owen: And-
Chef: Oh that was just Chef
-Chef waves-
-Izzy got mad-
Owen: Oh
Heather: I going to the bathroom
Heather: I gotta be clean
-Heather leaves-
DJ: Hey Geoff we should walk together
Geoff: Sure
Noah: Be Safe lol
Noah: I heard there ghosts
DJ: Gh.Ghosts
Geoff: Don't listen to him dude
DJ: Alright
-DJ and Geoff leaves-
Leshawana: You like making people scared do you
Noah: What can I say
Noah: It fun
-Scott woke up-
Scott: Huh?
Scott: Thought I heard something
Scott: Probably just the woods
-Chef stand behind him-
Chef: Or was it
-Scott screams as he go into the tent-
Scott: Holy
Chris: That was a good scared was it?
Scott: I guess
Chris: Wait a minute
Chris: Have anyone seen Harold?
Scott: No
Chris: That's weird
Chris: He hasn't gotten out the woods in a minute
Chris: Probably nothing
-DJ and Geoff-
DJ: Okay, no matter what, you do not leave. Not if you hear a psycho. Not if you see a psycho. Not if the psycho is slashing you to bits!

Geoff: Dude, no worries. I got your back.

Chris: Cue the ice cream truck.

[ice cream music plays]

Geoff: Ice cream? No way!


DJ: Hello?

[razor buzzing]

DJ: [gasps] [screams]

Heather: DJ! It’s me! Heather!

DJ: [stops screaming, then continues]

DJ: [screaming]


Chris: Dude, you’re safe!

DJ: I am? Phew.

Chris: It’s just Chef!

DJ: [gasps]

Chris: He was gonna scare the bejeebers out of you, but apparently Heather beat him to it.

DJ: Bro, did you see her face? That was some serious ugly going on!

Chris: True, but you still bailed before Chef even got a crack at you. Speaking of which, you’re up psycho man.

Gwen: Are you okay? I heard screaming.

Heather: I’m fine. But you might wanna check on DJ. He ran out of here like he saw a ghost. Can I have my shower in peace, please?

Gwen: Ooh, I wouldn’t do that if I–

[shower runs]


Heather: Hello? I’m in the shower!


Heather: Very funny, Duncan. Now get lost!

[chainsaw buzzes]

Heather: I’m serious dude, get lo– [screams]

Chris: Maybe if you paid attention to the scary movies, you’d know that A) you never go off alone, and B) You certainly never shower alone.

Justin: I gonna check on DJ

Noah: Alright be safe

Justin: I will

-Justin check up on DJ-

Justin: DJ can't be far

Justin: Can he?

-Leshawana pop up out of nowhere-

Justin: Oh Leshawana

Leshawana: Hey

Justin: I thought you was with Eva and Noah

Leshawana: They was getting boring

Leshawana: Beside I gotta look for Harold

Justin: Hey I see a tent

Leshawana: Let go inside

-Leshawana and Trent goes inside-

Leshawana: What the

Chris: Guess y'all out

Justin: No Way

Justin: This was all a act

Chris: Pretty Much

Justin: Low-ball man

Chris: Hey let see Eva and Noah in the cafeteria

DJ: Wait where Geoff and Chef?

-Geoff is seen with Chef mask-

Geoff: Nice fight scene Chef

Chef: No Problem

Katie: Wait

Katie: If you here

Katie: Then who is with Eva and Noah

DJ: It's the masked killer that we saw on the loose

-Noah and Eva-

-Masked Killer staring at them-

Eva: I wasn’t born yesterday, dude. Please, we watch a scary movie with an escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook and here you are running around.

Noah: Okay, I know actors without speaking parts don’t get paid much, but seriously, dude, invest in a dental plan and some toothpaste!

Noah: Hey! You want a sandwich before you impale me with your big, scary hook? Okay. [chomp] Look, you can drop the charade, okay? I know you’re an actor with a hook prop. And frankly, you’re not that scary. Ew, gross. How did they get it to go all scabby like that?

Psycho Killer: [growls]

[chainsaw buzzes]

Everyone but Noah and Eva: Noah and Eva! He’s the real escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook!

Eva: What?

Psycho Killer: [growls]

Noah and Eva: [screams]

-Eva punch the Killer in the face-

Psycho Killer: [flamboyant voice] Ow! Oh, that was totally uncalled for! Man, I am so out of here! I was treated way better in prison!

-Killer grab Harold out of the back and untie him-

Psycho Killer: See Ya


Chris: [chuckles] Well it’s obvious to everyone that Eva and Noah wins invincibility. And sadly, it’s equally unanimous that Harold walk the Dock of Shame. Since he was the only one who that was tied up and got injured

Harold: That's Bull

Chris: My Rules

Harold: Well see you guys

DJ: Suck you got out

Owen: I gonna miss you Harold

Scott: Bye Bye

Noah: Yeah Bye

-Harold walk on the boat of losers and Leaves-

-DJ Confessional-

DJ: Final Elimination of merge

DJ: And I still here

DJ: Time to do my best now

-Eva Confessional-

Eva: Final 11

Eva: I ready for whatever come mine way

-Izzy Confessional-

Izzy: That was a scary experience and I know for crazy

-Geoff Confessional-

Geoff: Sorry for leaving you DJ

Geoff: Hope we can make up

-The End-

Elimination Order:
22.Sadie( strawberryblood/6-4)
21.Cody( AntonB/5-3-2-1)
20.Tyler( punkhockey/7-3)
19.Courtney( Kiara_xoxo/Forfeit)
18.Bridgette( marybay/5-3-1)
17.Trent( BBHoward33/3-2-1-1)
16.Sierra( SugarFall/Auto Elimination
15.Duncan( MileyRayCyrus/Lost TieBreaker
14/13.Lindsay( SmallChild99/5-1)
14/13.Gwen( TurkeyLover/4-3)
12.Harold(Gethann/Injured and Auto Eliminated)

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