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Scream S2 EP 5

Sep 5, 2022 by charrison790564
#casting #scream
Hey guys sorry that this is gonna be a short episode
Episode 5: No More Death
Jack Martin(Charrison
Ryan Mott( imprincearthur
Melanie Plythe( Cocovanderbilt
Harry Smith( Macda27
New Characters:
Zach Pine( Tommy123
Brooke Pine(Tommy123
Jack Pole(Imprincearthur
Martin Pole(Imprincearthur
Percy Pole(Imprincearthur
Ashley Cummette( Roxas546
Yeti Aarons( peace123
Lemon Aarons(peace123
Sadie Clovis(Jengaged
Jennifer Delmonico( Jengaged
Brian Ross(Charrison
Olivia Pine(Tommy123
Shi Kami( Shanedawson12345
Mayor Clement(Charrison
-Jack walking-
Ghostface: Sigh
Ghostface: He shouldn't have went outside
-Back to Jack-
Jack: Hey Percy
Percy: Oh Jack you alright
Jack: Yeah just checking on you to see if you are safe by yourself
Percy: Yeah I doing fine right now
Jack: Great to hear
Jack: Hey I will call you back in a few hours alright
Percy: Alright
-Jack hang up-
Jack: *sigh* I feel bad leaving him all alone
Jack: I wonder how Martin is doing
-As Jack was walking, Ghostface stab his foot-
Jack: Ow
Jack: Who there
-Ghostface appears-
Ghostface: Surprise
Jack: So you're Ghostface
Ghostface: Yeah
Ghostface: A huge fan of Harry
Jack: Why are you killing
Ghostface: Because it is fun
Jack: Yeah to you
Ghostface: Hey I sorry
Ghostface: You are about to die
Jack: You gonna make a big mistake
Jack: Cause both of my brothers will find you and will kill you
Ghostface:Yeah sure
Ghostface: But for you
Ghostface: This is the end
-Ghostface slashes Jack as it turn to Jack and Melanie-
Melanie: Babe
Jack: What
Melanie: Do you think Harry is helping the murder
Jack: What no
Melanie: Just think about it
Melanie: Harry still alive and could possibly help the new murder
Jack: Baby Harry learn his lesson
Jack: I think he will kill the murder if they ever attack him
Melanie: OK then
Jack: But for now
Jack: We need to find out who the murder is
Melanie: Yeah
Jack: So let get back to looking
Melanie: Alright
Ryan: Why did we split up
Ryan: I so dumb
Ryan: Well I have my gun
Ryan: Let just hope Zach and Brooke be safe
Ryan: I mean the murder could be anywhere
Ryan: I gonna miss my brother Aaron
Ryan: But enough of that
Ryan: I gotta get home
Ryan:I ain't staying in the dark
-Ryan left-
Harry: I think I safe from the murder
Harry: Oh why did The Mayor had to die
Harry: None of this wouldn't have happen if it wasn't for me
Harry: I'm stupid
-Harry bump into someone-
Yeti: Watch it
Harry: Oh sorry
Lemon: Yeti we gotta move
Harry: Where yall going?
Lemon: We looking to kill Ghostface after the trouble they had cause
Harry: I could help yall
Yeti: No way
Yeti: After the murders you had Cause
Yeti: We don't trust you
Harry: Alright then
Harry: Have fun
-Harry leaves-
Yeti: Did we make the right decision?
Lemon: Yeah we did
Lemon: We can't trust no one but ourselves
Yeti: I happy you are a good friend
Lemon: Yeah me too
Sadie: Made it back home
Sadie: Never thought Paulsboro would be so empty
Sadie: But here we are
Sadie: Damn-
-Martin appears-
Martin: Help me
Sadie: What wrong?
Martin: My brothers aren't safe
Sadie: Wait how
Martin: Ghostface is coming
Martin: And they are coming for my brother
Sadie: Well how can I help?
Martin: Do you know how to shoot?
Sadie: Oh yes
Martin: Then you perfect
Sadie: For what
Martin: For shooting Ghostface
-The End-

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