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Total Drama Back To The Start: Episode 9

Oct 29, 2022 by charrison790564
casting #totaldrama
This whole episode is all about the Dirty Pigs
Raving Rabbids
Duncan( MileyRayCyrus
Scott( Imprincearthur
Katie littleangel
Harold( Gethann
Eva( soyag
Izzy( Slice
Owen( DSGamer124
Gwen( Turkeylover
Dirty Pigs:
DJ( heyitsme06
Justin( Kmartt
Sierra( SugarFall
Leshawana( Mrkk
Heather( cocovanderbilt
Lindsay( Smallchild99
Noah( Killenit
Geoff( Colincoco
Chris: Oh hello and welcome back
Chris: The Dirty Pigs are in danger while Heather is safe after helping out Chef
Chris: The Plot Twist Shock Everyone
Chris: And Guess What
Chris: We are almost close to Merge
Chris: Ain't that excited
Chris: It sucks this will be the last season of the gen 1 cast but who cares this season is all about a reunion
Chris: Now let get back to the action
Chris: And See you when the last person to complete the challenge is out
-TDBATS Intro Plays-
Heather: Lindsay
Lindsay: Oh Hey Heather
Heather: I need you to stop playing dumb
Lindsay: What?
Heather: I need you to not be the last one to complete the challenge
Lindsay: What if I am
Heather: Then you are going home automatic
Heather: And you won't be available to make the finals with me and I guess Izzy
Lindsay: I won't let you down
Lindsay Confessional: I gotta make Heather proud
Lindsay Confessional: I can't just lose
Lindsay Confessional: No Matter what my focus is on the challenge
-DJ and Geoff-
DJ: Hey Dude
Geoff: What's Up DJ
DJ: Oh Nothing just want to see what you're doing
Geoff: Crazy we not voting right
DJ: Yeah and How Heather got immunity
Geoff: But that don't matter right now
Geoff: We should talk about Sierra
DJ: Heat about Sierra
Geoff: I was going out for a swim and then heard Sierra talking to a guy on a phone that she is happy about how one of your family member dies
DJ: You Sure
Geoff: Yeah Trust Me
DJ: Well Hope She Get Out
Geoff: Hope So Too
Geoff: And Good Luck in the challenge
DJ: Yeah you too
-Sierra overheard them-
Sierra Confessional: Good thing we won't vote
Sierra Confessional: But I do knows the last person to complete the challenge will be gone
Sierra Confessional: So I can get first and Geoff or DJ get last
Sierra Confessional: Then nobody would listen to them since it only them
Sierra Confessional: Man I happy Scott is here
Sierra Confessional: Go Sierra
-Justin talks to Noah-
Justin: What's you reading
Noah: Oh Nothing just a book call Haunted Mansion and it about these humans trapped in a mansion trying to defeat a ghost call Jake
Justin: Sound Nice
Noah: Owen talk to you yet
Justin: Nah
Noah: Ok Then
Noah: I gonna go to the bathroom to finish this book
Justin: Alright stay safe
Justin Confessional: I never realized until now that Owen is legit my only real friend
Justin Confessional: We may have our difference but that what friends
Justin Confessional: Really hope to make it up to him
Justin Confessional: Owen I hope we make merge together
-Leshawana Confessional: Seems like I gotta bring my a game on or I could lose
Leshawana Confessional: I gotta stay longer than Heather I just have too
Leshawana Confessional: Sierra is evil and Lindsay is dumb
Leshawana Confessional: So I hope one of them is in the bottom 2
Leshawana Confessional: And Yeah that right Geoff told me everything about Sierra
Leshawana Confessional: But I do want Lindsay to go also so Heather don't have a ally until merge
Chris: All Dirty Pigs Except Heather come to the outside for your challenge
Lindsay: Bye Heather
Heather: Yeah Bye
-Dirty Pigs-
DJ: Chris we here
Chris: Oh hello campers
Chris: Me and Chef have been waiting for you
Chris: Right Chef
Chef: Yeah
Leshawana: So what we doing
Chris: Alright let me go over the rules
Chris: The challenge is call purge
Chris: You have to solve a puzzle, then throw 10 balls into a can and lastly race to the cabin
Chris: Last to complete it is going home
Chris: And Go
The Dirty Pigs are off
Noah finish the puzzle
DJ finish the puzzle
Leshawana finish the puzzle
Leshawana finish the 10 balls in a can
Geoff finish the puzzle
Lindsay finish the puzzle
Sierra finish the puzzle
Geoff finish the 10 balls in a can
Leshawana finish the race and got 1st
Noah finish the 10 balls in a can
Noah finish the race and got 2nd
Geoff finish the race and got 3rd
Justin finish the puzzle
Lindsay finish the 10 balls in a can
Lindsay finish the race and got 4th
Heather Confessional: Yes Lindsay is safe
Heather Confessional: But Yet Leshawana is also safe ugh
DJ finish 10 balls in a can
DJ finish the race and got 5th
Justin and Sierra finish the 10 balls in a can
Who will complete the challenge? Sierra or Justin
Geoff Confessional: Let Go Justin
Owen Confessional: Please Justin Win
Noah Confessional: You Got This Justin
Heather Confessional: Let Go Sierra
Scott Confessional: Go Sierra
Ev Confessional: Sierra got this
Izzy: Wonder who gonna win
Duncan: Yeah same
Harold: It 50/50 for everyone to root for
-Someone Finish The Race-
Nobody could see who finish until Chris announces it
Chris: And The Second To Last Person to finish the race is...
Chris: Justin
Chef: Wow A Shocker
Sierra: But....But
Chef: Chris say it already you're going home
Sierra: Sigh
Geoff: That what you get
Leshawana: Shouldn't have made fun of a dead person
DJ: I hope you go to hell you physcopath
Sierra: I don't really care anyways
Sierra: This is the longest I have ever lasted and I shall say I had won
Chef: Not For Long
Sierra: Lol why?
Sadie: Sierra you're under arrest
Sierra: What
Sadie: You going to jail for the murder of Elijah Hampton
Sierra: Please let me go
Sadie: Too Late
Sierra: No...No....Nooooo
-Sadie puts Sierra in the helicopter-
Katie: Omg Sadie
Sadie: Katie I miss you
Katie: Same
Sadie: Look at you going strong
Katie: Yeah
Sadie: Your parents are happy for you
Sadie: And hope you win
Katie: Guess I won't see you again until for a while
-Sadie and Katie hugs as Sadie fly the helicopter away-
Lindsay Confessional: I gotta say that was emotional
Duncan Confessional: That reunion was sweet
Scott Confessional: I gotta say Sierra deserve to be in jail now after what I just saw
Scott Confessional: But now I gotta pay attention ever farther now that all I have is Gwen left
Chris: What a elimination
Chris: But who will be going next
Chris: Will there be any more surprises
Chris: And Who is making it to merge
Chris: Find Out Next Time On
Chris: Total Drama
Chris: Back
Chris: To The
Chris: Start
-TD Outro Plays-
The End
Elimination Order:
22.Sadie( strawberryblood/6-4)
21.Cody( AntonB/5-3-2-1)
20.Tyler( punkhockey/7-3)
19.Courtney( Kiara_xoxo/Forfeit)
18.Bridgette( marybay/5-3-1)
17.Trent( BBHoward33/3-2-1-1)
16.Sierra( SugarFall/Auto Elimination)


Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Oct 29, 2022
SUCH  a good episode ur writing skills r crazy charrison790564!! So excited for next episode already
Sent by peace123,Oct 29, 2022
peace123 thank you for liking the episode each season and episode gets better and better
Sent by charrison790564,Oct 29, 2022

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