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Total Drama Revenge of the Island Episode 1

Jun 22, 2023 by charrison790564
#Casting #TotalDrama

Chef - peace123

Cameron - Colincoco
Mike - Tommy123
Jo - Padfoot
Brick - austinrules6969
Zoey - NotNicky333
Dawn - CrimsonEnnui
Staci - Mrkk
Scott - imprincearthur
Lightning - lhooper902976
Anne Maria - ikaw0ng
Dakota - Cristophibi973
Sam - Midiaw
B - Mackey

Episode 1: Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama!

Chris: We are here with a new cast and new challenges

Chris: Sit down and relax and watch these 13 new contestants go through dangerous challenges.

Chris: I’m Chris Mclean and this is Total Drama Revenge of the Island!

-Theme Song Plays-

-The next scene shows a boat with all the contestants.

Chris: Here they come now

Chris: Scott

Scott: Stay out my way

Chris: Jo

Jo: You can do the same for me

Chris: B

-B smirk-

Chris: Dawn

Dawn: You have a great aura for a guy like you

-B smiles-

Chris: Cameron

Cameron: Ah the fresh beautiful air

Chris: Anne Maria

-Anne Maria pushes Cameron-

Cameron: Ahh

Anne Maria: Watch it bozo

Chris: Brick

Brick: Brick is reporting to duty

Chris: Dakota

Dakota: Hello hollywood your favorite actress Dakota is here

Chris: Zoey

Zoey: I am so excited to be here

Chris: Mike

Mike: Yeah I am excited also

Chris: Sam

Sam: Hope this show allows me to still let me play my video game

Chris: Staci

Staci: My great great great grandmother built this boat

Chris: And Lightning

Lightning: Lightning is here to win it

-The boat arrived and everyone got off-

Chef: Welcome to your new home for the next 7 weeks

Chef: Meet Chris at the campfire

-Next Scene is at the campfire-

Chris: Hello contestants

Brick: Hello captain sir

Chris: You can just call me Chris

Dakota: Why are we at the campfire ceremony anyways

Chris: I will need y’all to race around the island

Lightning: Oh that will be easy

Chris: And there is mutant animals everywhere

Zoey: What

-Mike Confessional-

Mike: Hey I’m Mike and I have a secret I would hate sharing

Mike: But I will do it anyways

Mike: I have multiple personality

Mike: And I also like this girl Zoey and if we ever dated I don’t know how I would tell her about my multiple personality

-Dakota Confessional-

Dakota: I am only here to get more fame

Dakota: I don’t care about these people

Dakota: That 1 million dollars is mine

-Cut back to the contestants racing-

Jo: Out the way

Brick: Oh I gonna beat you

Jo: Try not to break your legs -Jo laughs-

-Scott running and see Dawn flying with the birds-

Scott: How the heck is the birds lifting you up

Dawn: It’s call being good to nature

Scott: Well nature telling you to get hit by a tree

Dawn: What?

-Dawn get hit by a tree-

Scott: Sucker

-Cameron running-

Cameron: Oh wow look at that robin

-Cameron Confessional-

Cameron: This is my first time since like 2004 that I have been out my bubble

-Confessional ends-

Staci: And my great great grandfather invented swimming

Mike: Sure he did

Zoey: Hey Mike, do you have a secret?

Mike:  A Secret?

Mike: No

Zoey: Are you sure, I mean you are sweating a lot

Mike: Yes I am sure

-Zoey Confessional-

Zoey: I hope I didn’t make him uncomfortable

-Confessional Ends-

-Jo made it first-

Chris: Congrats you’re on the Toxic Rats

Jo: First Place!

-Scott makes it second-

Chris: Congrats you’re on the Mutant Maggots

-Scott Confessional-

Scott: I found this Chris Statue just laying on the ground

Scott: This shall be an interesting game

-B made it third-

Chris: Congrats you’re on the Toxic Rats

-B Nods-

-Meanwhile the forest-

Mike: What do you plan on doing with the money if you win?

Zoey: I don’t know

Mike: Well I would get a surgery

Zoey: For what?
Mike: Something secret

-Meanwhile Dawn makes it-

Chris: You’re on the Mutant Maggots

-Dawn angrily stares at Scott-

Dawn: Don’t you look at me

Scott: Oh I won’t *evil smile*

-Staci somehow made it-

Chrs: You’re on the Toxic Rats

Staci: My great great great grandpa created teams

-Lightning made it-

Chris: You’re on the Mutant Maggots

Lightning: Sha Boom

Chris: Hmmm I almost forgot

-Chris on the speakers-

Chris: Last person to make it is eliminated

-Sam hears it-

Sam: I better hurry up and makes it

-Cameron Confessional-

Cameron: It would be disappointing to be last as I just came out of my bubble

-Anne Maria made it-

Chris: You’re on the Toxic Rats

Anne Maria: Hello New Jersey

-Brick made it-

Chris: You’re on the Mutant Maggots

Brick: I won’t disappoint you again sir

Chris: Ok…..

-Mike and Zoey made it-

Chris: Mike you’re on the Toxic Rats and Zoey you’re on the Mutant Maggots

Mike: Wait, we won't be together?

Chris: Afraid so

Zoey: Hey mike, it’s gonna be ok

Zoey: I gonna see you at merge

Mike: It was fun talking to you I guess

-Dakota Confessional-

Dakota: I starting to regret coming on this show

-Dakota get hurt by a crab-

Dakota: You dang crab

-Back at the campfire-

Chris: 3 people left and only 2 will be on a team

-Dakota made it-

Chris: You’re on the Toxic Rats

Dakota: Yes I’m not last

-Cameron and Sam see each others and see the finish line-

Cameron: Good Luck

Sam: Same goes to you

-They both sprint-

-Sam jump as Cameron dives to the finish line-

Chris: And the person to be on the Mutant Maggots is…
Cameron: Yes
Chris: Sam i’m sorry but you’re the first person eliminated from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Sam: Atleast I have gotten a little bit of screen time

Sam: Guess I gotta go on the boat

Chris: Actually I have a new device to eliminate y’all

Sam: What is it?

-Camera show an Catapult-

Sam: Is this dangerous?

Chris: Don’t know and dont care

-Sam screams as the catapult launches into the air-

Chris: That was a great premiere episode as we will see you next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Sam(16th: Couldn’t finish the challenge as Cameron finish about a millisecond faster than Sam)

Opinion on the First Episode?
What is your elimination prediction?
Who will be eliminated next?
Will Scott and Dawn end their drama?

Episode 2 is after the next episode of Scream S3


Episode 2 will be longer
Sent by charrison790564,Jun 22, 2023
No I’m dakota
Sent by princesspretty,Jun 22, 2023
princesspretty you both can be Dakota
Sent by charrison790564,Jun 22, 2023
love this episode!! cant wait for scream s3
Sent by peace123,Jun 22, 2023
peace123 Episode 5 is gonna be crazy
Sent by charrison790564,Jun 22, 2023
Opinion on the First Episode? Great first episode
What is your elimination prediction? 12th Staci 11th B 10th Dawn 9th  Dakota 8th Anne Maria 7th  Brick 6th Jo 5th Mike 4th Zoey 3rd Cameron 2nd Scott Winner Lightning
Who will be eliminated next?Staci
Will Scott and Dawn end their drama? No
Sent by lhooper902976,Jun 23, 2023

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