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Scream S3 Trailer

Jan 1, 2023 by charrison790564
Jack Martin(Charrison
Ryan Mott( Imprincearthur
Melanie Plythe( cocovanderbilt
Yeti Aaron's( peace123
Harry Smith( Macda27
Amanda Diplio(Imprincearthur
Tyrone Martin(Charrison
Gerry Lopez(Charrison
Mackey( Mackey
Eddy Mott(Imprincearthur
Tommy Connolly( Tommy123
Jackie Connolly(Tommy123
Rose Rancitelli(Tommy123
Edward Diplio(Imprincearthur
Cino John( Alittlechese
Nill Bye(Alittlechese
Hoop Dancer( lhooper902976
Robert Dancer(lhooper902976
Perrie Edwards( mybash_

-Trailer start with Eddy-

Eddy: Yes Mom I gonna be seeing Ryan

Eddy: I Just afraid he might not know me

Eddy: Yeah I will call you back

-Eddy hang up-

-Eddy hold a picture of Ryan-

Eddy: Can't wait to see you

-Eddy then heard his phone ring-

-Eddy pick up-

Eddy: Hello?

Ghostface: Hello Eddy

Eddy: Oh Hello

Ghostface: It great to see another Mott

Eddy: What?

Ghostface: You probably don't know me

Eddy: Yeah I don't

Ghostface: Well You Will Soon

-Scream Song Started Playing-

News Reporter: Today we have what could be our mayor

News Reporter: Please welcome Edward Diplio

-Crowd Starting Cheering-

-Next Screen Shows Henry getting up-

-Then Scene after shows Jack limping out-

-Ghostface walking up to Jack-

Ghostface: Let Play

-Next Scene shows Melanie and Jack kissing-

-Next Scene Shows Robert-

Robert: I will avenege you

Robert: I will protect your brother

Robert: Rest In Peace

-Screen Shows Perrie Podcasting-

Perrie: Welcome To Today Podcast

Perrie: Today we wonder what happen to the survivors

-Next Scene Shows Yeti talking Melanie-

Melanie: I have been through enough

Melanie: And Now I can't help but just leave

Melanie: But before I do

-Next Scene shows Ghostface stabbing someone-

Melanie: I will end Ghostface forever

Melanie: Once and For All

Melanie: So are you coming?

Yeti: Yes

-Next Scene Shows Henry visiting the Hospital-

Henry: Jack?

Henry: What have he done

-Final Scene shows Ryan and Ghostface facing off-

Ghostface: Ryan

Ghostface: Welcome

Ghostface: To The

Ghostface: End....Game

-Scream: The Final Season-

Starting Saturday


Can't wait
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 1, 2023

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