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Scream S3 EP1

Jan 7, 2023 by charrison790564
Jack Martin(Charrison
Ryan Mott( Imprincearthur
Melanie Plythe( cocovanderbilt
Yeti Aaron's( peace123
Harry Smith( Macda27
Amanda Diplio(Imprincearthur
Tyrone Martin(Charrison
Gerry Lopez(Charrison
Eddy Mott(Imprincearthur
Tommy Connolly( Tommy123
Jackie Connolly(Tommy123
Rose Rancitelli(Tommy123
Edward Diplio(Imprincearthur
Cino John( Alittlechese
Nill Bye(Alittlechese
Hoop Dancer( lhooper902976
Robert Dancer(lhooper902976
Perrie Edwards( mybash_

Eddy: Yes Mom I gonna be seeing Ryan

Eddy: I Just afraid he might not know me

Eddy: Yeah I will call you back

-Eddy hang up-

-Eddy hold a picture of Ryan-

Eddy: Can't wait to see you

-Eddy then heard his phone ring

Eddy: What the fuck?

Eddy: Who could be calling late at night

-Eddy pick up-

Eddy: Hello?

Ghostface: Hello Eddy

Eddy: Oh Hello

Ghostface: It great to see another Mott

Eddy: What?

Ghostface: You probably don't know me

Eddy: Yeah I don't

Ghostface: Well You Will Soon

-Ghostface hang up-

Eddy: Probably just a prank call

Eddy: Kids these days

Eddy: I should get some sleep

Eddy: Before I visit Paulsboro

-Eddy then saw someone-

Eddy: Hello?

Eddy: Who there

Eddy: This Isn't Funny

-Eddy Phone Rings-

Eddy: Who is this

Ghostface: The One that gonna kill you

Eddy: What?

-Ghostface then appear and stab Eddy-

-Eddy falls to the floor-

Ghostface: Hello Eddy

Ghostface: It really is nice you know

Ghostface: All the others Ghostface has die

Ghostface: But I'm different

Ghostface: I will kill everyone that get in my way

Ghostface: Starting with you

-Ghostface was about to kill Eddy Before The Police Arrives-

Ghostface: Crap

-Ghostface dragged Eddy as Police came in-

-Eddy then kick Ghostface and ran to the police-

Ghostface: Ugh

-Ghostface then run away-

Eddy: He....Hel...

Police #1: What?

-Eddy then pass out-

Police #2: Omg I think he dead

Police #1: He not

Police #1: He just pass out

Police #2: Do you know who did this

Police #1: I don't know but only Ryan can get the job done

-Scream Intro Starts Playing-

-Melanie is near Harry Grave-

Melanie: R.I.P To A Great Friend

Melanie: I gonna miss you

Melanie: Jack....Well he still in the hospital

Melanie: But he gonna be out soon

Melanie: While Ryan is now the head chief

Melanie: Imagine you was here

-Melanie phone Rings-

Melanie: Hey come to the hospital

Melanie: Alright on my way

-Melanie goes to her car and drove away-

-Camera aims at Harry Grave--

-It cut to Perrie podcasting-

Perrie: Welcome to today Podcast

Perrie: Today we wonder what happens to the survivors of the Accident of 2022

Perrie: Jack is healing and gonna leave the hospital in a week

Perrie: Ryan is now the head chief of the police station in Paulsboro

Perrie: Melanie is coming to the hospital everyday to check up on Jack

Perrie: While Yeti......

Perrie: Well people don't know where Yeti is

Perrie: But only the survivors

Perrie: As that is it for today Podcast

-Perrie stop the podcast-

Perrie: What a day

Perrie: I should seriously get a hobby

-The News-

News Reporter: Hello and Welcome to News-11

News Reporter: Today we have what could be our mayor

News Reporter: Please welcome Edward Diplio

-Crowd Starting Cheering

-Edward Diplio walks out-

Edward: Hello Everyone

Edward: It great to see everyone here

Edward: I wonder how y'all doing

-Crowd started cheering and then....-

???: It seems to be shit

-Edward saw someone that he didn't wanted to see-

Edward: Amanda?

Amanda: Yeah

Amanda: You are a sick bastard you know that

Amanda: One Day you will be dead

Amanda: And I will enjoy what happen to you

Amanda: For what you did to me

Edward: Ok now-

Amanda: Edward you better watch your back

Amanda: Because I'm coming

Amanda: For Revenge for my children

-Amanda walk away-

-Crowd in deep silence-

Edward: Ok Then

Edward: Amanda everyone

-Crowd started cheering-

-Edward goes backstage-

Edward: Goddamn Bitch

???: Is everything ok sir?

Edward: Yes it ok

???: Your life must suck

Edward: Talk about it

???: I feel you

???: Hiding my identity is hard

Edward: Why did you survive?

???: I can't tell you

Edward: That's ok

Edward: Hope you have a great day

???: Yeah you too

-The Hospital-

Melanie: I'm here

-Melanie and Jack kiss-

Melanie: What wrong?

Ryan: I have a 2nd brother

Melanie: Wow that amazing

Ryan: To you

Melanie: What wrong?

Jack: Well you see Ryan brother was attack and we don't know what happen

Melanie: Do you think-

Ryan: Don't bring them up

Ryan: It all over

Ryan: We kill them

Ryan: Beside whatever attack Eddy

Ryan: I will find out

Melanie: So Eddy his name?

Ryan: Yeah

Ryan: I will see y'all soon

Melanie: Where you going?

Ryan: I going to Kentucky

Melanie: What

Ryan: Trust me y'all gonna be alright

Melanie: Well be safe

Ryan: Oh I will

-Ryan left-

Jack: So how about that bet

-School bell ring-

-Mackey is seen walking out-

Dalvin: You good working by yourself

Mackey: Of course

Mackey: Hey be safe alright

Dalvin: I will

-Mackey and Dalvin shake hands-

-Mackey walk home and ran into Robert Dancer-

Mackey: My bad

Robert: Watch where you going kid

Robert:: It not safe walking

Mackey: I think I will be safe

Robert: Sigh

Robert: Whatever you say

Robert: Hey what your name anyways?

Mackey: It's Mackey

Robert: Nice to meet you

Robert: Mine name is Robert Dancer

Mackey: Are You.....

Robert: Yes I'm his father

Mackey: I feel sorry for you

Robert: It ok

Robert:: It been rough these last 3 years

Robert: But I back on my feet

Mackey: Well great to have meet you

Robert: Alright bye

-Mackey walks away-

Hoop: Who was that?

Robert: None of your business son

-Camera was cut to Yeti-

Yeti: Lemon....

Yeti: I hope you are happy in Heaven

Yeti: I have been in hiding for a long time

Yeti: And probably will stay here until I die

Yeti: I can't live without you

Yeti: You was the only person I ever had

Yeti: Now it all taking away

Yeti: Can't wait to see you in heaven

-Someone knocking on Yeti door-

Yeti: Who is it now?

-Yeti open the door-

Yeti: Oh mine

Yeti: You....You are alive

Yeti: But how?

-Camera roll to the mystery person-

Harry: I will explain everything

-Screen turns to dark as the episode ends-


Fun first episode
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 7, 2023
Amazing omg
Sent by peace123,Jan 8, 2023
Sent by Macda27,Jan 9, 2023

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