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The Charrison Awards

Dec 28, 2022 by charrison790564
#Casting #Awards #Frookies
Welcome to the first annual Charrison Awards

Just say your vote in the comments on who wins each category

Best Show:
Haunted Mansion
Total Drama Back To The Start

Best Character:
Ryan Mott( Imprincearthur
Jack Martin(Charrison
Kiara( Kiara_xoxo
Lemon Aaron's( peace123
Trent( BBHoward33

Best Ending:
Scream S2
Haunted Mansion S2
Scream S1
Total Drama: Summers

Best Killer:
Harry Smith( Macda27
Ashley Cummette( Roxas546
Danica Walters( PennyTrationStan

Best Cast:
Haunted Mansion S2
Survivor: Africa
Scream S2

Worst Season:
Survivor: Africa
Big Brother S2
Total Drama Back To The Start
Scream S2
Total Drama: Summers
Survivor: British vs U.S

Best Death:
Sadie Clovis( Jengaged
Lee Jamin(PennyTrationStan
Olivia Pine( Tommy123

Saddest Elimination:
Gwen( TurkeyLover
Lindsay( smallchild99

And Now Final Category

Best Winner:
Colin( Colincoco
Tester( Tester
Leshawana( Mrkk

I will announce the winner on December 31st and you will get a teaser for Scream S3


Sent by turkeylover,Dec 28, 2022
Sent by Macda27,Dec 28, 2022
Best show goes to scream
Best character is Ryan
Best killer is harry
Best ending is scream s2
Best cast is scream s2
Worst season is survivor Africa
Best death is Olivia pine
Saddest elimination is gwen
Best Winner isbleshawna
Sent by imprincearthur,Dec 29, 2022
Thanks for voting Imprincearthur
Sent by charrison790564,Dec 29, 2022
Total drama back to start
Haunted mansion s2
Scream s2
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Dec 30, 2022
Kiara_xoxo I think you forgot worst season or best cast
Sent by charrison790564,Dec 30, 2022

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