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Scream S3 EP3

Mar 12, 2023 by charrison790564
#Casting #Scream
Jack Martin(Charrison
Ryan Mott( Imprincearthur
Melanie Plythe( cocovanderbilt
Yeti Aaron's( peace123
Harry Smith( Macda27
Amanda Diplio(Imprincearthur
Tyrone Martin(Charrison
Gerry Lopez(Charrison
Mackey( Mackey
Eddy Mott(Imprincearthur
Tommy Connolly( Tommy123
Britney Hilton( princesspretty
Jackie Connolly(Tommy123
Rose Rancitelli(Tommy123
Edward Diplio(Imprincearthur
Cino John( Alittlechese
Hoop Dancer( lhooper902976
Robert Dancer(lhooper902976
Perrie Edwards( mybash_
Nill Bye(Alittlechese

-Melanie House-
Melanie: So you're Jack son

Tyrone: Yes

Melanie: How did you find this house?

Tyrone: I saw it on google

Melanie: Sorry to burst your bubble, but your dad in the hospital

Tyrone: What've happen

Melanie: He got stabbed by Ghostface but luckily he survived

Tyrone: You ok with being by yourself?

Melanie: Yeah I'm ok

Tyrone: I'm gonna head out for a little and then I will come back

Melanie: Alright just be safe

-Harry and Yeti arrive at Harry hideout-

Harry: This is where I'm staying out

Yeti: Seem creepy

Harry: You will get used to it one day

Yeti: So why we here again

Harry: To track down Ghostface

Harry: Beside what happen to Ryan

Yeti: I don't know but Melanie told me he was going away for some times

Harry: I found something

Yeti: What is it?

Harry: My old mask

Yeti: So what we supposed to with your old mask?

Harry: Nothing but we can lure Ghostface into our trap

Yeti: Hmmm....I like where you going with this

Harry: Now all we gotta do is find him

-Amanda calling her lawyers-

Amanda: Yeah that bitch better get sue

Amanda: I will never forget what he did

-Amanda then get a unknown person calling her-

Amanda: I will call you back Tom

-Amanda answer-

Amanda: Hello?

Ghostface: Hello Amanda

Amanda: Who is this?

Ghostface: The person that gonna end you

-Amanda hang up-

Amanda: Weird person

Amanda: I need some wine

-Amanda goes downstairs-

Amanda: I can't believe people think I'm the bad guy

Amanda: I will expose him

Amanda: I will-

-Ghostface Stab a knife into her ears-

Ghostface: Shouldn't have hang up bitch

-Amanda fall on the floor-

Ghostface: The only bitch is you

Ghostface: *laugh*

-Strip Club-

Brittney: Hey there Edward

Edward: Hey Beauty

Brittney: I can give you whatever you want

Edward: Whatever I want you say?

Brittney: Yeah *touch Edward*

Brittney: Your dreams can come true

Edward: How about we do it backstage

Brittney: Alright

-Cino walk in-

Cino: Hey Brittney

-Brittney ingores him-

Cino: Brittney *grab her*

Edward: Hey what the fuck

Cino: Watch it

Edward: We was having a great time until you show up

Cino: Cool I don't give a shit

Edward: I wish I could punch you in this fucking club

Cino: Well you can't

Edward: I hope you die

Cino: Whatever *drop Brittney*

-Cino left-

Edward: Hey you alright?

Brittney: Yeah

Edward: I can take you home

Brittney: Nah it fine

Edward: Well I gotta go so see you

Brittney: Alright

-Dancer Family-

Robert: Hoop where you going?

Hoop: I'm going to a party

Robert: This soon at night

Hoop: Yeah

Robert: Here bring your gun for safety

Hoop: Alright

Robert: I love you son

Hoop: I know

Robert: Please don't get into trouble

Hoop: I won't

Robert: Want me to drive you?

Hoop: Nah I fine

Robert: Alright

-Hoop leave out-

Robert: I swear nothing better not happen

-Ryan visit Hospital-

Doctor: Eddy seems like you got a visit

Eddy: From who?

Ryan: From me

Eddy: Bro...Bro...Brother

Ryan: Eddy my lost brother

-Eddy and Ryan hug-

Ryan: It great to see a brother alive

Eddy: Alive?

Ryan: Well Yeah

Eddy: What happen to our brother

Ryan: He die

Eddy: *cries* Why our family

Ryan: It's ok I will protect you

Eddy: Awwww

Ryan: Tell me what happen

Eddy: This white and black thing started attacking me

Eddy: But then just in time the police came and save me

Ryan: Atleast you still alive

Eddy: Yeah

Ryan: Have Mom contracted you

Eddy: Not after the attack

Ryan: I gonna stay with you for 3 days

Eddy: Alright

-Ryan recieve a call-

Ryan: Hey I gonna take this call

Eddy: Alright

-Ryan answer-

Ryan: I know it's you

Ghostface: Good to see a fan

Ryan: What do you want Ghostface

Ghostface: I just wanna say I not in Kentucky

Ryan: Then where are you

Ghostface: Paulsboro

Ryan: What

Ghostface: And it seems like someone is gonna die next

Ryan: Wait

-Ghostface hang up-

Ryan: Crap

-Gerry watches tv-

Gerry: Huh the Ghostface on tv seems like it standing right behind me

-Gerry look behind-

Gerry: Huh

Ghostface: Fuck Movies

-Ghostface slash Gerry neck open-

-Gerry phone starts to ring-

Ghostface: Hello?

Jackie: Hey Gerry I coming over soon for therapy

Jackie: I'm not feeling good and I need help

Ghostface: Well I will be ready

Jackie: Alright bye Gerry

-Jackie hang up-

Tommy Who was that?

Jackie: Oh just my therapist

Tommy: Well what you say

Jackie: That I'm gonna come over his house real soon

Tommy: I will take you

Jackie: Alright

Jackie: Such a good son

-Jackie kiss her son as the credits say The End-

The End


What will die next?

What will happen next episode?

Can Yeti and Harry kill Ghostface?

What will happen to Jack?


What will die next? Jackie

What will happen next episode? Jackie will come for his session and when he least expects it Ghostface will attack him.

Can Yeti and Harry kill Ghostface?
Yes but, they will fail this next episode and maybe one pays the price.
What will happen to Jack?
For now Ghostface will leave them alone but, when the time is right Ghostface will get them.
Sent by lhooper902976,Mar 13, 2023
lhooper902976 funny how you got their genders wrong
Sent by charrison790564,Mar 14, 2023

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