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The Charrison Awards Winner

Dec 31, 2022 by charrison790564
#Casting #Awards #Frookies
Welcome to the first annual Charrison Awards

I'm your host Chris McLean
We have awards to tell and a teaser of Scream S3
Now let begin the awards show

First Awards we have is

Best Show:
Haunted Mansion
Total Drama Back To The Start

It a close race between Total Drama and Scream

But the winner is Scream

What a disappointing Start right now

Next Awards Is....

Best Character:
Ryan Mott( Imprincearthur
Jack Martin(Charrison
Kiara( Kiara_xoxo
Lemon Aaron's( peace123
Trent( BBHoward33

Trent better win this award I swear

But The Winner Is....

Ryan Mott

It better not just be all Scream I swear

Anyways Next Awards Will Be....

Best Ending:
Scream S2
Haunted Mansion S2
Scream S1
Total Drama: Summers

And it will goes to....

Haunted Mansion S2

Finally a different show

Next Awards Is...

Best Killer:
Harry Smith( Macda27
Ashley Cummette( Roxas546
Danica Walters( PennyTrationStan

And the winner is Harry Smith

Let be honest Harry carried the whole show am I Right?

Next Awards Is...

Best Cast:
Haunted Mansion S2
Survivor: Africa
Scream S2

And The Winner Is....

Scream S2

Oh we better not win this one but next Awards is...

Worst Season:
Survivor: Africa
Big Brother S2
Total Drama Back To The Start
Scream S2
Total Drama: Summers
Survivor: British vs U.S

And The Winner Is...

Survivor Africa

It was expected like holy shit that was horrible

Next Awards Is...

Best Death:
Sadie Clovis( Jengaged
Lee Jamin(PennyTrationStan
Olivia Pine( Tommy123

And The Winner Is...

Lee Jamin

I feel like Olivia was the better choice but whatever

Next Awards Is....

Saddest Elimination:
Gwen( TurkeyLover
Lindsay( smallchild99

And The Winner Is...


All The Eliminations are funny to me

And Now Final Category

Best Winner:
Colin( Colincoco
Tester( Tester
Leshawana( Mrkk

And The Winner Is......


A Well Deserved Win I shall say

And Now before we get to the teaser

Let introduce the cast for Scream S3

Jack Martin(Charrison
Ryan Mott(Imprincearthur
Melanie Plythe( cocovanderbilt
Yeti Aaron's(peace123
Harry Smith( Macda27
Amanda Diplio(Imprincearthur
Tyrone Martin(Charrison
Gerry Lopez(Charrison
Mackey( Mackey
Eddy Mott(Imprincearthur
Tommy Connolly( Tommy123
Jackie Connolly(Tommy123
Rose Rancitelli(Tommy123
Edward Diplio(Imprincearthur
Cino John( Alittlechese
Nill Bye(Alittlechese
Hoop Dancer( lhooper902976
Robert Dancer(lhooper902976
Perrie Edwards( mybash_

Teaser Trailer:

-Phone Started Ringing-

-Eddy pick up the phone-

Eddy: Hello?

Ghostface: Hello Eddy

Eddy: Oh Hello

Ghostface: You probably don't know me

Eddy: Yeah I don't

Ghostface: Well you will soon

-Ghostface Hang Up-

-Eddy then saw someone-

Eddy: Hello?

Eddy: Who there

-Slow Music started playing-

Eddy: This isn't funny

-Ghostface then appear and stab Eddy-

-Eddy get dragged as The Police Came-

-Scream Song Started Playing-

Ryan: He Back

Jack: Who?

Ryan: Ghostface

Ryan: We gotta stop him once and for all

-Screen fades and show Ghostface behind Robert-

-Screen show Melanie mourning Harry death-

Melanie: R.I.P To A Good Friend

-Screen show Jack limping out the hospital-

-Screen show Ryan-

Ryan: This won't end until We Win

Scream: The Final Season

Coming Soon

-Screen After-

Melanie: Who There?

-It then show Harry walking up-

Harry: Hello Friend

Harry: It Great To See You

Melanie: Harry?

-As The Screen fades to dark-

Wow what a teaser and there gonna be one last trailer and that will be probably next Sunday so be ready for the last season of Scream cause you won't be disappointed

Scream S3 Trailer Coming Sunday


Oh this is gonna be a Rollercoaster for eddy
Sent by imprincearthur,Jan 1, 2023

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