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Total Drama Back To The Start: Episode 10

Nov 17, 2022 by charrison790564
casting #totaldrama
We finally made it to double digits numbers
Raving Rabbids
Duncan( MileyRayCyrus
Scott( Imprincearthur
Katie littleangel
Harold( Gethann
Eva( soyag
Izzy( Slice
Owen( DSGamer124
Gwen( Turkeylover
Dirty Pigs:
DJ( heyitsme06
Justin( Kmartt
Leshawana( Mrkk
Lindsay( Smallchild99
Noah( Killenit
Geoff( Colincoco
In a world where drama get crazy. In a world where racism is still happening. In a world where a host of a reality tv show is insane and chaotic. Well you came to the right place as we bring you Total Drama Back To The Start.
-Intro Starts Playing-
-Scott in the kitchen talking to Gwen-
Scott: Gwen once we lose I could be going
Scott: And you would be by yourself all alone
Scott: With no help
Scott: But if you and others help me vote Duncan
Gwen: I really hope the others vote with us
Gwen: I mean I can't lose you
Gwen: You seem like a brother to me that I never had
Scott: That so sweet
Scott Confessional: I can't let emotion get in my way
Scott Confessional: I came here for one reason and that is to win the 1 million dollars
Gwen Confessional: Scott is so nice
Gwen Confessional: I never felt more happy in my life to have a friend
Harold: Duncan when will this war between you and Scott ever ends
Duncan: Until one of us get voted off
Owen: You got the majority vote if we ever lose?
Duncan: I would hope so
Duncan: But we just gotta wait and see
Owen Confessional: I'm scared for both Scott and Duncan
Owen Confessional: They both are cool people
Owen Confessional: I hope we get winning until merge happen
Owen Confessional: But we just gotta see
Harold Confessional: I don't care  who goes home
Harold Confessional: I just want this war to end
Harold Confessional: It gotten over everyone nerves
-Raving Rabbits Girl Cabin-
Izzy: How everyone doing
Eva: We gotta have a talk
Izzy: Oh Ok
Eva: I feel like Gwen is hanging out with Scott for too much now and is getting on our nerves
Katie: Yeah and Duncan is just dumb and annoying
Katie: Like Those 3 people's are causing the most trouble
Katie: I trying to just make a girl alliance but Gwen is messing it up
Katie: If we lose we either voting Gwen,Duncan, or Scott
Izzy: You sure?
Eva: Yes we sure
Eva: It the only way
Eva: To end everything
Izzy: *sigh* Alright if you say so
Izzy Confessional: I don't wanna vote Gwen or anybody else
Izzy Confessional: But atleast Owen is ok so that is my least concern
Izzy Confessional: Just hope nothing chaos happen
-Dirty Pigs Boy Cabin-
DJ: Why we keep losing
Geoff: I don't know dude but we gotta stop
Geoff: I can't keep losing y'all
Noah: We know dude
Noah: The girls is the problem
Justin: Yeah you right
DJ: They really need to fix their problem
DJ: Before A Fight happen between them
Justin: Yeah true
Justin Confessional: I don't care about this
Justin Confessional: I just want Owen to stay alive until merge
Justin Confessional: So our alliance can happen again
Justin Confessional: And from there we can make the finals
DJ Confessional: Hey Bridge
DJ Confessional: If you watching this, I just wanna say I miss you so much and really want you to comeback
DJ Confessional: You're my love and I just can't live life without you
DJ Confessional: Just remember to cheer me on :*)
Leshawana Confessional: With Sierra gone now, I just need Queen Bee over there to get out
Leshawana Confessional: I thought she would change but she didn't
Leshawana Confessional: I wonder how her parents felt when they had her
-Dirty Pigs Girl Cabin-
Heather: Move
Leshawana: Crazy how I still in a cabin with you
Heather: Won't be for long
Leshawana: What that mean
Heather: It mean me and Lindsay will get you out
Heather: Right Lindsay?
Lindsay: Huh
Lindsay: Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah
Heather: Now excuse me I will go do my makeup
Lindsay Confessional: I feel sorry for cussing out Heather on Island
Lindsay Confessional: Atleast we made up
Lindsay Confessional: She really a nice person
Chris: Can everyone please come outside
-Everyone came out-
Chris: Today challenge is Tag
Chris: You will have to run away from me and Chef here
Chef: Hey
Chris: And if you lose all your member then you lose and will have to vote someone off
Chris: Alright let begin
-The Challenge Started-
Lindsay Get Tag
Katie Get Tag
DJ Get Tag
Noah Get Tag
Owen Get Tag
Harold Get Tag
Leshawana Get Tag
Scott Get Tag
Gwen Get Tag
Geoff Get Tag
Eva Get Tag
Duncan Get Tag
And The Winner Is The Dirty Pigs
As Dirty Pigs win, Duncan and Scott started arguing and everyone got annoy
Duncan: You getting voted
Scott: No You Will
Duncan: Oh we see
Scott: Yeah we will
-Confessional Vote-
Duncan Confessional: So Long
Scott Confessional: End Of the Road
Eva Confessional: Shouldn't have talk to boys
-Marshallow Ceremony -
Chris: Alright When I give out marshmallow that mean you safe
Chris: First Marshmallow Goes To...
Rest Has Votes
Last and Final Marshmallow Goes To....
Chris: That means it a tie
Scott: What a Tie
Duncan: So how we gonna decide who goes
Chris: Well y'all will settle in a tie breaker
Duncan: And the tie breaker is?
Chris: It will be Boxing
Chris: The person to get knock out is eliminated
Scott: This will be good
Duncan: Yeah
Gwen Confessional: Please Be Safe
Owen Confessional: Go Duncan
Eva Confessional: So Katie voted Duncan for it to be a tie
Eva Confessional: Ok Got It
Eva Confessional: Don't really care who goes anyway
-Boxing Match Starts-
Duncan with a right hook
Duncan again with a right hook
Scott then kick Duncan in the head
Duncan bleeds
Duncan then bite Scott ear
Scott started to bleed
Fight Get Intense
Scott grab a sledgehammer and throw it at Duncan
Duncan falls but got up
Duncan then made Scott fall
But Scott got back up
Duncan then headbutt Scott
But Then Scott Knockout Duncan With A Right Hook and Than A Jab
As Duncan is eliminated
-Boxing Match Over-
Chris: And Duncan is eliminated
Owen: No Duncan
Gwen: Omg Yes
Duncan: Ow
Chef: Welp Duncan it your time to go
Duncan: Welp I try
Scott: Yeah you did alright
Duncan: Hey wanna end this war between us?
Scott: Sure
-Duncan and Scott hug as Duncan ride away-
Chris: What a elimination
Chris: The War Is Finally Over
Chris: What will happen next though
Chris: You will just find out on
Chef: Total Drama
Chef: Back To The Start
Chris: Wow
-The End-
Elimination Order:
22.Sadie( strawberryblood/6-4)
21.Cody( AntonB/5-3-2-1)
20.Tyler( punkhockey/7-3)
19.Courtney( Kiara_xoxo/Forfeit)
18.Bridgette( marybay/5-3-1)
17.Trent( BBHoward33/3-2-1-1)
16.Sierra( SugarFall/Auto Elimination
15.Duncan(MileyRayCyrus/Lost TieBreaker)


Scream Finale Is Next
Sent by charrison790564,Nov 17, 2022
Such a good ep!!
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