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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


3rdOct 28, 2022 by Jengaged
imageFor my thoughts on you as a game player #Strategy

-Been a long day I’ll finish updating tomorrow 🤍-

#NathanDamnit - I don’t think we’ve played together too often so I took a look at your games page. Mostly solid frooks finishes on the front page we like to see that! I don’t see too high of a threat level based on this but I wouldn’t count you out if we meet in future games

#cheritaisdelicious - You have proven that you can get the job done in any game. Even when you’ve got a lot of people targeting you, you’re still a threat to make it far. I admire your social gameplay the most and I’ve gotta shout out the good stars vlogs

#Vasquis - I remember you playing stars a couple times recently and doing great in both! I’m not too sure how you play stars on the inside, but the “popularity game” is what’s really important there. I really like your blogs/vlogs, they’re deff top notch

#useamint - A castings legenddddd. Pretty sure the game we just played together was the first time you didn’t slay me I was so shook/threatened by you all game shshdhfj. Like deadass during my gamebotty race to platinum era I’d be hesitant to join a casting if you were already in it. Props for understanding that convoluted game and having the patience to consistently do well in it.

#turkeylover - Queeeen idt you’re too into these games so I don’t have very much to go off of HOWEVER I know damn well you could social game your way into a good position if you had to. Like how could you not wanna work with THE turkeylover??? I remember rooting for you in stars and I hope to root for you again 🤩

#Jre777 - I haven’t seen much from you in our game interactions but I haven’t seen anything I’d call bad gameplay. I see some solid frooks placements here and there on the profile and a deep stars run which isn’t something to overlook.

#sjsoccer88 - A beyond impressive game player whose stats can speak for themselves. I only have a small glimpse at your INSANE merge streak last year when I hopped in for a random merge. Even tho I was very much on the outs with my streak of 0 you were still social w me and didn’t deal any bullshit my way when it was my time to go. I can only assume that real/good energy has helped you succeed.

#kaylabby - I get the vibe that we would play stars in the same way and tbh i hope we do play together one day bc we neeeed to play more together. You’re a strong social player and I couldn’t imagine a scenario where you don’t have at least one strong ally in your corner

#streamxx - You’ve got a few pages worth of games to go off since your return. I see some mixed success with frooks, but I did look into those comp wins and that physical game could def be a make or break aspect for you. I’d say you’ve got a shot in any cast given it isnt too heavy on the comp beasts

#systrix - Whenever I see you in stars it’s always popularity threat energy. I feel you’ve got solid connections that should definitely help you get far whenever. I’d love to see more of your gameplay tbh bc I know you can deffff be a savage when you gotta be.

#iigalaxyii - We played in 😼 Dev’s Survivor 😼 season 2 and once that merge hit you earned my trust asap!! Altho I felt discarded in that game I was sloppy so it was what it was LOL. I’ve also seen you clutch some stars finals which is always a strategic feat.

skyler1822 - Queeeeen you’re always so kind to everyone so I can’t see any way that you don’t have a good social game to rely on. This is kind of another case where I’d really like to see more of what you’re made of, I bet I’d be impressed!

joey65409 - You’re a loyal and noble player who I was soooo happy to have with me in vivor. Whenever we’d get swapped apart I was always confident we’d reunite at merge (until we didn’t 😭😭😭). You’re v well rounded and anyone looking to build a streak should be happy to have you on their side

biminibonboulash - LMAO @ the ppl who tried to discredit your gameplay. If playing stars twice, making single digits unnommed twice, and winning twice was an easy thing to do then well… more people would have done that!! And let’s not forget those classic #GamebotsFrooks I remember you winning a handful of those!!!

Kindred7 - I have a unique perspective of having you as a close ally in a music game. You def made working together a fun time which is what a great ally should do!! And omg that games page is impeccable. Flop games are few and far between!!

@WildOne - I checked your profile and GASPED didn’t know you were slaying casting so hard I’ve been so outta the loop LOL!!! Clearly you’ve got it nailed how that game works and are making some sweet karma off of it. Perhaps we’ll play casting soon and I’ll totally be afraid you’ll slay me haha.

bigbrotherdonny - LMAOOOO remember when we played stars and both thought the other was a terrible player? Well duhhh neither of us are. You have such a funny style of gameplay and a fuck ton of Stars wins to prove it. I will say tho #phonee outslayed

MmabatlokoaMolefe - I mean I obvi have to give props where props are due. You were the mastermind of like 5 stars games since I’ve been on here and even tho your win equity’s low you don’t care and make your way to finals anyways!! That is actually a strategy!

FromAWindow - One of the first people on here who I can remember thinking “okay this is a good player!!” Whenever we crossed paths in vivor I’d hope we didn’t get swapped apart because those comp scores could be clutchhh. A well rounded player who is approachable and easy to work well with.

ChaaChiing - Kingggg you played survivor just like me! Always on the move and talking to who you gotta talk to and being 150% sure every DC will go to plan. And you don’t forget to have fun with it! You could be a valuable asset to any super tribe and I’m hoping you’ll be at the core center of one of those someday.

sosyomomma - I vaguely remember starting frooks and we’d be so hit or miss with trying to work together, but all in good fun haha. I can’t say I remember too much about how you operate strategically, but I feel we think the same way going into games. I hope we play together again soon!

mbarnish1 - A chill and loyal player! I’ve never seen you gamebot too hard and be super sneaky which is so refreshing. You’re a great collaborator and I’ll always credit you as the person who taught me how to see scores after being evicted from vivor.

mrkkkkyle - I knowwww you’re so overdue for a stars win! You’re gonna clutch it one of these days its true. Haven’t played that game with you but last year we played vivor and you were such a funny and loyal ally shdhfhfhfh i was always trying to get u online lol.

NicoleF - Icon you were also in the survivor streak i just mentioned I loved having u there and miss that era!! I have to love the scrappy energy you have. Sometimes it works against you but it makes it hella clear where you stand in the game.

SeaKing - How can I not raise my hat to you for slaying me in survivor as I was fake as fuck to you and you knew it lmaooo. King of making moves. Sorry for that by the way, not my best look. Dope to see you went on to build a double digit streak and hope to show loyalty if we play in the future.

Jessie_ - You’re upfront and dont fuck around when you play. While that’s not always going to work in your favor, I respect it. First time I played stars you were the most vocal when it came to early sets that weren’t in people’s best interests. A bit hardcore, but you’re an OG to me.

woeisme - You’ve been around a while so I can’t give the best assessment, but based on your profile it seems you take it easy and stick to casting/charities these days. Honestly, must be relaxing compared to gamebotting and it’s nice passive karma.

Absol - I’ve always known you as more of a blogger than a gamer, but it looks like when you do get out to play you can do well! I just have a feeling you were funny as hell in that hunger on the front page.

Midiaw - The most successful Stars player I’ve seen since joining. Honestly I’m so impressed like… you’ve got enemies but that just does not stop you!! Also enjoyed interacting in vivor whenever we crossed paths. Powerful energy.

hamburgerbunzz - One of my faveeee karma hustlers and another successful stars legend. You’re great at making genuine connections. Personally I always want to be as loyal to you as I can and I’m sure plenty of people can say the same

Lucas_RFS - Whenever we played stars you would always nominate how you wanted to and wouldn’t be afraid to split. I always respected that about you. I was so happy when you went on to win your stars, knew you could do it!

Thiii - OMG you’re getting so close to Holographica. Idk how you do it legend, you’ve mastered this site and you’ll be in top 20 before I know it. Always loved to see you in casting, even though I knew I would be playing for second place.

AliBonico - Icon you crack me up and RAN that stars game with your vlogs. My beach vlogs had nothing on yours. I think anyone who can successfully have so many charities has a level of persuasion and influence that cannot be ignored.

GeorgeFlair - LMAOOO you’re such a savage! You were such a wild part of frooks back when we met even tho we were at each others throats. Like you either slayed or got slain there wasnt much in between. I hope you win the stars raffle soon you make that shit so interesting.

Insanity - Altho you’re not the most active gal in the games scene I have seen you succeed! You were a part of the ONLY 10-0 tribe I’ve ever been on and I am convinced your mastermind energy was needed. You are a naturally powerful player

MarieTori - I see a handful of solid finishes throughout your first pages from the past year. I get the vibe that you have fun with the game and do what you can, but focus in enjoying it. Grats on the recent frooks win!

Thumper91 - I remember you making it far in a handful of hungers last year and helping me win one!! Queen of favors! I don’t see you struggling to make allies and leave a good impression as you send people home!

Survivor8 - Thinking back to frooks in the #gamebots era, first impressions could have been better but we definitely worked well together after that. Pretty sure you’ve had good. success in stars too. I don’t really know how you play these days, but I’m sure you’re still a competitor


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