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when tengaged inevitably gets shut down

Mar 29, 2024 by Jengaged
imagewould you rather have an announcement that the site is closing before hand or have it shut down without warning?

everyone who ive asked this to thinks it will be funnier without warning and i agree. but the blogs would be kinda wild if we had notice.


this site it would only make sense to have no warning
Sent by Lemjam6,Mar 29, 2024
Without warning would be hilarious. Im a proponent of that solution.
Sent by zachbbs,Mar 29, 2024
oh no warning is how its going down
Sent by BB5lover,Mar 29, 2024
It should just be shut down. We don’t need like 50 blogs saying aww, I will miss everyone and tagging 30 people for one last top blog
Sent by Batya,Mar 29, 2024

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